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Best Car Donation in Seal Beach, California

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Car donation in Seal Beach, California

Whether you’re retired and spend most of your time at the beach or commute to Irvine, your car is pretty important. And at some point in time you have to find a replacement.

You may not put a lot of miles on your car—perhaps you carpool kids to the local Montessori school or teach at Long Beach State. But there comes a time when the leather seats are worn and the electronics are outdated.seal image

Did you know that a car donation in Seal Beach can benefit any non-profit you choose? Is there any charity you’ve been looking for an opportunity to support? Here’s your chance to donate a car to charity!

Why should I donate a car to charity in Seal Beach?

How big is your carbon footprint? If you’ve got millenials in the family they’re probably urging you to downsize or get an electric car. Have you seen the map with all the charging stations? Even close to home, there’s one at North Beach and one on Main Street. You can check the charge station map at Chargepoint.com

If you’re considering an upgrade, downgrade or any other change, chances are you’re looking into a lease or considering a dealer trade-in. Unfortunately, with those you miss the opportunity to benefit a favorite cause, plus you lose a lot of value. You likely know that dealers give you about 1/3 of the value of your car. But with a car charity donation in Seal Beach through Cars2Charities you can write off 100% of its value.

It’s interesting, because the USC Marshall School of Business completed a study showing that when dealers see you have a trade-in, they increase the price of the new car based on the assumption that you don’t care about losing excess money. 

Of course you want to benefit more than just your own bottom line. That’s the beauty of a vehicle donation in Seal Beach. Are you concerned about cleaning up beach areas? One local organization is working to protect marine ecosystems and educate others. Car donations in Southern California to Ocean Defenders Alliance can take it to the next level.motor home

Perhaps you’re a UCLA grad, active in an alum group. Or maybe you’re a big supporter of the local no-kill shelter, Paw Protectors. Your car, truck or SUV donation in Seal Beach can direct funds to the organization.

If you’re a member of a temple, or a church, like Grace Community perhaps, let us know. We’ll make sure the proceeds from your donation car go to whoever you choose.

What are donors saying?

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How do I get the best car donation tax deduction in Seal Beach?

You’d rather not spend all year looking for the best tax write-offs. The good news is—you don’t have to. Imagine the look on your CPA’s face when you get things rolling with a charity car donation in Seal Beach through Cars2Charities.

Piggy BankA car donation tax deduction in Seal Beach will make a noticeable difference to your bottom line. But don’t just take our word for it ... see what other Southland CPAs have to say about auto donations. 

We have a unique process at Cars2Charities that maximizes your write-off. Our expert technicians assess your vehicle for necessary alterations, which tend to raise the value by 25-50%, according to our research. Of course, it offers more to your favorite charity and at the same time, benefits your bottom line.

How do I donate my car in Seal Beach?

You’d rather be out on the water or visiting with your grandkids than making arrangements for the car you no longer need. That’s the advantage of donating a car in Seal Beach through Cars2Charities

With just a quick call to us at 855-520-2100 or donating online from the comfort of your own home, your work is done. We take it from there!

Many of our clients rave about how easy it is. We’re happy to walk you through the process—you just hand over the keys and log in your tax deduction. It’s an easy way to solve a practical problem—sending your car 

down the pike—in a productive way.

After you get a hold of us, our towing experts come to wherever your vehicle is, whether it’s at your house, the office, or anywhere else. At that point, you go shopping!

Can I donate a boat in Seal Beach? A golf cart or motorcycle?

Perhaps you’re more of a social member of the Seal Beach Yacht Club these days, because you don’t get out on the water much lately. A boat donation in Seal Beach is a great way to detach from your responsibilities, like slip charges, while benefiting a cause.

If you have jet skis you no longer use, we can pick those up too. And you can make a Sea Doo, quad or motorcycle donation in Seal Beach also. 

Do you have a camper or trailer? If your kids are grown and it’s taking up space at Accurate Storage or somewhere else, let go of those fees by making an RV donation in Seal Beach. motorcyle

Do you live on a cul-de-sac where you can drive around in a golf cart? Or maybe you live at Leisure World Seal Beach and have one on the course. If you want to buy a newer E-Z-Go, or get something larger, like a Hummer, make a golf cart donation in Seal Beach.

You want more than just a hassle-free way to get a tax deduction. That’s what’s great about a car or truck donation in Seal Beach. There’s a third recipient benefiting from the transaction—people who need a modest set of wheels to get them to work, but don’t have the means to buy something brand new. Your car gets a second life!

Whether you’re a car collector or have a stockpile of other vehicles, if you donate a car in Seal Beach through Cars2Charities you’re giving back to the community. Call us when you’re ready!

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