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Car donation to Ruff Patches

There are angels among us who are keeping unwanted and abused animals from becoming victims of euthanasia. A car donation to Ruff Patches supports animal ruff5rescue and encourages the transition of animal shelters so that, ultimately, Los Angeles will become a no-kill city. Every pet deserves a loving home and by educating the public, families who adopt rescue animals will be better prepared for dog or cat ownership, which means fewer end up in shelters.

Why should I donate my car to Ruff Patches?

When deserving nonprofits get the kind of support they need, it increases the number of families that benefit from their programs. Proceeds from car donations to Ruff Patches can bring together more pet owners with the resources they need. Not only do new pet owners get a realistic view of what’s involved in taking care of an animal, it supports the organization’s Rainy Day Fund, which is comprised of the Pet Food Bank and Veterinary Assistance Fund.

Are you a big animal lover? If you’ve been looking for ways to improve the lives of pets and raise the standards of pet ownership, you have that opportunity if you’re replacing your car. A vehicle donation to Ruff Patches puts the value of the vehicle you don’t need toward a good cause. There are so many deserving charities, but this organization finds adoptive homes for local dogs and cats, among everything else they do.

How do you donate your car to Ruff Patches?

If you wish you had more time to hit the dog park or volunteer at the shelter, you came to the right place. One of the worst parts about changing the car you drive is the hassle factor.

Do you want to sell your own car? We didn’t think so. We can handle the whole thing for you – beginning to end. And in the process, your car or truck donation to Ruff Patches through Cars2Charities puts money in the pocket of worthy volunteers.ruff4

It’s the easiest way to apply value to the effective work of a non-profit. Simply call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we pick it up from there – literally!
Is your car at the shop? Or did you drive it to work and it didn’t start? Just let us know...we tow it from wherever it is and at a time that’s convenient for you.

It doesn’t matter why you’re buying a new car. Is your family growing? There are so many options now for good gas mileage. Did you want to get into something more environmentally friendly? We can take your gas guzzler off your hands. And you can make a car, truck or SUV donation to Ruff Patches in the process!

People who donate cars to Ruff Patches through Cars2Charities help bring rescue efforts to the Antelope Valley.

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Can I get a Ruff Patches car donation tax deduction?

Yes, they do. And the beauty is, when you make an auto donation to Ruff Patches through Cars2Charities, you gain extra value due to our unique process!

ruff2Because we don’t just tow away your car and go directly to auction, we’ve found that our method maximizes the sale price of the donation car, which in turn gives you a bump. Your car donation tax deduction to Ruff Patches typically increases by 25-50% if we make alterations to your vehicle, which directly benefits you because your tax break is based on selling price.

Were you thinking of doing a dealer trade-in? It’s relatively easy, but how about choosing something that’s both easy AND benevolent? Not to mention, it’s a benefit to your bottom line, as well.

When you’re a person who loves to reach out to those who give animals a better life, it’s nice to have the option to use something you have that’s of value (your old car) and put it to work. And there’s no reason why your tax situation shouldn’t reflect the benefit as well.

If you do Turbo Tax, you can click here and see how they walk you through the process of vehicle donation.

If you feel better when you get a professional opinion, see what some Orange County CPAs say about car donations

Our family owned and operated business has been at this for decades, and you know you’re in good hands. We follow IRS Guidelines at all times. We send you and Ruff Patches Form 1098-C within 30 days of the car’s sale, so you have it for your records. We process all of the paperwork – even the title transfer – so you don’t have to deal with the DMV!

Can I donate an RV to Ruff Patches? A motorcycle or boat?

Yes, you may – we accept all kinds of RV donations to Ruff Patches. If you raised the kids taking trips to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite in your fifth wheel, you can find it a new home through us at Cars2Charities.

Is your boat in a slip at Ventura Isle Marina, just waiting for you to come and takeruff3it on the water? Or has it been ages since you’ve been to Castaic Lake? It may be time to let it go. Or move on from a speedboat to a fishing boat. Either way, you can donate a boat to Ruff Patches to also contribute to the good life for animals.

Are you in the Brothers of the Sun? Or do you ride with a veterans’ biker group? If you and your friends support the welfare of animals, make a motorcycle donation to Ruff Patches when it’s time for a new hog.

If you’ve been to AV Golf Carts lately, you’ve seen the look of newer Club Cars. If you’ve decided you don’t need it anymore, or if you’re planning a replacement, make a golf cart donation to Ruff Patches – the animals need a break and so do your taxes.

Making Los Angeles a no-kill area is a tall order. If you’ve got a vehicle to move, you can feel good about your plan when you donate a car to Ruff Patches through Cars2Charities. They can further the cause, and you can be a part of that effort. ruff1At the same time, you get an easy method for moving your old vehicle out and moving on to a new set of wheels.

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