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Why should I donate a car in the Bay Area?

Too many trips in and out of the city? If your car is racking up too many miles or spending more time at the mechanic than in your garage, it’s probably time to start car shopping.

But, what will you do with your old car? Have you ever thought about a car donation in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Do you want someone to swoop in and take care of your car sale for you? That means no meet-ups with sketchy strangers, no taking pictures, posting, wasting your time.architecture bay boat 275615

At Cars2Charities, not only do we take care of the entire process for you, we maximize the value of your car by making improvements before we sell it, then give proceeds to the charity you choose. You also get the tax credit!

Ready to downsize from the mom car? Want to get rid of the gas guzzler? Or if you’d just like a great set of wheels with GPS and CarPlay to stream your tunes. Make sure you get something for the car you no longer need. Get a great tax advantage with a charity car donation in the Bay Area through Cars2Charities.

How to donate your car to charity in Bay Area

It’s easier than a walk through Golden Gate Park.

If you assume it would be easiest to do a trade-in, consider our advantages. We do all the work. Charity gets money. You get a tax benefit.

One 3-5 minute call to us at Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 and boom! You’re done.

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We tow it away within 24-48 hours, free of charge at a time and location that’s convenient for you (The charity you choose reimburses Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling).

The car doesn’t even have to run. You may know a vehicle donation program in the Bay Area where you have to make it to a drop-off place. Not with Cars2Charities – we come to you!

Our technicians use a 16-point assessment to determine which repairs or upgrades will get you and your charity the most money. Then we find a buyer, followed by the big ending: the money to your charity and your car donation tax deduction in the Bay Area.

Meanwhile, you’re probably heading to work in your new wheels.

What are donors saying?

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Can I donate a motorcycle or truck in the Bay Area? Donate a golf cart?

Yes on all counts! Do you have a camper you don’t use much anymore? Have you taken your boat to the lake in awhile?

If you have a recreational vehicle donation in the Bay Area, we take care of it. We can handle your golf cart donation in the Bay Area, as well as any car, van or SUV donation in the Bay Area, as well. Do you know how expensive golf cart batteries are? They’re hardly worth fixing if they’re dead. They use 6-8 batteries and cost, roughly, $160 each to replace.motorcyle

Are they cluttering your property – or worse – taking up space in an expensive storage unit? They would benefit you much more as vehicle donations in the Bay Area.

Whether you have a quad, jet ski, or a car, truck or RV donation in the Bay Area, we’re on it.

Call us at 855-520-2100 and let us know if you’re ready for a free vehicle pick up. Whatever you’ve got – Car? Truck donation in the Bay Area? We’re on it!

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in the Bay Area?

If you do a trade-in or use CarMax, be aware that they take a pretty big chunk of your car’s value. You usually get just 30%-40% of your vehicle’s value. But, with a vehicle donation in the Bay Area, you can deduct 100% of the sale value. It’s because our technicians make appropriate changes to your vehicle, in the form of upgrades and repairs to the inside and outside of the car, the sale price tends to be about 25-50% higher than your vehicle’s value without the changes.

Worried about the paperwork side of things? We guarantee you – with our charity vehicle donation program in the San Franciso Bay Area, the transaction is transparent and totally above board.american 1239040 640

After selling your car, we report the actual sale price of the vehicle to you and to the car charity receiving the benefit. Following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS, we submit the paperwork to you and to the nonprofit group you choose. You both receive IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale.

What are the best charity car donations in the Bay Area?

Pick a charity, any charity! Is there a nonprofit group you’ve been looking for an opportunity to support, such as a car donation to Breast Cancer Solutions?

You can donate an RV, truck, or boat to the Alzheimer’s Association. A vehicle donation to the Ronald McDonald House or the Children's Hospital gives hope and healing both to the kids, as well as their families.

We can also handle a SUV or motorcycle donation in the Bay Area for all types of non-profits including Catholic Charities. They operate thrift stores, just like other huge nonprofits. But, did you know a Goodwill car donation offers people a chance to work? You can also support men and women who need a second chance if you donate a golf cart, trailer, or camper to the Salvation Army.

National Public Radio is extremely popular. If you donate a boat, ATV, or van to NPR, you contribute to the programming you and many others enjoy.  So when you're ready to donate a car in the Bay Area, we're ready to help you make a differnce.

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