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How would a car donation benefit World Impact?

pexels photo 257037Known for providing resources to inner city men, women and children, World Impact has countless opportunities every day to both meet basic needs and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Take Peter, who was living in an alley of a boarded-up, abandoned building. He had no heat, water or electricity, so he slept in two sleeping bags to stay warm enough in winter. Peter wandered into the back door of a World Impact Thrift Store in desperation, tears streaming down his face, acknowledging he needed help to battle his alcohol addiction.

With conversation and prayer, David, the store manager, offered the kind of support Peter needed to get back on his feet. With funds from World Impact, a bus pass and hot lunches were provided for Peter, as he demonstrated his commitment by remaining sober and helping in the store. Now stable and productive, Peter is married to a Christian woman and managing a Family Dollar store.

The job-assessment programs and thrift stores are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the life-saving resources provided by World Impact.

•   The Urban Ministries Institute trains men and women to become urban leaders, advancing the kingdom of God through church planting. action adult affection 339620
•   The Incarceration to Incorporation program is a ministry bringing redemption to those serving time behind bars, bringing them into the fold and into leadership roles.
•   Christian Schools are opened in inner city locations to bring students a curriculum that builds academic competence and Christian character.

“It is important for quality education to be delivered to urban children and youth; especially those living in under-resourced communities,” says Efrem Smith, president and CEO of World Impact. “At World Impact, we are committed to quality education among the urban poor and initiatives which supplement this important focus. I believe this focus ought to be a high priority for all urban churches on some level.”

You can be a part of furthering these dynamic programs by donating the car you no longer need to the work of World Impact.

How does a World Impact car donation work?

Girl Scouts hands on worldA vehicle donation to World Impact is one of the easiest ways to say, “I want to support inner city families and bring them to Christ.” With our streamlined donation process, you only need to make one 3-5 minute phone call.

We come to you where and when it is most convenient for you and handle the towing and selling of your donation vehicle. Our technicians determine appropriate repairs and upgrades to maximize the value of your vehicle. We send a check to World Impact and give you the completed paperwork for your taxes. You don’t have visits to the DMV or meeting potential buyers – it’s done for you, and all for the benefit of the ministry.

It’s truly a win-win. We handle every aspect of managing your World Impact vehicle donation, while you gain a tax benefit and the charity uses your gift to empower people and programs in the ministry.

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Can I donate a recreational vehicle to World Impact? 

Yes, you can make a World Impact RV donation or a gift of another motorized vehicle, such as a quad or ATV. In addition to a car, truck or SUV, we pick up donations of campers and trailers.

Do you have watercraft you no longer use? A boat or Sea-Doo can be turned into support for a mobile medical clinic or Christian camp fees for an inner city child. We can take care of a World Impact golf cart donation, which we handle using the same process as a car. Even the value of a motorcycle donation can go a long way toward bringing a message of peace and comfort to more inner city individuals.

family in back of carAnd keep in mind, they don’t have to be in working condition. Martha’s Honda Pilot had served her family for eight years, and was sitting at an auto repair business, because it didn’t run properly. She made one call to us and our tow truck was dispatched to the car’s location. We took it from there, from assessment and sale to handing World Impact a donation of more than $1,800.

It’s nice to know that the value of an everyday object, like your car, can translate into a job for the jobless or a home for the homeless.

You can start your gift of a World Impact car donation whenever you’re ready. We’re here to help.

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