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How to Know When It Is Time to Buy a New Car

Most people hold on to old vehicles covered in rust. They convince themselves it is a clever financial decision. However, driving an old car can be risky. Regardless of constant repairs and maintenance, it will become impossible to keep running your 'reliable' vehicle.


How to Know When It Is Time to Buy a New Car

Most people hold on to old vehicles covered in rust. They convince themselves it is a clever financial decision. However, driving an old car can be risky. Regardless of constant repairs and maintenance, it will become impossible to keep running your 'reliable' vehicle.

On the other hand, most people consider buying a new car both exciting and overwhelming. Despite the fact that the decision of taking car payments should not be taken lightly, getting a new vehicle does not have to be a daunting situation. 

To make a good decision, let the anxiety go and be assured that buying a new car is the needed solution to your problems. The following situations are a clear sign of the universe asking you to consider buying a new set of wheels.

1. Your Mechanic Is Your Number One Dial

female mechanicOld cars often represent endless major expenses. Although duct tape can hold together some parts just fine, cheaper solutions lead to bigger problems. Repairing a breakdown should be an occasional thing and not a situation that takes place more than twice a year. Emergency repairs, frequent significant auto-parts replacements, towing and car maintenance expenses can exceed your old car price. Moreover, it can even be more expensive than a new one.

A useful tip for realizing this is happening to you is to put your car under the “tire test”. If the budget for a new set of tires surpasses your car price, or your car is not worth the investment, simply start the search for your new ride.

2. It Changes Your Mood

Stress, sadness, and frustrations are not moods you want to feel when getting inside your car. The goal is to own a vehicle that makes you smile or makes you proud. If watching your custom rims from far away will make you happy, and owning a high-performance car is your dream, do not deny yourself those desires if you can afford the change.

3. A Reliable Asset

From the above, we learned that old cars can be unreliable. These just might break down in an unsafe situation and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Similarly, if your passengers feel frightened by that wire hanging above or the hole at their feet, it is time to change your vehicle. Even the sturdiest vehicle deteriorates over time. Traffic accidents are very common and can happen to anyone, anytime, but sometimes it can be prevented. If the car interior starts to crumble or rides start to feel like a nightmare, you might consider visiting the nearest car dealership.

Following the 2000s, cars started to be built with greater safety technology. From rear warnings to lane assistance, new vehicles are likely to exceed collision standards. Some old cars do not even have airbags. On the other hand, for tech enthusiasts, owning an autonomous vehicle can be the pinnacle of success in life.

4. Does Not Fit Your Lifestyle

A car should be representative of your lifestyle. Not as much as a status symbol, but as a reliable source of transportation. If your family is not able to fit in, there is no space for a car seat, or it does not endure longer commuting and it becomes a threat to your job, it is wiser to change to a more reliable car. Outgrowing your old car is easy because of life circumstances and constant change. Car farm

5. Emission Standards

An outdated car will not pass the license plate renovation emission test. Clean technologies that can be added to your old ride can be costly. New vehicles are built for cleaner driving. Some cars are so old that are not even allowed to take the test. Since cars are not meant to last forever, replacement is an ordinary thing to do nowadays.

6. Fuel Efficiency Is Important

Fuel efficiency improves annually. Yes, the more miles you drive the more you will require trips to the gas station. However, new vehicles are more efficient and save some of those trips, especially if they’re hybrid. These constant gas station expenses ultimately raise the vehicle operative costs.

7. Auto Insurance

Old car insurance coverage is expensive. Insurance premiums increase substantially every year. High insurance fees add up to monthly expenses. Additionally, there are special coverage safety features that old cars do not qualify for. 

If any of the above rings a bell and you want to buy a new car, it is wise to make plans and a budget before you even start to search. Considering aspects such as family size, hobbies and driving habits could save you from further problems. Online platforms such as Edmund’s can help you to go through models, features, reviews, and pricing. This will prepare you for different scenarios and ease the buying stress. Making the decision and letting go of your old car will change your life for the better.

What to do with your old car

1. Donate it!

With more than 30 years of experience, Cars2Charities has the expertise in making vehicle donations easier than ever. The nationwide company provides free towing and live car donation experts that are available to assist you through the process and answer all your questions. 

Step 1: Preparing for the process

Have your vehicle's cleared Certificate of Title and Registration in front of you. This will help you provide us with the information we need about your vehicle. 

key 791390 1920Don't have a title? Give us a call, sometimes we are able to request one of your behalf.

Step 2: Choosing the Charity

Cars2Charities commercially fundraises for hundreds of charities, refer to our “Causes” page for a list of charities to donate to.

Can't find the charity you want to donate to? If you provide us with the charity's name and contact information, we can contact them.

Step 3: Scheduling your pickup 

Give us a call at (855) 520-2100, or complete an online donation request. Our friendly donation coordinators will gather your vehicles information and schedule a free pick up with you. 

Step 4: Maximizing the donation

We take the reins at that point to maximize the donation for both our donors and charities. We do this by assessing the vehicle and adding value to increase the selling price of the car.

It’s a situation many people dream about – a successful way to support a cause you care about without the work involved. It’s why the best car donation company to work with is one with these kinds of practices in place.