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Why should I donate my car in Monterey?

It’s time for an upgrade, and a perfect opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint with a more fuel efficient car, and to even benefit a favorite cause. Making a responsible choice is important to you.

background bay beach 942255As much as you’d like your car to have an updated GPS and all the other auto technology available, you don’t want to add to the planet’s problems by changing your cars every year or two. If you’re moving up to a hybrid or an electric car, you are moving in the right direction. But another consideration is the financial aspect – why a vehicle donation in Monterey? There are tax benefits, which are 25-50% greater when you donate through Cars2Charities. We’ll tell you why.

We at Cars2Charities have a responsible choice for you. Have you considered donating a car through a charity car donations program in Monterey? It’s the perfect way to have your old car make a difference, while offering you the tax deduction you need. A car, truck or SUV donation in Monterey benefits others in need, and you get to choose the charity, whether it’s the Monterey Bay Aquarium, an animal rescue, Girl Scouts, or any other nonprofit organization. When you donate your car to charity in Monterey, you can support others by showing them that you appreciate the work they do. See what our car donors are saying about their vehicle donation through Cars2Charities.

How can I donate a car in Monterey?

One phone call from you and your work is done – we send a talented tow truck driver to haul away the car you no longer need for FREE (your charity reimburses Cars2Charities for towing, improvements, and handling).

When you live in Monterey, you really don’t want to waste a minute doing anything but enjoying the incredible views, the water sports, and your lifestyle on the peninsula. Chances are you aren’t too interested in cleaning, photographing and listing your car, then waiting to find a buyer.backlit beach dawn 1133086

Take a look at the ease of our process: we tow away your vehicle at a time and place that’s convenient for you; we make necessary selective repairs to the vehicle; then we sell the car to someone looking for a pre-used vehicle and will appreciate its remaining life; send the proceeds to a charity of your choice; and give you the paperwork for your taxes.

You only need to call 855-520-2100 and let us take care of it. We at Cars2Charities will do everything needed to complete your donation. Then you get to decide what to do with the extra space in your garage.

What are donors saying?

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Can I donate an RV in Monterey? Donate a motorcycle or golf cart?

Absolutely. We will pick up whichever vehicle or “toy” you no longer need and let it boost your bottom line and your charity’s too. Do you have a boat or other water sport equipment? A jet ski, camper or golf cart donation in Monterey are all tax deductible ways to benefit others and not go through the hassle of selling them when you no longer need them. If you want to donate a quad in Monterey, we’ll take care of that too.

Boat in water fancyAnd in more good news – your vehicle can be completely dead – we come and tow it for you, no problem.

We pick up any recreational vehicle, including a motorcycle donation or if you donate a golf cart in Monterey. Donors are particularly happy about the golf cart pick up when the battery is dead. Golf carts have 6-8 batteries, which cost more than $160 to replace. You may find that it isn’t worth it. Give us a call at 855-520-2100 and we’ll come and tow it away for free.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Monterey?

If it’s crossed your mind that doing a trade-in at the dealer or CarMax is a better deal, the opposite is actually true. Dealers (or anyone else planning to resell your vehicle) will usually only give you about 30%-40% of the car’s actual value. Another advantage to a car or truck donation in Monterey through Cars2Charities is that we almost never send a car to auction, which tends to get a lower sale price. We sell to private parties who can appreciate the life your car has left.

Our process is free, so there’s no risk. Make us the conduit for your generous support and we’ll maximize your tax deduction, so your bottom line will be stronger. Our expert technicians make appropriate changes to your vehicle, in the form of upgrades and repairs to the inside and outside of the car, so the sale price tends to be about 25-50% higher than your vehicle’s value without the changes.

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With our car donation program in Monterey, the transaction is transparent and above board. After we sell your vehicle, we report the actual sale price of the car to you and to the nonprofit receiving the benefit. We follow the guidelines prescribed by the IRS, submitting the paperwork to you and to the charity you choose, so you both know the actual sale price of the car. You both receive IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale.

What’s the best charity to donate your car to in Monterey?

This is wide open! YOU tell US which charity is your favorite and, as long as it’s a 501(3) (c) your car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle donation in Monterey can benefit the work done by them. We reach out to any nonprofit you choose, and offer the proceeds from the sale of your car to their work, whether it’s a car donation to Catholic Charities or you donate to helping kids at Ronald McDonald House.

Chances are, if you’ve had a loved one battling a particular disease, you’d like to support the work those researchers are doing. If you want to donate to breast cancer, for instance, we have a reputable nonprofit to recommend. You can make a truck, boat, or RV donation to Breast Cancer Solutions, which fills in the gaps where patients experience a loss of income while battling the disease.

For a broader show of support for the various forms of the disease, we can direct the proceeds from your car donation to the American Cancer Fund. Or perhaps you’ve had loved ones suffering from dementia. If you’d like to donate a truck, SUV, or trailer to the Alzheimer’s Association we can do that for you. Or you can choose to donate your car to support Animal Friends Rescue, if you’d prefer. 

 Two notable nonprofits that benefit community members who need a leg up are also partners with Cars2Charities. You play a part in fighting joblessness with a Goodwill car donation in Monterey. There is another nonprofit that is known for supporting men and women who need a second chance. You can donate a car to Salvation Army to maintain programs they’ve had in place for 100 years.blue charity cheerful 1208694

Are you a National Public Radio fan? If you donate to NPR in Monterey, you contribute to the insightful programming you and many others enjoy. Having trouble deciding where to donate your vehicle to? No worries! Just say “Cars2Charities, you choose for me.” Every 1 in 4 donors do just that!

Whatever charity you choose to benefiyt from your car donation, you can be confident in our process to make it fast and easy for you in Monterey.

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