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Getting Schooled in Cars for Kids Charity Giving

Long after the carpool days are done, your vehicle can still serve children when you donate cars for kids. It’s a way to double down on the positive impact that you – and your car – make on the next generation. 

Do you still relish those years, swinging through the neighborhood, picking up every last charge, heavy with the responsibility of getting them safely to school? Do you remember packing lunches, shuttling kids to lessons after school and tucking them in bed, ready to repeat the process the next day?

They’re our most precious commodity – the children of today. When people donate their cars for kids, they keep paying it forward, putting cash into causes that matter.

In what way can my cars for kids donation make an impact?

When you decide to donate a car to charity, you send financial support to any 501(c)(3) you choose. And there are as many non-profit causes as there are kinds of people.

What was your child’s favorite hobby? Whatever it is, there’s probably a charity associated with it that your cars for kidskid2 donation can benefit.

Believe it or not, there’s a non-profit organization for Star Wars costume enthusiasts called 501st Legion, and North Carolina has a creative center for people making household items out of trash!

Your donation car can hearken back to your kids’ activities – from rock collecting to magic or photography – just find a related non-profit, or you can donate directly to a charity that benefited your family.

Did you or your kids go to the Boys & Girls Club after school? Or perhaps you’d like to “pay back” their sports team’s booster club or a performing arts non-profit, like the Sacramento Children’s Chorus or Children’s Theater of Long Beach

Do you want your cars for kids donation to go directly to a cause benefiting young people, such as Happy Children’s Foundation?

Pediatric charities really tug at people’s heartstrings. One of the best known medical causes is City of Hope

At Cars2Charities, we’ve worked with many reputable pediatric charities, including Rady Children’s Hospital and Remington’s Heart, which helps the families of children with heart defects.

Which charities benefit from cars for kids donations?

When choosing a car donation company, there are key things to watch for.

For instance, a catchy jingle and good advertising may turn more heads – but are you, as a donation vehicle donor – getting what you want?

Kars4Kids is a well-known, large company based in New Jersey and in Ontario, Canada, with its own non-profit providing support services to Jewish children. But if you want to benefit a charity you’re closely associated with, or one you just like – you need to find a different vehicle donation company.

To donate cars for kids in a particular non-profit, such as Children’s Hospital, you have to go to a company that processes any or all charities. Maybe you want proceeds to benefit kids’ programs at your church or synagogue.


Or donate a car to Charity League’s mother-daughter program, Ticktockers.

Our clients at Cars2Charities are free to choose. Of course, we have a page on our website with a list of charities, which includes children’s non-profits. But if you have a favorite 501(c)(3), you can let us know – we like reaching out to organizations we haven’t worked with yet.

What kinds of vehicles are considered a cars for kids donation?

If you’re wondering if you can donate a motorcycle to charity, or a golf cart donation, the answer is “yes.” At least through Cars2Charities.

Every company has its own rules, but many people donate more than just cars for kids. Donations can include watercraft, such as boats, Sea-Doos and jet skis. And you can make nearly any RV donation, from a Vanagon to a Winnebago.

You may look at those vehicles in your storage unit a lot differently now ... and think of the money you’ll save when you clean it out.

Speaking of money, don’t forget – there’s something in it for you: a tax write-off. Of course, you want to choose a company that’s experienced with car charity donations, to be sure the paperwork is processed correctly. And for your own sanity, pick one that handles everything – even the title transfer!kid4

Most of all, keep the kids in mind. This generation has more than ever to be concerned about, especially with the constantly changing world of technology. The future is in their hands, and we’re deciding what kinds of resources we’re leaving them.