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STEP (Support the Enlisted Project) Car Donation Program

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Why Donate to STEP (Support the Enlisted Project)?

They put their lives on the line for us. They are modern day heroes. And they deserve financial security! They are our military men and women.

Donate to Veterans c2cSupport The Enlisted Project, or STEP, is a non-profit organization offering services to eligible military and the families of veterans who are struggling financially or just need a leg up. When you donate a car to Support The Enlisted Project, it offers them resources to get to a more secure place financially.

Making ends meet is a major challenge, no matter what your occupation, but no one deserves assistance more than the men and women serving our country. Our California Dept. of Veterans Affairs can play a big part in offering resources for those who need it. And you can too! 

When you make a vehicle donation to Support The Enlisted Project, the value of your car goes to fill those financial gaps that military families are suffering.

Are you growing tired of dropping your car at your dealer’s service department, or spending free time picking up a rental car? You don’t want to have a breakdown on the freeway when bringing your kids to the tutor or driving to work.

Are your kids grown and reminding you to replace the gas guzzler? If you’re planning to invest in a Chevy Volt or a Nissan Leaf, remember to make a car charity donation to Support The Enlisted Project and benefit members of the military.

Do you come from a long line of men and women in the military? Or maybe you bleed red, white and blue and just love showing support for their service. You can double down on that loyalty with a car, truck or SUV donation to Support The Enlisted Project.

When you’ve got a vehicle you’re replacing, it’s a chance to be that donor.

What Types of Vehicles Can I Donate?

In most cases, we accept donations of all types of vehicles, whether they are running or not. We process all makes and models of: cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, RVs, boats, golf carts, and more!Black Classic Car

How Do I Donate My Vehicle?

If you’ve ever been to Los Alamitos Air Station or Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, you’ve seen organization in practice. That’s the same as the simple, fast car or truck donation to Support The Enlisted Project through Cars2Charities.

It’s easy and simple. Start by completing an online donation form (the blue box on the right side of the page). Once you submit the form, one of our donation coordinators will contact you to gather additional information about the vehicle.

Together, we will then decide the most coinvent time, date, and location for the pick up. After that, we handle the entire process on your behalf, free of charge.

With Cars2Charities, donating your unwanted vehicle has never been easier. Our expert Vehicle Donation Coordinators are always available to efficiently walk you through the donation process in just 3-5 minutes.

Benefits of Donating Through Cars2Charities

At Cars2Charities, we have a unique operating model that results in you getting the best possible tax deduction for your car donation. How? We start by improving how your vehicle donation and then we market it to our network of retail buyers.

CalculaterCar donations are considered by the Internal Revenue Service and the State to be COMPLETELY TAX DEDUCTIBLE. This means that the price that your car is sold for will be tax deductible. Both you and your non-profit will receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30-50 days of the sale of your vehicle, making the transaction transparent to all parties. Plus, we do all the work. There’s no standing in lines at the DMV or dealing with the paperwork from the title transfer. 

Need some more info? The IRS guidelines for tax deductions is a great resource. 

You can also learn more about our vehicle donation program by watching our videos, which focus on frequently asked questions that we've grouped by topic.

When it’s time to replace a vehicle, consider a car donation for veterans through Cars2Charities, and offer our heroes and their loved ones the assistance they deserve. 

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How to donate your car – and get the best tax deduction. You Simply...

  • Fill out a few fields on our donation form, or call 855-520-2100

What We Do

  • We arrange for a fast, free, easy pickup
  • We handle all paperwork, including full release of liability
  • We maximize the value of your gift: we improve how it looks and runs – so you get the biggest tax deduction

Why donate a vehicle?

  • Tired of paying storage fees – or other ownership costs?
  • Are your repair bills higher than the car is worth?
  • Do you want to avoid the headache of selling a car?
  • Will a dealership give you the value your car deserves?

Whatever your reason for donating a car, we make it so easy. Simply tell us a few key details, or call to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly Coordinator. We can be reached 7 days a week, at 855-520-2100.

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