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Saint John's Health Center Foundation Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation

st johns4When someone you love is sick, you want the best care possible – from sophisticated equipment to top medical professionals. A car donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation contributes to their ability to bring effective, top quality medical care to the community.

Why should I donate my car to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation?

Even if you’re in the hospital auxiliary, or if you participate in fundraisers aimed at supporting the hospital, the needs are infinite.

The Foundation provides capital, equipment, and helps facilitate community outreach and other programs. The Westside directly benefits from the mission of the non-profit Foundation, which is a powerful entity stemming from the original hospital guild, which was formed in 1947.

When you need to replace your car it’s a golden opportunity for you and the medical facility. A vehicle donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation through Cars2Charities funds more programming, while offering you a nice tax deduction.

You can become a benefactor in the important work of the Neuroscience Institute, helping to fund research at the John Wayne Cancer Institute and raise money to support the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Center for Providence Southern California. And your checkbook is not required!

And there are moves to expand, including visitor housing, family centers and even retail space. The simple act of donating a car to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation makes a mark on progress.st johns5

If Kondo Motors is seeing more of your BMW than you are, it’s worth considering a replacement. There are experts who argue that, at times, it’s actually a good financial move to seek out a newer vehicle. An article on Edmunds.com says that when your repairs exceed the cost of a car payment, it’s time.

If you’ve been happy with your purchase from Pacific Luxury Motors, but it’s been a few years since you shopped around, consider the contribution you can make with a car charity donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation. It’s a way to get a good feeling about moving into a larger vehicle for your growing family – you’re improving the prognosis for patients needing the benefits of up-to-date research.

Do I get a car donation tax deduction with a car charity donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation?

Yes, you do.

If you’ve decided it is a good time to upgrade – maybe that bonus can translate into a new Tesla or a Jaguar I-PACE – your need to rehome your old car can dovetail with your need for more write-offs.

You can kill two birds with one stone by slipping into the seats of a new set of wheels and giving your CPA something to grin about. If you want more than just the word of your own accountant, you can see what an Orange County firm says about donating a car to charity.

And to score a few extra points, you’re gaining an added benefit. When you donate a vehicle to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation through Cars2Charities, your donation is maximized. Our unique process includes an assessment of your donation car, which means we take care of necessary upgrades to get the highest sale price possible.

st johns3We’ve found that it typically brings another 25-50% to the final sale.

Since your tax deduction is based on the amount your car sells for, you also get a bigger break. Your family's bottom line benefits, while at the same time, you contribute to the Westside medical community.

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Can I donate a golf cart to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation? A boat or RV?

Yes to all of the above. We can process many types of vehicle donations. If you keep your Gariast johns2 at MountainGate or Armand Hammer, there are times when it just isn’t up to par (pun intended) and you need a replacement. When that time comes, make a golf cart donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation.

You care about local access to superior healthcare, but you may not be aware how easily you can improve it. If your yacht is just killing time in a slip at Esprit, or somewhere else in The Marina, you may be better off letting it sail off into the sunset with a new owner. If that’s the case, consider a boat donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation.

If bikes are your thing and you ride up PCH every Sunday, you’ve got cash for the cause as well. If you or your friends are thinking they’d like to move up to a Street Glide, you can donate a motorcycle to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation.

The value of the bike you don’t need can benefit patients that way.

How do I make an auto donation to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation?

The process is extremely simple, and we walk you through your part (which is minimal) while we take care of everything else.

You just give us a call at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we arrange a pickup time and place. So, if you drove your car to UCLA and it wouldn’t start – we can pick it up there. Or if it’s stranded at the repair shop – again, we’ve got you covered.

After we tow away your donation vehicle, we bring it to our technicians and the rest is history. You, seriously, don’t have to do anything but log in your tax write-off (which we send you, by the way). We handle all the paperwork, including title transfer. You aren’t waiting at the DMV, standing in lines, etc.

And as a family-owned operation, in business for 30 years, you can trust us to take care of things by the book. Car donations to Saint Johns Health Center Foundation are handled according to IRS guidelines. We send you and the charity the 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. You just take the write-off!

St Johns1In Saint John’s’ 70-plus years, it’s been the work of volunteer organizations behind the scenes that’s continued to bring successful medicine to Santa Monica and the surrounding cities. The tremendous amount of dedication, work and volunteerism issued by the SJHCF is invaluable.

When you’re ready to replace the vehicle you drive, whether it’s costing you too much to gas it up or you need updated technology, it’s your chance to support this worthy cause when you donate a car to Saint John’s Health Center Foundation.

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