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Car Donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network

pexels photo 302871Making the Word of God available to everyone across the Earth – that’s the goal of Thru the Bible Radio Network. Anyone who tunes in for just five years gets the entire Bible – start to finish.

Have you wondered how you could further that work, but haven’t had the opportunity? You’ve got it now ... sitting in your driveway.

When you donate a car to Thru the Bible Radio Network you get the powerful words of Dr. J. Vernon McGee to more people.

Why should I donate my car to Thru the Bible Radio Network?

Consider the irony – when it’s time for you to slip into the seat of a new set of wheels, you can enable someone to grab a seat on the Bible Bus! That’s the term Dr. McGee used to describe the journey you can take through the Word of God every five years.

A vehicle donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network through Cars2Charities gets the message to more individuals who don’t know Jesus. It’s a way to put “Five Years” flash drives in the hands of those who are lost.

Is your car in the shop too often? Do you worry about a breakdown on the freeway? You know your safety is in God’s hands, but you have a responsibility to get to work, or to get your kids to their lessons and sports activities. You need reliable transportation.

An article on Edmunds.com says there are times it’s a smart move to replace your car. If you’re spending as much on repairs as you would on a car payment, you may as well drive something newer!

When you add to that the good news that you can share the love of Christ with a vehicle donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network, it’s kind of a no-brainer!

How do I make a car charity donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network?

You won’t believe how easy it is to give more people the chance to listen to the amazing teaching of Dr. McGee. Just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and your resources go to support the cause.

What takes you just a few minutes – a charity car donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network – gives listeners five years of learning! And it goes way beyond the San Gabriel Valley – this non-profit reaches the world.

After you contact us, we send our towing experts to pick up your car – wherever it is. Did it refuse to start when you were leaving your workplace? We’ll go there. Is it at the mechanic? We take over the entire process so it’s easy for you.

sound speaker radio microphoneWhile you get back to your family, your job or your volunteer work, we get to work, cleaning and preparing your car for sale. If you’ve ever sold anything – from a piece of equipment to a vehicle – you know it’s a chore. You’re completely off the hook when you’re donating a car to Thru the Bible Radio Network.

Are you looking at downsizing? Maybe you’re retired and want to invest in something like a Nissan Leaf. Have you seen all the electric car charging stations there are now?

Whether you’re going that direction or the opposite – upgrading to something larger – a car, truck or SUV donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network is a win-win.

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How can I get a car donation tax deduction to Thru the Bible Radio Network?

If you support a church, you know about tax write-offs. When you make a car or truck donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network through Cars2Charities you get to write it off too. Isn’t it nice to know you can share the Old and New Testament with the public while also benefiting your bottom line?

Ask your accountant – few tax breaks are this easy. If you’re replacing your car anyway, there’s really no sacrifice! And if you’re used to doing a dealer trade-in, you need to know you lose a lot of value that way. Of course, the car dealer has to make a profit, so he pays you 30-40% of your car’s actual selling price. But a tax deduction enables you to use 100% puzzle your mission your causeof its value.

See what this Orange County CPA firm says about people who donate a car to charity.

And let us assure you, we’re extremely transparent. After we sell your donation car, we send you and Thru the Bible the paperwork for your taxes. We send you the IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. 

Can I donate an RV to Thru the Bible Radio Network? A boat or motorcycle?

Yes, yes and yes! We pick up donation vehicles of all kinds. Has your Suncruiser seen better days? If you want to pare down to a Thor or get something larger for a growing family, it leaves you with an recreational vehicle you don’t need. An RV donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network is a way to cash in on the value for a great cause!

Are you a watersports family? If you’ve got your boat down at the marina, you may be wasting a lot on storage. If you aren’t getting out on the water, consider a boat donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network. We also take jet skis, Sea-Doos and other toys.

Are you in a Motorcycle Club? If you’re a veteran, you may be riding with the Men of War MC. If your buddies are all getting on newer bikes, don’t you want to join them? Let them know they can donate a motorcycle to Thru the Bible Radio Network through us at Cars2Charities!

Love the links? Or live in an over 55 community? Either way, if you have a Club Car or an E-Z-Go you don’t use, let us know. Your golf cart donation to Thru the Bible Radio Network brings the good news to more men and women, thanks to the value of the vehicle.

From the power of the Old Testament to the life-saving words of Jesus, you’ve got pearls of wisdom to share. And your Thru the Bible Radio Network car donation is fulfilling the great commission, one listener at a time. Let us know when you’d like some help with the process!

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