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Car donation in Loma Linda, California

You used to have really reliable transportation. But lately, when you turn on your car it makes strange sounds, and little things are showing their age, like a fading sound system and rips in the seats.

Have you been thinking it may be time to get a new car? Perhaps it’s for different reasons, like your friends convincing you to be more environmentally responsible by driving an electric car or hybrid.

If you’re headed to the dealer anytime soon, you can donate a car in Loma Linda to share some love with a local charity and gain a tax credit at the same time.

Why should I donate my car in Loma Linda?

Is your vehicle an important part of your job? If you drive clients around or attend conferences with the boss, you want a nice looking car—not to mention, one you can rely on! Everyone needs to upgrade their car now and then.

Is your family growing? You can hardly fit a car seat in your Fiat, so you’ll be needing a bigger sedan or an SUV pretty soon.hospital 174924 640

Or if that 6-cylinder Sedona is costing you at the pump, you may be looking to downsize. Either way, there is a way to get the maximum value from the car you no longer need—with a vehicle donation in Loma Linda.

First of all, your generous nature takes center stage when you donate a car to charity. You get to support a special non-profit without having to sacrifice cash. Are you a Girl Scout leader? Or a big part of your kids’ PTA?

A car, truck or SUV donation in Loma Linda can benefit a religious entity, such as the non-profit University Medical Center, or you can direct proceeds to Catholic Charities in Riverside or San Bernardino County if you choose.

Where your money’s concerned, you like to be certain. That’s the advantage of donating a car in Loma Linda through Cars2Charities. You get the confidence that you’re making a sound financial decision, because our process maximizes the value of your vehicle through necessary upgrades.

How do I donate a vehicle in Loma Linda?

Here’s how it works: You call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we tow your car away at a convenient time and place, totally free of charge. That’s all there is to your part. We save you the massive effort of managing a Craigslist post or private sale of some other kind.

We can pick up your car from practically anywhere. Did it die while you were in class at LLU?

While you consider who gets the charity donation, our technicians look over your car to see if there are any alterations that would give its sale price a bump. Our research shows that the donation cars sell for about 25-50% more than they do without the changes.

Our last step is to give proceeds to the charity you choose and inform you of your total car donation tax deduction in Loma Linda.

Our process is so easy it means you can enjoy time with your family at Splash Kingdom or head to the local dealer for some car shopping. We tow it, check it and sell it—while your cause gets money and you get the tax credit!

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Can I donate a boat in Loma Linda? Donate a motorcycle or camper?

You can do any or all of the above! Do you have a recreational vehicle donation in Loma Linda that you’d like to benefit a particular charity?

dirt road 1851258 640Roughing it not your thing? If you prefer the driving range, or if you drive a Club Car around the neighborhood, there’ll come a time when you find yourself calling Golf Cars of Riverside for a replacement. When you’re at that point, donate a golf cart in Loma Linda through us at Cars2Charities.

Do you have a storage unit with other vehicles? Even if it’s reasonably priced, do the math and see the money going out the door every year. If you’ve got Sea Doos, jet skis, quads or other toys, let us know. We can pick up a boat donation in Loma Linda also.

Are you in the Loma Linda Ladies of Harley? And are your friends showing up to charity rides on new, tricked-out hogs? Don’t hit up Quaid for a new bike without calling us first—you can make a motorcycle donation in Loma Linda and make that old bike count.

We pick up more than just a car or truck donation in Loma Linda. Practically all of your unwanted vehicles can boost your bottom line and your charity’s too.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Loma Linda?

If you typically trade in your car at the dealer, hold your horses! There are a few things you might not have thought about. Did you know what a big cut the dealer takes? You’re only getting, roughly, 30%-40% of your vehicle’s value from the dealer or from CarMax. But, with car donations in Loma Linda through Cars2Charities, you can deduct 100% of the sale value!

And remember those assessments our technicians do to your car? Keep in mind that a higher sale price means a higher charity donation and a better tax break for you.

You only want to make an auto donation through a team of professionals who know what they’re doing. We’ve been in this business in Southern California for decades, making thousands of clients happy, while putting smiles on the faces of drivers too. Imagine how pleased your CPA is going to be!

american 1239040 640Ours is a transparent process, and we maintain solid communication with you when you make a charity car donation in Loma Linda. After the sale of your car, we report the total to you and to the nonprofit receiving the benefit, as the IRS guidelines dictate. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. 

Sometimes car donors have a cause they feel strongly about, while others want us to choose for them—either way works! And whether it’s animal rescue, medicine or education you want to support, a car donation in Loma Linda is a great way to do it. Let us know at Cars2Charities when you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of others with a vehicle you no longer need.

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