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Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Second Harvest Food Bank, Santa Cruz County

When you hear that 1 in 6 Americans are experiencing hunger, you realize that you can make a difference for someone in a tangible way. A car donation to Second Harvest Food Bank is one way you can play a part in making sure that the most vulnerable families, those who are second2struggling for survival, have enough food to eat.

Why should I donate my car to Second Harvest Food Bank?

It’s easy for most of us to earn a living. Every day, we get in our cars and drive to work while we think about the fun we’ll have on our time off.

Ironically, the job you have is opening the door for you to help those who aren’t working right now and can’t feed their families. A charity car donation to Second Harvest is a means to provide for their table until they can provide for themselves.

No one wants children to go hungry, and yet, almost 2 million of those in California who aren’t getting enough to eat are children. In Santa Cruz County, it’s 1 in 4 minors who don’t have the food they need.

While you’re thinking about the world around you, and ramping up your efforts to contribute, perhaps you’re considering a smaller carbon footprint. Have you been at Santa Cruz Nissan shopping for a Leaf or looking for a new Volvo hybrid?

An article by Cars Direct about fuel economy says that diesel engines (like your old Mercedes) use 30-35% more gas than hybrid cars. One of the best diesels is the Jetta TDI and it gets about 20% less miles per gallon than the Prius.

If you’ve got a car that takes regular gasoline, yes, it’s cheap, but you’ve got worse mileage than the other two, so you could be saving in the long run by upgrading your car. And you get an added bonus: Your vehicle donation to Second Harvest Food Bank could save lives.

Second Harvest feeds 55,000 local residents every month, reducing the chance that anyone has to choose between food and other necessities, such as housing and medicine.

The non-profit organization wants to end hunger through healthy food, education and leadership, and your vehicle donation to Second Harvest Food Bank adds another ray of hope that it will happen.

How do you donate your car to Second Harvest Food Bank?

It’s really easy! In fact, we do the work for you – just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online.
Our friendly associate will arrange a convenient time for us to pick up your car for free, typically between 24-48 hours.

Did your vehicle break down at work, or is it at the auto shop? Or has “your baby” been at Emile’s for far too long? Cars that spend too much time in the shop are costing you too much, and there’s actually a point when you come out ahead by moving up to something newer.

With Cars2Charities you’re doing yourself another favor. Have you ever sold a car yourself? It’s pretty challenging. Selling anything online, through NextDoor, Craigslist or anything else, can be labor-intensive and, at times, a little scary.second4

But donating a car to Second Harvest Food Bank through us means you basically just hand over the keys. We not only handle the sale of your donation vehicle, we also complete the paperwork.
Were you considering a dealer trade-in at the Santa Cruz Superstore? You have to be aware that you lose too much of the value of your vehicle that way. Estimates say that dealers keep about 60-70% of the car’s value. 

But, by contrast, a car charity donation to Second Harvest Food Bank means you can write off the full sale price of your car! And we handle that part for you!

If I donate a vehicle to Second Harvest Food Bank will I get a car donation tax deduction?

second5Yes! It’s one of the best parts of our process at Cars2Charities. Your auto donation to Second Harvest Food Bank meets the needs of those less fortunate, but you also have a nice tax write-off, thanks to the actions we take.

After you call, we tow away your car and bring it to our skilled technicians for an overall assessment. We make necessary alterations, which tend to increase the sale price of the donation car by about 25-50%. That means a bigger tax break for you (your CPA will be pleased) and more of the proceeds for Second Harvest.

When you donate a car to charity through us at Cars2Charities, there’s no standing in line at the DMV, no filling out endless paperwork. We send you and the charity everything required by the IRS guidelines. You each receive a copy of Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your car.

Can I donate an RV to Second Harvest Food Bank? A motorcycle or golf cart?

Yes – we accept many types of vehicle donations to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Are you a former camper who’s more of a glamper now (or prefer hotel stays)? If you’re paying for a storage unit that has toys, like your old tent trailer, it may be time to start liquidating. You can make an RV donation to Second Harvest Food Bank – it works just like a car donation.

If you like to launch your speed boat in Santa Cruz Harbor, how long has it been since you’ve been out there? If you have watercraft just bobbing in its slip, consider a boat donation to Second Harvest Food Bank.

If you’re a member of the Vampires Motorcycle Club, then you probably never miss the Santa Cruz Rally. It also means you ride rain or shine, dedicated to riding. If you and your clubsecond1 members have been talking about upgrades, let them know they can donate a motorcycle to Second Harvest Food Bank and fill hungry stomachs while they enjoy their new bikes.

Do you live near Pasatiempo and have your own cart? You probably know that when the batteries die, it’s a big price to pay for replacements. Turn the value of your Club Car into comfort for hungry Santa Cruz residents with a golf cart donation to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Like this active non-profit, you’ve got a job to do – move your old vehicle. If you’d like to make it easy and make a mark on your community, you can donate a car to Second Harvest Food Bank. It’s a way to clean out your garage, give a boost to your bottom line and benefit men, women and children who need help.

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Why donate a vehicle?

  • Tired of paying storage fees – or other ownership costs?
  • Are your repair bills higher than the car is worth?
  • Do you want to avoid the headache of selling a car?
  • Will a dealership give you the value your car deserves?

Whatever your reason for donating a car, we make it so easy. Simply tell us a few key details, or call to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly Coordinator. We can be reached 7 days a week, at 855-520-2100.

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