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The City School Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to The City School

There are certain schools that outpace public education options. They’re visionary, dynamic, and they teach students skills for a lifetime.

the city school 3The City School in Los Angeles is one of those. This public charter school serves 350 middle school students, and they need resources.

Did you know you can support them when you donate a car to The City School.

How do you donate your car to The City School?

Very easily! All it takes is a call to us at Cars2Charities 855-520-2100 or online and you’ve officially contributed to raising the bar on child education in Los Angeles. 

We take it from there – sending our towing professional to wherever your car is – at work, at home, or at the auto mechanic.

Is your vehicle constantly in the shop? Or is it working fine, but it’s a gas guzzler? With the price of fuel, it’s probably time to swap the Suburban for a Picanto, a Fiat, or a VW. Check out the inventory at Motor Village for options. 

And if you want a clean environment for your kids and grandkids, consider driving a hybrid or electric car! The best part of making a change is you have the opportunity to donate a vehicle to The City School.

There’s no cleaning, photographing and posting your car on a platform like AutoTrader or OfferUp ... and then waiting for flaky buyers to show up.

A car or truck donation to The City School through Cars2Charities takes the workload off of you and puts it squarely on us. All you do is hand over the keys and go shopping!

Why should I donate my car to The City School?

The results of the community education provided by The City School is evidenced by the incomparable growth of those kids lucky enough to get in. They are creative critical thinkers, who emit a confidence not found in the average public-school student. They are masters of debate and communication, able to take problem-solving skills to the next level.

If this is the kind of next generation you want to help create, then make a vehicle donation to The Citythe city school2School. Almost everyone owns a car, but only those who are forward-thinking take the opportunity to transfer the value of their vehicle to a meaningful cause when they donate a car to charity.

If you’ve had a son or daughter at The City School, you know how involved parents are, and that faculty and staff members are knowledgeable, offering a Department of Education standards-based curriculum with an excellent academic outcome. The students and their families have a voice.

It’s nice to know that you can make a decision that invests in this experience for Los Angeles adolescents. A charity car donation to The City School funds programming and personnel to enable more young people to get a leg-up educationally.

And in addition to the good feeling you get from making a difference, you get another reward: a tax deduction!

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How do I get the best car donation tax deduction for The City School?

Papers 5It’s something you stand to lose if you just do a trade-in with a dealer – a tax break.

Do you want that pat on the back from your accountant? We thought so.

If you use Turbo Tax, they walk you through the process as well. The City School car donation tax deduction is just like any other – you get to write off the TOTAL sale price of your car!

You may not know that a car charity donation to The City School through Cars2Charities gives you an added bonus. Our unique process maximizes the amount you write off. After we pick up your vehicle donation, our technicians assess the vehicle for any necessary alterations. We’ve found this tends to get a 25-50% higher sale price, which benefits your bottom line, of course!

If you’d like to see the opinions of local CPAs, you can get an explanation from this firm in Orange County.

Remember how easy it is to make a car, truck or SUV donation to The City School through us at Cars2Charities? We also handle the paperwork, including the DMV title transfer! If you hate red tape, you came to the right place.

After we sell your donation car, we send both you and The City School Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. It comes to you complete and ready for when you file your taxes with the IRS.

Can I donate an RV to The City School? A boat or motorcycle?

Yes, you absolutely can! At Cars2Charities, we pick up vehicles of all varieties. Just call us to check at 855-520-2100. An RV donation to The City School may include huge, home-on-wheels types like a Newmar Kingnorthridge vanagonAire, or if you’re not really a glamper and have made lots of memories in a Vanagon. 

Is it time to clean out a storage unit? In addition to picking up quads, ATVs, jet skis and Sea-Doos, you can make a boat donation to The City School through Cars2Charities.

If Aether Apparel is the only thing you wear or you never miss Ride Sunday, chances are you’ve put a lot of miles on your bike. Are you considering a shopping trip to Motorsport Exotica? You’ll have your old bike to deal with, so why don’t you donate a motorcycle to The City School and make it count?

Are you retired? Whether you like to hit the ball around or you live in a gated community, if you own a golf cart you have an opportunity here. Even if you never sent your kids to a charter school, you know they get more attention and are more engaged than the experience most students get. Your golf cart donation to The City School gives that chance to a young person in L.A.

Empowerment is inspirational. And there’s little to compare with the way charter schools develop a team approach with parents, students and leaders, giving everyone a voice and creating a top-notch educational setting. The City School car donation program is a way to support that. Cars2Charities is a family-owned business that’s all about promoting what’s good in the world, and your contribution to this worthy cause is a great call.

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