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Car donation in Camarillo, California

You’ve been driving the carpool for years and your SUV is still holding out! Is the mileage in the 6-figure range by now?

beverly hillsOr is it the opposite? You’re a new face at PTA and you’ve still got one in diapers, but you can see there’s going to be hauling a passel of kids in your future, so you’ve got to move up to a sizable car.

If your vehicle’s at the mechanic a lot, or if you just need a change, there’s something rewarding you can do with your old car. Make a car donation in Camarillo and treat yourself to a tax write-off while you benefit a charity!

Why should I donate a car to charity in Camarillo?

When you’re a parent, you have to have a reliable ride. You just do. Do you go to Moorpark for dance class or to the Westlake Athletic Club to work out? You want to get around safely, so when it’s time to replace your car, you do it.

Maybe you’re already on Pinterest checking out the most popular cars, or have an appointment with Steve Thomas. Are you thinking of doing a trade-in with the dealer? Think again.

he USC Marshall School of Business did a study confirming that when you do a dealer trade-in you lose money (usually 60-70%). Researchers found that dealers simply increase the price of the new car when they know you have a car you want to trade in. tax money growth plants

But, by contrast, donating a car in Camarillo takes 100% of your vehicle’s value to benefit your bottom line. So, not only will you benefit your favorite non-profit, it’s also a smart financial plan!

Your CPA will give you a standing ovation when you include a car donation tax deduction in Camarillo. It’s both creative and a legitimate, time-honored tax strategy. You can read what some CPAs in Orange County had to say about auto donations. http://www.wndecpa.com/?s=car+donations

What are donors saying?

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How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Camarillo?

With Cars2Charities you’ve got a vehicle donation program that’s thorough and transparent. Once we sell your car, we report the sale price of the vehicle to you and to the nonprofit you choose to benefit. The guidelines prescribed by the IRS are followed, including the IRS Form 1098-C paperwork to you and the charity within 30 days of the sale of your car.

Because of our process, research shows we typically sell your car for 25-50% more than someone selling a car without the work of our auto experts. When you call us at 855-520-2100 or make a donation through our website, we tow away your car from wherever it is—at your workplace, your home, or the auto mechanic. Vehicle donations in Camarillo are assessed by our technicians, who make necessary alterations before selling them for top dollar.

american 1239040 640Not only does it mean a bigger tax write-off for you, the charity you choose receives a larger donation. Who would you like the proceeds to benefit? Are you a faithful supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo? Do you want to rescue animals? You can direct a vehicle donation in Camarillo to The Marina Sanctuary or the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology to keep it local. You can literally choose whichever 501(c)(3) you want!

If you’d like suggestions, we have numerous non-profits that we work with regularly. Just visit our website and click on the “Causes” tab.

Can I donate a boat in Camarillo? What about an RV?

You can make a recreational vehicle donation in Camarillo of almost any kind! Just give us a call and we pick up a camper, trailer, fifth wheel, or even an ATV.

Are you in a bike club and everybody’s got a new ride except you? You can donate a motorcycle in Camarillo through Cars2Charities and make the value of your decision benefit your favorite charity. 

Do you have watercraft just sitting in dry storage in donate a golf cart? If it doesn’t get out on the water much anymore, call us to make a boat donation in Camarillo. We take all kinds, including water skis and Sea Doos! .

Did you buy your last Onward at TopCart? Thinking of getting a new one? You can also donate a golf cart in Camarillo through Cars2Charities.  golf cart 1669772 640

You may be considering a way to become more environmentally responsible. Are you looking for a hybrid? Or an electric car? Whatever the vehicle, we can help you turn it into support for a charity, new wheels for someone who needs one, and a nice tax break for you! When you donate a car in Camarillo it’s a win-win-win, so just give us a call and we’ll walk you through our easy process!

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