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Best Car Donation Charities

Some of your best memories occurred in your car, so for its next “life”, your wheels should go to one of the best car donation charities out there. You want someone else to experience the very special partnership you had with your car.

Did your fraternity or sorority friends all pile into “The Beast” to make it to happy hour? Or did it take you up the coast for that unforgettable honeymoon?

Letting go is kind of sad – but that’s why you want to do something meaningful, like figure out the best car donation charities to benefit from your sacrifice.

What is the best car donation charity?

When you realize you have an opportunity on your hands – parlaying the value of your vehicle to contribute to the work of a worthy non-profit, you also realize it’s important which one you choose. In terms of your tax write-off, be sure it’s a bona fide 501(c)(3) organization.

Each charity group has a track record, and the best car donation charities can be researched through such sites as Charity Watch. It’s a watchdog site that’s been around for 25 years, and it’s not tied to any advertisers or trade associations. You can check a charity’s rating, its mission, and even salaries, with a pie chart revealing a fiscal breakdown for the organization.

For instance, if you look up Big Brothers & Big Sisters on Charity Watch, you find that it has an “A” rating and that 86% of donations go straight to the program, leaving only 14% for overhead. 

Just 13% of donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities go to overhead costs, and Charity Watch gives the non-profit an “A-“ rating.  dog 3

For many donors, the best car donation charities are those they are personally involved with. So, if you raise guide dog puppies, you can donate a car to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.

Or perhaps you’re on the PTA board, or you’re involved in Charity League. These are both 501(c)(3) organizations that can receive proceeds from the sale of your donation car.

You can double down on the benefits by choosing a charity that does a great service to you or someone you love. Choose a veteran's cause or your child's sports team.

If you’re stumped or overwhelmed, you can check Charity Watch for its list of top-rated charities. Or you can turn to a charity car donation company that can shed some light on the various options for choosing a cause to support.

Who has the secret to the best car donation charities?

Circumstances can make it very clear when it's time to replace your vehicle. If you're spending more time at the repair Car smoking hood open3shop than your desk at work, there's a problem.

You’ve put a lot of time into deciding to make changes, whether you’re aiming to help protect the planet or you just need to drive something more practical. You want to put that kind of thought into finding the best car donation charities also.

In any case, your old car needs a new home ... and you want to make it count when you donate a car to charity.

Once you decide you’d like the value of your donation vehicle to go to a deserving cause, the hunt is on for someone who knows the best car donation charities and can walk you through the process.

The good news is, your tax break is based on the same principle, no matter who processes it. IRS regulations allow you to deduct the final sale price of your charity car donation. But you do get an advantage with a car charity company that sells it for top dollar.

At Cars2Charities, for example, we assess vehicle donations to see if any necessary alterations will raise their sale price. That tends to maximize our clients’ tax write-offs, sometimes increasing them by as much as 50 percent.

Both in terms of your tax break and your overall experience, there are a number of things to look for in the company handling your car charity donation.

• Honesty. Choose a company with transparency. They should have no trouble sending you and the charity the required paperwork with proof of the final sale price within 30 days of selling your car, which is the government regulation.
• Experience. You want to work with a solid company with staff members who know what they’re doing. Ours is a family business that has been working with the best car donation charities for more than 25 years.
• Customer Service. They should be open 7 days a week and be easy to contact, with live operators and that personal touch you look for. You want a fast donation process, as well.

You can kill two birds with one stone by choosing a good car charity donation company. Not only do they handle the pick-up and sale of your car, plus complete your paperwork (including the DMV headaches), they also tackle a big part of the process. They should be able to provide you with a list of the best car donation companies.

For instance, don’t work with someone you find on the web who lists only one charity on their site. That means you didn’t really locate an all-around car donation company. In all likelihood, you’re actually on the site of that one charity.
You should be able to benefit a cause you care about. So, if you want to donate your car to the Parkinson’s Disease doctor 899037 640 3Foundation, you can. Or if you want to show your gratefulness to Children's Hospital, or to pediatric cancer non-profit for their healing work in the life of your child, you should be able to.

Or if you think the best car donation charities are those that save animals – you should choose one of those.

Our website gives you a list of charity choices with categories such as seniors, veterans, the arts, and disaster relief. On top of that, we’ve had many opportunities to form new relationships with some of the best car donation charities our clients have introduced to us ... which is something you can do too.