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FREE car donationThere’s no better way to help others and fuel your own passion than by making a charitable donation to an effective, high-performing organization that’s making a difference in an area you care about. Why not help local nonprofits here in the Valley of the Sun, while getting a great car donation tax deduction for yourself?

Not every car donation program in Phoenix is the same, and we help you understand how the process works. We’re a full-service vehicle donation partner to many charities, specializing in AZ, CA and NV. Our goal is to assist donors just like you, who want to convert a vehicle you no longer want or need to the greatest possible cash to help a charity. We help nonprofits raise funds efficiently, so their leaders can focus on what they do best: provide services to those who need it.

Typically, we can add 25-50% to a donated vehicle’s value on behalf of your charity – and sometimes much more. This maximizes your tax deduction as a donor, as well as the amount that goes to the nonprofit. Using our unique business model -- based on 35 years’ experience with vehicle repair and acquisition, during which we’ve sold more than 9,000 vehicles -- everyone is better off!

How do we get you the best results? By improving how almost every vehicle looks and runs, then selling it  FAST car donationthrough retail channels. (This is different from others, who typically auction vehicles in their “as is” condition.)

At Cars2Charities, we make donating a car in Phoenix simple and quick. Wanna know what some past donors have to say about Cars2Charities? See comments from people who’ve donated vehicles through us.

Why is it smarter to donate my car instead of selling it?

When you donate a car to a charity in Phoenix, you want to make sure that the nonprofit gets the biggest financial benefit possible. If you sell your car, you not only have to pay tax on the sale, but probably won’t get the highest possible price unless you put lots of money into fixing it up.

EASY car donationWhy bother with the hassle of prepping and repairing a car and then searching around for a willing buyer? Sure, you could put ads on popular Internet sites and then invite strangers to peruse the vehicle in your garage. That route takes time, doesn’t guarantee a sale, and can actually be dangerous.

Cars2Charities does all the heavy lifting for you. We do the fixing and refurbishing, and the preparation for sale. Then we locate a buyer, and sell your donated vehicle through our extensive network to retail buyers. We have many years of experience and know the best sales channels. Getting top dollar for your donated vehicle is our specialty.

How to donate a golf cart, truck or car in Phoenix

Simply contact Cars2Charities and we’ll take care of all the details. When making a vehicle donation in Phoenix, you can give a car, truck, an SUV, a camper, a motorcycle, or just about any recreational vehicle to charity. We even accept buses, tractors and snowmobiles. Where do we draw the line? Only at lawnmowers and skateboards. Kidding aside, we gladly accept your vehicle in any condition, whether it runs or not -- even if it has been in moth balls for years.

What are donors saying?

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How will a vehicle donation help me at tax time?

Great tax deduction car donationWhen you donate your car in Phoenix, you’re making a wise tax move. That’s because the total amount of the sale price could qualify as a charity car tax deduction from your total income. For most people, car donations in Phoenix are a smart way to lower your tax bill and do a good deed for someone in need!

How can I get the biggest tax deduction for donating my car?

At Cars2Charities, we fix up and refurbish your donated vehicle so it fetches the highest possible price. That means you get the largest tax deduction possible. Yes, IRS guidelines about how car donation works enables you to deduct the actual sale price.

Let’s say your car is worth $2,000 in its “as is” condition at a nearby auction (which is where other car Maximize your car donation tax deductiondonation charities typically send vehicles). WE on the other hand are likely to invest several hundred dollars to improve it. In 90% of cases, we then market vehicles through our retail channels, where it may sell for $3,000. YOUR tax deduction would be for the full $3,000 (not the value you turned it in at!). Even though you spent no money, and zero effort to increase its value. Because we did it all for you.

The charity YOU CHOOSE receives 100% of the net proceeds, which is the full sale price minus the cost of towing which they reimburse to Cars2Charities along with the direct out-of-pocket-expenses we invest to improve your vehicle, and a standard industry sales fee.

Tax accountants typically agree that donating a car is great for clients, though every case can be unique when you donate a vehicle to charity in Phoenix.

What’s the best charity for car donation in Arizona?

YOU pick the best charity for car donationThe best charity is one you know or have a passion for. YOU pick! (Even if we’re not working with them yet, we make it so easy for you to donate to YOUR favorite non-profit.) Just tell us who you want. We’ll reach out to them and handle all the details -- which may open the door for others to give vehicle donations to your non-profit!

Phoenix is one of the five largest cities in the U.S., which means there are literally hundreds of charitable organizations that could use your help. Car donation in Phoenix is a smart way to maximize the amount of money you can give to the charity of your choice.

Whether that means the local humane society or pet adoption center, a church, a food bank, an organization providing research or shelter -- or even your child’s school, sports team or the high-school band -- when you donate a recreational vehicle, SUV or such in Phoenix, you’ll be helping someone who not only needs assistance, but will be truly grateful for your generosity.

Of course, some donors are super-busy, and 1 in 4 simply tell us “Cars2Charities, please pick for me.” Yes, we can do that too. In every case, both you and the charity will get a copy of the same IRS Form 1098, showing the exact sale price of your vehicle -- so there is maximum transparency.

Where is the best place to donate a car in Phoenix?

We think “Cars2Charities”! When donating a car in the Phoenix area, all you need to do is call us at 855-Make an impact car donation520-2100, or complete a brief online form at the top of this page. Either way, it takes just 3-5 minutes. One of our expert coordinators will arrange for pickup by an experienced tow-truck driver, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.

If you have questions, our Cars2Charities FAQ page has lots of answers. So does our video page, which has FAQ videos on a range of topics, from “Can I donate my vehicle if the registration has expired?” or “What if I can’t find my title?” or “Do I need to be present when my vehicle is picked up?”

Donating a used car, SUV, recreational vehicle or golf cart to your favorite charity is one of the most effective ways to clear your space, benefit from the magic of tidying up, and support the cause you believe in.

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