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Veteran Resources and Services

Over 38,000 veterans are experiencing homelessness.  

U.S.VETS is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving American homeless Veterans through housing, counseling, career, and supportive services. 

Veteran Housing

Since 2017, U.S.VETS missions is to expand affording housing opportunities for veterans and end veteran homelessness. Through their House Development program veterans have access to both Houston Mask Offtemporary and permanent housing.

U.S.VETS offers both permanent and temporary housing options for at-risk, low income, and homeless veterans and their families. If you or someone you know needs a safe place, U.S.VETS has emergency housing available in Long BeachInland Empire, Wai’anae, and Barber’s Point.

Transitional Housing is also offered in Long BeachBarber’s PointWai’anaeInglewoodInland EmpirePhoenixPrescottHoustonLas Vegas, and Washington, D.C. Traditional housing provides families with “career, mental health and wellness, and case management services to help veterans address the challenges of transition from military life into the civilian community.”

Permanent housing is accessible in PhoenixHoustonInland EmpireLas VegasBarber’s PointLong BeachInglewoodPrescott and Washington, D.C.Las Vegas Group

In 2020, 8 new housing developments were established, 7,500 veterans successfully moved into or retained permanent housing, and 425,738 beds were slept in. 

Mental Health and Wellness

Combat related trauma can make it difficult to transition into civilian life, because of this U.S.VETS offers individual and group counseling services. We strive to stop veteran homelessness before it even begins. Our innovative mental health services such as Women Vets on Point and Outside the Wire, as well as our workforce development programs such as the Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program and Career Development Initiative.

Donating to U.S.VETS

Services provided by U.S.VETS are made possible through support and donations. Donating your vehicle to U.S.VETS allows for additional housing developments, counseling and support services, and career opportunities. To make a vehicle donation go here for more information and take the first step to helping veterans today. 

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