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Car Donation to Reach Out WorldWide

In January of 2010, the earth shook violently, displacing 1.5 million residents of Haiti and injuring hundreds of thousands. While millions around the world watched in horror, actor Paul Walker took action. He was dropped into Haiti from a helicopter and helped with the earthquake aftermath.ROWW 1
Paul Walker’s work was just beginning.

How often have you watched news reports of people suffering under the impact of a disaster and wished, desperately, that you could help? You can, when you donate a car to disaster relief, choose Reach Out WorldWide!

Why donate your car disaster relief through Reach Out WorldWide?

Is it time to replace your car? Are you hearing crazy sounds from under the hood, or spending half your life in a rental?

As ordinary as a car may be, it can be the source of extraordinary comfort to individuals across the world. A vehicle donation to Reach Out WorldWide through Cars2Charities contributes to the non-profit’s important work, in this case, to contribute to disaster relief—without having to write a check!ROWW 2

After seeing the need to match skills with emerging needs following a disaster, Walker took his efforts to Chile, where citizens suffered an 8.8 magnitude earthquake just a month after the Haiti disaster. The busy actor, who was known for starring in the “Fast & Furious” movies, shifted his schedule to aid the victims. Again, he not only funded the trip, but gave his own time. Donate a car to disaster relief through Reach Out WorldWide.

Reach Out WorldWide, or ROWW, gets boots-on-the-ground responders to ground zero. It's real help to the people who need it most. ROWW has at the heart of its mission the opportunity to give good people not just a voice, but a chance to act. That’s what it offers you—a way to get involved in relieving the suffering of others with an auto donation to disaster relief through Reach Out WorldWide.

Why should I donate my car vs. sell it?

If you find yourself car shopping—surfing AutoTrader or Craigslist, or maybe it’s the time of year the dealers offer great financing—don’t forget the opportunity you have. Are you thinking about a dealer trade-in or using CarMax? You may want to think again.

You probably know you lose some of your car’s value when you go that route. But did you know just how much? Generally, a dealer puts about 35-40% of your car’s value toward the new one you buy.ROWW 3

It’s true—they did a study at USC that found out the main reason that dealers keep so much from your old car. Researchers found that when a customer comes in with a trade-in, they just assume the car buyer doesn’t really care about the price tag. The fact you’re willing to “throw away” so much of your car’s value is a sign to them that “money’s no object.” So, what do they do? They raise the price of the new car you’re buying! 


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What happens when I donate a vehicle to Reach Out WorldWide?

If you like the idea of donating a car to Reach Out WorldWide through us at Cars2Charities, just make a quick, 3-5 minute call to us or donate online! It’s that simple.

We come and tow away your donation vehicle swiftly and at no charge to you. Just let us know the time and location that’s most convenient for you. If your car is still at the mechanic, we pick it up there. Is it at your house? At work? No problem!ROWW 4

One of the most important parts of our process that makes us different than other car charity programs is the inspection we do to your vehicle. We assess it for any necessary changes before we put it up for sale. Our research has shown an approximately 25-50% bump in value to cars that get the changes. It’s a great way to make your CPA happy by finding the best tax write-off!

Of course, when you donate a car to ROWW, it also means additional money goes towards disaster relief and victim support. They get a check and you get a tax write-off. We take care of not only the sale, but also the title transfer, the DMV paperwork – everything else – while you get the tax benefit. And following IRS guidelines, we send proof of the sale to you and ROWW within 30 days of the sale, including the IRS Form 1098-C

Do you still have questions about the process? If so, we’ve got some videos to walk you through it. 

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation to disaster relief though Reach Out WorldWide?

Just name the vehicle and we’ve surely processed the donation before!


Are you part of a motorcycle meetup and feel like your hog has too many miles? Or maybe you’ve thought about getting that special someone a Yamaha as a surprise gift. If it’s time to make a change, you can donate a motorcycle to disaster relief and Reach Out WorldWide through Cars2Charities to make every dollar count!

Have you spent a lot of years at KOA Campgrounds in your Winnebago, but now you’d rather try out Airbnb? You can donate an RV to disaster relief throught Reach Out WorldWide and let the years your vehicle has left make a difference in the lives of others.

What about water sports? Are you a fisherman or water skier? When you donate a boat to disaster relief and Reach Out WorldWide it enables someone else to take your watercraft into the sunset, while you collect a tax break, plus benefit the cause! 

We pick up smaller vehicles as well, such as quads/ATVS, etc. And if you ride a cart—either on the course or down the street—we can process that, as well. A golf cart donation to disaster relief and Reach Out WorldWide is a super way to turn a toy into a serious remedy for pain and suffering. ROWW 7

Whether your car has a passel of problems or it’s simply time for an upgrade, follow the late Paul Walker’s lead and use the resources you have to help others. A car donation to people in need through Reach Out WorldWide through Cars2Charities makes it easier to get rescue personnel to places across the globe. And you become one of those “good guys” who look out for others, as well as playing it smart with your finances.

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