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A Car Donation Goes the Distance in Helping Families with Focus on the Family

For more than 40 years through the grace of God, Focus on the Family has been a support system for families – strengthening marriages and helping parents raise their children by applying Christian principles and proven strategies.

There are households without strong leadership that give children no standards for excellence. There are marriages floundering as couples look for hope and help. A car donation can help offer resources to families that provide biblical wisdom and guidance, as well as needed encouragement and support.

You can donate a car to Focus on the Family through Cars2Charities.

Like an individual dying of thirst in the desert, families are in crisis and need assistance from those who can provide it. When you decide to upgrade what you drive, the value of the car you don’t need can shift into a new gear: By giving your support through a Focus on the Family Car Donation you are helping those seeking a better direction for their lives.

Focus on the Family has the biblical integrity a donor can count on and will use a car donation to strengthen families and spread the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Recent data indicates that in the last year alone Focus on the Family has been able to:

• Help at least 259,000 people make decisions for Christ or rededicate their lives to Him.

• Field more than 26,000 phone calls in the Counseling department which is staffed by caring licensed counselors. Individuals contacting Focus are seeking guidance with a host of difficult challenges in their family such as addiction, crises involving children or marital relationships, financial problems, and a broad array of other issues.

• Come alongside more than 132,000 married couples to help them through a major marital crisis. Also, since the inception of the Hope Restored marriage intensive program, Focus has had a hand in saving 3,000 marriages on the FOTF1brink of divorce.

• Provide help for more than 187,000 parents working through a significant crisis involving their child.

• Prepare Alive to Thrive: A Biblical Guide to Preventing Teen Suicide, a program aimed at equipping parents, churches, and youth workers to help kids avoid the kinds of thoughts, relationships, and personal choices that would make them more prone to suicidal tendencies and risky, detrimental decisions.

This is just a quick snapshot of the types of life-changing outreaches underway that are at the core of what Focus on the Family does to reach out to families. By your vehicle donation through Cars2Charities, you will be partnering with them in addressing the needs of countless people – accepting and assisting them right where they are.

A car donation for families also can have a worldwide impact on the social and emotional state of individuals across the world.

Because Focus on the Family reaches out across the globe in many languages and cultures, people in every walk of life have an opportunity to experience a new life in Jesus Christ and build relationships based on biblical principles.

Focus on the Family's Global Partnership serves families in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with associate offices in 12 countries. They’re all hubs of support, bringing to everyday citizens a message of peace and hope through scriptural truths conveyed via resources, counsel, and outreach to the community. Focus on the Family materials bring a message of relevance in different languages while maintaining respect for individual cultures.

Every Focus on the Family office, whether in the U.S. or another part of the world is committed to the mission: Helping families thrive. A car donation to kids will enable this amazing 501(c)(3) to continue their good work of spreading encouragement and hope by bringing the Good News to people stateside and around the globe.

You can strengthen marriages and improve parenting with a car donation for families.

Focus on the Family has been blazing trails since 1977, meeting the needs of moms, dads and children by providing biblical guidance for families and individuals. Their staff and volunteers are committed to spreading compassion in the name of Christ.

What began with a weekly 30-minute radio broadcast grew to include the Focus on the Family magazine, a daily radio broadcast, video curriculums, and FOTF2online streaming of podcasts on topics from marriage to financial accountability. Individuals who make a car donation through this Christian charity are maximizing their outreach by helping provide life-giving guidance to parents and married couples as well as singles.

If you don’t have a car to donate, for families, you can donate directly to Focus on the Family.

To learn more about Focus on the Family, thousands of families visit their Colorado Springs, Colorado, campus each year. Tours of the facility are offered, beginning with the Welcome Center. There’s a bookstore (in addition to their online bookstore), an art gallery, and many special attractions for children.

Families can introduce their kids to Focus on the Family ministries while letting them enjoy numerous activities. There’s a recording studio called KYDS Radio where children can record themselves playing a role in a radio drama and take home a complimentary CD. Also, they can get a snack in the turn-of-the-century “Whit’s End Soda Shoppe,” named for an Adventures in Odyssey character. You can spend the day exploring these offerings as well as the fotf 6Narnia Adventure Room, a three-story slide in the play area, and more.

As a trusted non-profit charity, Focus on the Family is a great organization to support whether through the car donation program, other non-cash gifts, or monetary contributions. Putting faith into action, Focus on the Family is transparent with how donations are spent, so you can be more certain that your car donation will truly improve the quality of life of individuals who are impacted by their efforts. And that’s really good news.

You can find the donation form on their website if you choose to donate to Focus on the Family directly. And we encourage you to visit Focus on the Family’s YouTube Page where you’ll discover testimonials, videos of their broadcast tapings, and a variety of spiritually enriching information.