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donate salvation army tax deductionjpgDonating a car to the Salvation Army shows your support of this wonderful organization while generating a highly desirable tax deduction. A Salvation Army car donation enables you to  make a difference in the lives of others as well as save money on your taxes and fulfill your own desire for personal contribution to those less fortunate.

The Salvation Army has been helping to heal broken lives and assist individuals on the road to recovery since 1865. As one of the world’s oldest charitable organizations, the Salvation Army sponsors programs that help the homeless, aid disaster victims, organize summer and day camps for children, work to abolish human trafficking, provide rehabilitation centers and senior services, open soup kitchens and create youth intervention programs. When you choose to donate cars to the Salvation Army you help to make a difference in your neighborhood and around the world.

 donate salvation army freeWhy Donate A Car to Salvation Army?

Has your car reached the point where the amount you spent on repairs last year was more than the cost of a lease on a new car?  Or are you approaching that point?  Often we get calls from donors whose vehicle is at the mechanic's shop (again!), and this is the last straw.  We can quickly pick up vehicles at your service station, with no cost to you.  (Salvation Army reimburses us for the cost of towing, repairs, and a standard service fee.)  This frees you to focus on what you need to do next. 


While some of our donors are upgrading, others are downsizing.  Perhaps you no longer need a minivan, as the kids have grown and life is changing.  Maybe you're relocating, and transporting the car across country is not worth the cost or effort.   Maybe you've considered selling it yourself, but the thought of having strangers come to your house to test-drive it is a turn-off:  not to mention the effort involved in trying to clean it up, fix it up, if you want to get a good price.  Some of our donors have even explored selling their car through CarMax or as a dealer trade-in, only to be dismayed at the low value they'd get.  Most places will not trade in a car that is more than 8-10 years old, and those that do typically pay just 40% of the price at which they expect to resell your vehicle.  At some point, car donations to Salvation Army just make more and more sense.

Where Can I Donate My Car to Salvation Army?

donate salvation army valueEspecially in California and Arizona, you can donate your car wherever it's most convenient for you:  you pick the location and a date / time slot that works best with your schedule.  That could be at your home, your workplace, storage facility, auto repair shop or whatever.  We have had donors calling from hundreds of miles away, arranging for a pickup at Mom's house via long-distance, as she no longer drives -- or Dad is moving into an assisted living facility.  We handle every aspect of your Salvation Army vehicle donation to take the all work off your shoulders:  from DMV release of liability filings, to title processing, to sale paperwork, we've got you covered.  Donating a car to Salvation Army is fast and easy, even if you are unable to locate your title, or registration has lapsed.

How Does Donating a Car to Salvation Army Work?

It's very simple to click the "Donate Online" button at the top or below, or to call us anytime.  What happens then?

donate salvation army fast

• You provide some key facts about your vehicle; it takes just 3-5 minutes.   A knowledgeable and friendly coordinator will ask you a few simple questions, and listens to your needs -- including any information you may want to provide to help us better understand your vehicle and get the best value for you.  Soon after that, we email you a confirmation / temporary receipt with your donation reference number and a clear outline of what to expect next.

• Meet our skilled towing driver at a place and time convenient for you.  You pick the schedule.  He will show you where to sign the title and the DMV forms we will process on your behalf.  You will receive a signed receipt and will always know who to contact if any questions arise.  Donors often tell us how impressed they are by our drivers, and the overall experience.

• We provide your IRS 1098-C tax deduction form, within 30 days of sale.   When your Salvation Army car donation arrives at our location, we evaluate to see what improvements are appropriate.  Then we market the vehicle to its best advantage and find a great buyer who'll appreciate its remaining life.  Within 30 days of sale, we mail you 2 copies of Form 1098-C:  one for your accountant and one for your records.  The IRS and the charity get a copy of the same form, so there is always 100% transparency about the sale price.

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donate salvation army easyCan I Donate A Car to Salvation Army Without A Title?

While having your car title handy is helpful, we can still pick up your vehicle even if you do not have the title. We simply ask that you sign paperwork stating that you have the right to dispose of the vehicle. We then apply for a duplicate title, and cover any additional fees associated with this process on your behalf.  Not having to go to the DMV is a major reason for vehicle donations to Salvation Army.

Truck donation, Van donation, RV donation, Boat donation, Motorcycle donation for Salvation Army

donate salvation army impact

Did you know you can donate a truck, camper, trailer, or even a motorhome to the Salvation Army as well?  Yes, we accept all types of recreational vehicles as well.  It's easy to donate a motorcycle, an ATV, jet ski.  Golf cart donation for the Salvation Army can create great value as well as we work to improve it so you get the best tax deduction, and the Salvation Army gets a bigger check.

Vehicle donation to Salvation Army with a 25%-50% better car donation tax deduction

When you make a charity car donation to the Salvation Army, you not only help others but are also able to take a substantial deduction on your taxes.  In most cases, IRS regs enable you to deduct the amount of the full sale price -- so the higher your sale price, the better it is for everyone.

Our car donation program not only goes above and beyond to ensure that you have a pleasant vehicle donation experience: we are typically able to maximize the value of your vehicle -- and therefore your tax deduction.  How do we manage to achieve this for donors?  We do it with selective improvements to vehicle donations -- and our appeal to retail buyers.  This process of enhancing donations and cutting out the middleman is far superior to the auto auction process that's at the core of most charity car donation programs.  This is how the sale price on behalf of Salvation Army is typically 25%-50% higher through Cars2Charities.  So when you really want to do the most good, vehicle donation to Salvation Army is a great way to know you're doing exactly that!

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