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Car donation to Southern Caregiver Resource Center

When you have a loved one suffering from cognitive impairment, it takes extraordinary strength to handle the needs that arise from their condition. But an ordinary thing like a car donation to Southern CaregiverSCRC3 Resource Center provides more to the effort, enabling you to play a part in the comfort of others.

Why should I donate my car to Southern Caregiver Resource Center?

SCRC is a non-profit organization supporting family caregivers who serve adults with disabling conditions or diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke or Parkinson’s disease.

There’s so little we can do for these brave servants, but we can donate a vehicle to Southern Caregiver Resource Center to contribute to their good work.

How is your car running? Is the odometer in the 6-figure range? If you’re already seeing little parts wearing out – maybe the knobs aren’t working very well – you can start thinking about a replacement vehicle.

Whether you look for something new at Mossy Automotive Group or prefer the affordability of a used car from a place like San Diego Auto Finders, you still have a car you don’t need, which we can help you with at Cars2Charities. 

Are you one of those de-cluttering junkies who follows the advice of author Marie Kondo? (“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”). You can do one better than just trashing the things you don’t need ... donate them to charity!

Should I donate my vehicle to Southern Caregiver Resource Center or sell it?

If you typically do a dealer trade-in, you may want to know a few things about that. USC researchers confirmed what we already know: Trading in your car is a money loser. Of course, the dealers have to make a profit, which is fine. But the research shows another fact – dealers tend to see buyers who have trade-in cars as individuals who don’t care whether or not they lose money. And that assumption causes them to raise the sale price of the new car.

The same goes for CarMax. You lose about 60-70% of your car’s value by going that route. Which is why we recommend a car or truck donation to Southern Caregiver Resource Center.

Are you thinking of selling it yourself? Have you done it before?

SCRC1It’s an awful lot of work. First you have to research its value to see how to price it, and then you have to get it ready. After cleaning it (detailing) and taking really good pictures, then you need to choose some platforms where you can post it.

Can I get a car donation tax deduction from a vehicle donation to Southern Caregiver Resource Center?

Yes! On top of providing funding for counseling, respite care, education and training to those who need your support, you have the benefit of a tax break. It’s like frosting on the cake ... but it’s also a good reason toSCRC4 take advantage of the fact that you have something of value to turn into charity support through a car, truck or SUV donation to Southern Caregiver Resource Center.

As you may know, your deduction is based on the final sale price of your donation vehicle. Of course, you want it to sell for as much money as possible, because it benefits your bottom line.

One of the advantages to donating a car to Southern Caregiver Resource Center through us at Cars2Charities is the way our unique process maximizes the sale price and, thus, your tax deduction.

After you call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online, we come to wherever you are to tow away your donation car. Next, we bring it to our technicians, who check it out for necessary alterations. Our own research shows that donation cars with the changes tend to sell for 25-50% more. 

We follow all of the IRS guidelines. You can be sure to receive the Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your car.

Can I donate a motorcycle to Southern Caregiver Resource Center? A boat or golf cart?

You could be a sports car fan with a collection of vehicles, a water skier, or just a Harley rider who wants a newer bike. There are many kinds of motorized donations you can make – even an RV donation to Southern Caregiver Resource Center!

If you’re a part of the Iron Order brotherhood, you know a great bike when you see one. Looking for a new one? Tell your club friends they can make life easier for caregivers with a motorcycle donation to Southern Caregiver Resource Center.

At Cars2Charities we also pick up vehicles like quads, jet skis, and other toys – plus you can make a boat donation to Southern Caregiver Resource Center.

Do you live in a community like Auberge at Del Sur? Many of those neighborhoods let you drive around in your own Club Car. If you’re upgrading or downsizing, donate a golf cart to Southern Caregiver Resource Center through Cars2Charities.

If you’ve never had a loved one battling a cognitive disorder – even simple dementia that grows worse with age – it’s a grueling journey. For many caregivers, with it comes erosion of their own health, plus a growing disappointment with the challenges of the role.

With generosity like yours, tired, overworked caregivers can get free, no-cost support. The value of the vehicle you no longer need can fuel the efforts of SCRC through services such as: employment assistance, SCRC2support groups, Operation Family Caregiver, and case management. Sometimes it helps just to see there are others in the same boat.

If you’d like to donate a car to Southern Caregiver Resource Center, just let us know. We’re here to help you help them.

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  • Do you want to avoid the headache of selling a car?
  • Will a dealership give you the value your car deserves?

Whatever your reason for donating a car, we make it so easy. Simply tell us a few key details, or call to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly Coordinator. We can be reached 7 days a week, at 855-520-2100.

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