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Car Donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life

There are officially 10 schools in the William S. Hart School District, counting extensions such as Learning Post and AOC. That’s a lot of teenagers! Fortunately, we have a safe, clean, beautiful area to live in, but we all know there are still problems: drug use, young people racing, and a suicide rate that’s higher than it should be. Young Life SCV 7

There has never been a more important time to nurture the folks who love working with young people – helping kids find out what God has planned for them. A car donation to Young Life in Santa Clarita gets resources to that effort. It puts young, energetic leaders on campuses to become trusted leaders to middle school, high school, and even college-aged young people. It furthers the mission we all know is important to the future of our country: introducing them to the journey of a lifetime – understanding God’s love for them and finding their place in the world.

Why should I donate my car to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life?

Teens are making a lot of adult-sized choices: who to marry, what career to choose, what to do with their bodies, how to handle peer pressure. Young Life believes in the power of presence.

Young Life SCV 2If you aren’t personally involved with the teens at your church or in a youth program, you don’t have to make that commitment to care for young people. When you donate a car to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life through Cars2Charities, you put resources where they’re needed, offering guidance to kids and introducing them to the love of Christ.

Are you surfing the web to see what’s listed through the Santa Clarita Auto Fair? Is it about time you upgraded your vehicle? If so, what will you do with the car you no longer need?

If you’re pretty much done carpooling to Hart Baseball/Pony Softball or dropping your kids at Sunshine, you may be wanting to downsize. Have you seen the hybrid options on Kias and Hyundais?

Were you thinking of doing a dealer trade-in or contact CarMax? Those are definitely easy choices, but what if I told you that a vehicle donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life through Cars2Charities is really easy? And not only that ... you lose 60-70% of your vehicle’s value when you trade it in! But through us you get to write off 100% of the sale price!

How can I make a charity car donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life?

It’s unimaginably easy! Simply call us at 855-520-2100 or contact us online and our experts come to you to pick up your donation car. Just let us know a convenient time and location to send our towing experts.

A car, truck or SUV donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life makes it possible to send young SCV teens to camp and to other club events. After we pick it up for free and you hand us the keys, your work is done. We handle the entire process, leaving you with the tax break and Young Life with a check!Young Life SCV 4

Modeling a life of hope and integrity for young people is hard work, and it’s an ongoing challenge. You probably know that, and you do the best you can. Isn’t it nice to have the opportunity to do something as a one-time gesture to benefit the kids? Just your one, generous decision puts more staff members to work, walking alongside local teens to give them the gift of life – eternal citizenship in the kingdom of God!

You may not have time to get involved, to work with youth in the community. An auto donation to Young Life SCV through Cars2Charities takes no time at all! We’ve been making clients happy for decades, processing their auto donations for the good of others. Our vehicle donation program doesn’t burden them in any way.

Can I get a Tax Deduction When I Donate My Vehicle to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life?

Sure, dealers like Valencia Auto Center are great. But knowing that a trade-in isn’t going to get you the most value possible further confirms that donating a car to Young Life in Santa Clarita is a better proposition. It boosts your bottom line and benefits local youth. The local Young Life has "Club" plus Young Life SCV 5amazing camps. They need resources for those!

Do you get your taxes done by somebody else, like Julie Sturgeon or Stern Kory Sreden & Morgan? If they hound you for write-offs, here’s a way to make them happy! And there’s an added bonus with a car or truck donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life through us at Cars2Charities. After we pick up your car we tow it to our expert technicians, where it’s assessed for necessary changes. We’ve found the changes typically get a 25-50% higher sale price. That’s a bump for Young Life and a bigger tax write-off for you!

Do you use Turbo Tax? If you do, just turn to their site for information about what to enter online when you donate a car to charity.

Integrity is important to you. With Cars2Charities you’re getting honesty and transparency. After selling your vehicle donation, we send you the papers for your record-keeping. So, not only do you save that stress involved in selling your own car, then standing in line at the DMV to process paperwork ... you know it’s all above-board. We send you and Young Life the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Can I Donate a Boat to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life? What About an RV or a Golf Cart?

Are you a member of the Friends of Castaic Lake, or do you go to the events on the water? If you own a boat – for fishing, water skiing, or anything else you like to do – there comes a time when you think you’d be better off without it. Maybe you’re in for an upgrade, or perhaps you don’t take it out much anymore. You can make a boat donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life to move it along and benefit kids.bay blue boat 296242

If you love the outdoors, you may be one of the thousands of recreational vehicle owners in the Southland. Do you have a huge garage where you keep your King Aire? If not, you may be spending money you don’t need to. Storage Center of Valencia is awesome, but if you’re just parking something there, it may be time to move it down the road, which you can do with an RV donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life through Cars2Charities!

If you love Ken & Joe’s you must be a biker. It is a great store! Before you replace your Harley, give us a call to make a motorcycle donation to Santa Clarita Valley Young Life. Then you can pull up to your next meetup with the Bella Gypsies (if you’re a woman) or the Combat Veterans Club on your new bike, knowing you did a great thing.

A lot of folks who live at Robinson Ranch (Sand Canyon Country Club now) have golf carts. Or do you live in Friendly Valley? It’s so great to not have to walk everywhere! Has your cart run down its (expensive) battery? Or do you want a 48-volt stretch to take your friends around in? Give us a call to make a golf cart donation to Santa Clarita

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