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Can I donate a motorcycle to charity?


Yes, charities welcome bike donations of all kinds! On behalf of non-profit organizations, we repair, refurbish and sell donated motorcycles so that the proceeds can benefit any charity you choose. It doesn't matter whether you ride a street bike, a hog, a chopper, crotch rocket, or a Goldwing cruiser. We accept all makes and models – so whether you want to donate a Harley Davidson, Yamaha motorcycle, Suzuki motorcycle or scooter, Ducati, Honda moped, Kawasaki motorcycle, Indian or any other make or model of motorcycle, Cars2Charities will be able to create value ... even if it hasn't run in years.

People donate motorcycles for many reasons. Perhaps you racked up many happy miles and wonderful memories riding it, and now you're ready for something bigger, or smaller -- or just different! Or maybe you bought the bike in a wave of enthusiasm that ebbed over the years. For some, the initial thrill of the ride has come and gone. In other cases, that bike was a gift, or something a friend or family member left behind. In any case, you sense a need to make some kind of change.

Whatever your situation, if you have a motorcycle gathering dust in your garage or yard, wouldn't you rather put it to better use by donating the proceeds of its sale to a cause that's dear to your heart? With Cars2Charities, you can do exactly that!

Where can I donate a motorcycle?

orange county motorcycle donation gathering dust3Cars2Charities has become the premier solution for motorcycle donation such as owners seeking to donate a motorbike, moped or scooter. Why? Because of our unique operating model that adds value to just about every donated vehicle. We are based in Orange County, California and focus primarily on serving donors in CA, NV and AZ -- but we can accept donations in all 50 states.

How Do I Donate a motorcycle?

Our donation process is EASY. If you’re ready to donate your old or unwanted bike, simply call Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100. When you do, an experienced vehicle donation coordinator will efficiently walk you through the process. This can take as little as 3-5 minutes.

orange county motorcycle donation tax deductionOr, you can click on this donate motorcycle link right here. This will open a simple form that will enable you to convey the basic information we need to get started on your vehicle donation. You can even skip a step, and we can come back to it later. You do not need to have your registration or VIN or license plate info handy in order to get started.

Your vehicle donation can quickly begin to do the good work you intended. You can also learn more by looking at some of our FAQ videos.

What are donors saying?

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What happens when I donate a motorcycle?

We add value when you donate a motorcycleFirst, we work with you to arrange a convenient pickup time and location. If you call us to initiate the donation, we ask your preferences right then and there.

We arrange for fast, easy towing, at no cost to you. Most donors prefer to have the tow truck arrive within 24-72 hours. After your motorcycle arrives at our location, we work with the DMV to release you of all liability and to process any other related paperwork – even if you cannot locate your title or registration.

We evaluate what improvements we can make to your donated motorcycle, scooter or moped, to create maximum value for you and your charity. Then, we make those improvements, clean and detail your bike, and take 20-30 high-definition photos that show your donation to its best advantage, while disclosing any issues a potential buyer should know. This builds great confidence in prospective future owners, and we have some of the highest trust rankings and buyer-ratings in the industry.

We market your motorcycle, invite prospective buyers for a test-ride, and work in other ways to get the highest amount for your charity. This typically results in a sale price that is 25-50% more than the “as is” value when we first intake a donated motorcycle. The combination of the fact that we (a) invest to improve the condition, and (b) work to sell to retail buyers who will love and appreciate it, produces much more favorable results for both donors and charities. Unlike other vehicle donation programs, we almost never auction vehicles – especially in CA, NV and AZ.

What's the best charity to donate my motorcycle to?

Selling is hard, donating is easyThe best charity is one that you have personal experience with, and trust to do great work because you’ve seen their impact. You want choices? You got it. You have the option to choose a local charity, having the donation benefit your own community. We often handle motorcycle donations to a local school, church, or booster club. You also have the option to choose a national or international nonprofit to benefit.

Some donors like to research charities, and independent insights such as those in Charity Navigator's "Top 10" lists can be very helpful.

Or you can also simply say, "Pick a charity group that focuses on veterans, or disaster relief, or ...” whatever. Just fill in the blank, with something you’re passionate about.  

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Other donors prefer a more hands-off approach and ask us to “Go ahead and pick for me – select whichever non-profit you think would benefit most."  We can take care of the rest. Whichever way you go, you can rest assured that your donation will continue the good work of an organization that’s making a difference as you give back to your community.

Is there a motorcycle donation tax deduction?

Yes, all vehicle donations, including motorcycle donations are tax deductible. We will provide you with an initial receipt when we pick up your bike, then an IRS Form 1098-C when it’s sold, showing the actual sale price that you can use as your deduction. This form enables you to deduct your motorcycle donation’s full value from your taxes, including the value we created when we improved how it looks and runs.

With our easy donation process, you can get ditch that older bike and take a meaningful tax deduction, all while benefiting your favorite charity.Of course, your individual situation may vary. Your accountant can answer any questions, and IRS guidance is just a click away. 

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Why should I donate my old bike?

Motorcycles are fun to own and drive. However, the majority of people who own a motorcycle rarely use them after a while. So if you’re in that situation – perhaps paying registration fees, insurance or maintenance, and you have to find a place to store it – consider motorcycle donation where you can donate to a great cause.

When you choose to donate a motorcycle to charity through Cars2Charities, you are making it possible for other charitable organizations to continue to help those in need. What a great way to do good, while doing well for yourself!

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