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Car Donation to Veterans Helping Veterans

The needs of those who heroically served our country can be met more easily when you donate a car to Veterans Helping Veterans. Dedicated volunteers assist former members of the military who need access to resources including mental health services and VA benefits.

Why should I donate my car to Veterans Helping Veterans?

If you’ve known a veteran who struggled with reentering society after his or her service, then you’ve seen how much they need the aid of others to find housing and form lasting relationships.

More than 4,000 service members across the nation have benefited from the work of VHV, an organization established in 2018 by two veterans. Together they saw that they could galvanize efforts to form initiatives that would result in emotional, mental and physical health improvements for former and current service members. They pool resources to provide food, shelter, mobile dentistry units and clothing for our nation’s heroes.Vetshelp5

In the short time the nonprofit has been in existence it has become a vital part of the community of veterans in North Carolina, Georgia, California and Alabama. Their goal is to connect veterans and their families with services and be a conduit for non-profit organizations that serve heroes in these communities. In Georgia, car donations to Veterans Helping Veterans has provided more services to clients in Clayton, Fayette, Henry, South DeKalb, South Fulton and surrounding areas. There they have strived to serve war heroes by referring them to an extensive network of resources and contacts.

Trained advocates and certified staff members join volunteers in providing manpower for the 501(c)(3). The organization helps veterans file VA disability claims and provides emergency financial assistance, including mental health resources, while tackling such issues as homelessness.

A vehicle donation to Veterans Helping Veterans is an effort to reduce the number of suicides by our vets – which now total about 22 per day in America. The VHV’s #End22 campaign in 2019 has saved the lives of individuals and their families, thanks to the generosity of donors.

Everyone is welcome to join forces with the nonprofit’s work. The VHV website says, “We invite churches, civic organizations and the corporate community to partner with us in bringing awareness to our mission."

How do you donate your car to Veterans Helping Veterans?

There are times when you must leave your car behind, when there are too many miles on it and it just isn’t reliable anymore. But thankfully, by donating a vehicle to Veterans Helping Veterans you contribute to “never leaving another veteran behind.”

Not only that, it’s really easy!

You just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online. Our friendly Cars2Charities associate will schedule a pickup of your donation car at a time and place that’s convenient for you.
Did you do a dealer trade-in when you bought your last car? Then you saw what an easy route that is. But by donating a car to Veterans Helping Veterans, you see how easy it is to move your car down the line to someone who needs it, plus you gain a tax write-off at the same time.

What about the possibility of selling it yourself? For most people it’s a headache. You’re stuck cleaning it, taking pictures and then figuring out where to post it. And don’t forget the time you take waiting around for potential car buyers to show up.Vetshelp3

Not only is it easier to just hand over the keys and let us do the work, the tax break you get from an auto donation to Veterans Helping Veterans is frosting on the cake when combined with the good feeling you get from helping our heroes.

Our former service men and women have painful experiences that need our attention. An auto donation to Veterans Helping Veterans provides relief, comfort and helps them design a meaningful future for themselves here at home.

Unfortunately, veterans are highly vulnerable to so many circumstances, from huge educational debts and homelessness to lack of medical care. But your vehicle donation to Veterans Helping Veterans steps in to uplift our service men and women by connecting them to providers.

Can I donate a boat to Veterans Helping Veterans? An RV or a motorcycle?

You may live modestly like a lot of Americans, but sometimes you have more vehicles than you need. If you’re spending money on a storage unit for an older Winnebago or jet skis you don’t use, you may find a benefit to donating a vehicle to charity.

Has it been a while since you got out on the lake to fish or water ski? You may donate a boat to Veterans Helping Veterans and transfer the value of your watercraft to help others.

If you’re hanging on to your 2005 Fleetwood, it may be costing you more than it’s worth. Call Cars2Charities to make an RV donation to Veterans Helping Veterans.

If you live in a retirement community and own an EV to get around in, there are times when you want a replacement. You can donate a golf cart to Veterans Helping Veterans – the process is just like a car donation.

If your bike club is ready to purchase some upgrades, let us know. You can make a motorcycle donation to Veterans Helping Veterans and send support where it’s needed. 

Can I get a car donation tax deduction when I make a car or truck donation to Veterans Helping Veterans?

Yes – you do get to claim it on your taxes. Because it’s a nonprofit, your charity car donation to Veterans Helping Veterans benefits both our former service men and women plus your bottom line. It’s nice to know there’s a win-win when it comes to car donations.Vetshelp1

You may already support veterans’ causes. That’s great too! And when you have a vehicle with value, there’s no need to pull out the checkbook or donate hours and hours of volunteer time. Part of your tax plan can include write-offs from vehicle donations to Veterans Helping Veterans.

And when you work with us at Cars2Charities you have some added benefits. Because of our unique process, you stand to gain more than you do with other programs. After you call us or donate online, we pick up your vehicle at no cost to you, and our technicians check it out to see if it needs any alterations.

Through our own research we’ve found that cars with necessary changes tend to sell for 25-50% more than those without. That means your tax write-off is higher and there’s more money from the proceeds to go to Veterans Helping Veterans.

They don’t have the resources they need to thrive – and you have a vehicle with value. It’s practical help, plus the good feeling that comes when you donate a car to charity.

And there’s one more benefit. Your donation vehicle becomes a modest means of transportation for someone who doesn’t have the resources to buy a new car.

When you work with us at Cars2Charities, you get the experience of our family’s 30 years in the industry. We handle your auto donation efficiently and transparently as well. After selling your donation car, we report the sale price of the vehicle to you and the veteran’s charity. Following the guidelines set up by the IRS, you both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

Vetshelp4There are certainly many nonprofits that help veterans, and your generosity is appreciated by the men and women who need care and assistance. By making a car donation to Veterans Helping Veterans you put resources where they’re needed while contributing to your own tax equation. Plus, your old car gets a new life with someone else.

Let us know when you’re ready – we’re happy to help!

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