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Car donation in Upland, California

Getting a new car? If you’ve got a growing family, that Honda CR-V may not be big enough for the carpool anymore.

Or are you tired of calling in late to work every week because your car’s in the shop ... AGAIN?!Car smoking hood open

You can’t safely drive into L.A. or get the kids to soccer and band practice unless you’re driving a car that meets your needs.

If you’re upgrading, downgrading or simply changing your style of transportation, what are you doing with your old car? Donate a car to animals in Upland and take something ordinary, like re-homing your car, to bring resources to someone who needs support, and at the same time, gain a tax advantage!

Why should I donate a car to charity in Upland?

Chances are, this describes you:
• Good job
• Fun kids
• Older car

The first two are what make life worth living, but the last one is a pain! If you’re constantly driving the dealer’s loaner car (when yours is with the mechanic) it’s time to get it together for some new transportation. But don’t just do a dealer trade-in!! They keep, roughly, 60-70% of your vehicle’s value!

Why do they do that? Some researchers are USC found that when you trot in with a trade-in to the dealer, the salesman makes some assumptions about you. Dealers think you don’t care about losing value in your car, so they jack up the price of the new car!

Want to get all 100% of your car’s value? A charity car donation in Upland through Cars2Charities offers you a tax write-off based on the full selling price of your vehicle.

Now look at what you can do to help someone else—it’s a serendipitous opportunity to send resources to your favorite cause. At the same time that you’re making a wise investment decision, you get to choose any non-profit to send a check to at the end of it all.

Are you on the PTA board? Or want to save music programs? Perhaps you get together with a fraternal alum group or a service club such as Rotary. Donate a car to arts, media, and entertainment.kids 1093758 640

You can select any 501(c)(3) to receive the benefit from your auto donation. When you make a car, truck or SUV donation in Upland there’s no better way to get the good feeling of being a generous, caring friend to those in need while receiving a benefit to themselves.

Not sure which nonprofit? If you want some help choosing a charity to support, we’ve got plenty of suggestions. Have you thought, " I should donate my car to veterans or animals"? We have a close relationship with so many great non-profit groups. Just visit our “Causes” page.

What are donors saying?

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How do I donate my car in Upland?

You probably haven’t done anything this easy all week! You barely have to lift a finger—one to phone us at 855-520-2100 or (use multiple fingers to) donate car online! No bearing the burden of selling it yourself. Have you weathered the annoying experience of posting and listing your car and waiting for flaky buyers through AutoTrader or Craigslist?!

Cars2Charities is a particularly good choice of car charity programs for many reasons. Are you in a jam because your car quit while you were at work? No problem—our towing experts come to you (or your car, rather) wherever you are. Need fast service? We can help you!Cars2Charities Tow Truck

Some aspects of our process make more money for your charity and a higher tax write-off for you as well. Our technicians assess your donation vehicle to see if it needs any repairs or upgrades, and our research shows that the donate cars for sale usually sell for 25-50% more than they would if we didn’t make the changes.

Do car donations in Upland include RVs?

Wish you could get your boat to the marina at Moabi Regional Park? Perhaps it’s just not in good shape anymore. You could donate a boat in Upland if you feel like upgrading or hanging it up altogether. 

Do you putter around in a cart but want a nicer Club Car? Make a golf cart donation in Upland!

You a camper? Glamper? If you’re at the RV Spa looking to upsize your recreational vehicle, you can donate an RV in Upland to find a new home for the trailer, camper or fifth wheel you don’t need.

Are you wasting money on a storage unit? If it’s holding vehicles that are just picking up dust (like your Yamaha) let them go—along with the monthly payments!! You can donate a motorcycle in Upland and clean up in both ways.

We take them all at Cars2Charities. And it’s a hassle-free way to get a tax deduction while benefiting charity.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Upland?

What a lot of our clients rave about is that you can spend your time shopping for new wheels or taking in a movie while we at Cars2Charities handle your paperwork with the DMV. And not only that, your car donation tax deduction in Upland will make your accountant applaud you. Do you get questioned about write-offs all year long? Here’s your big chance!

alaska 2178312 640And our vehicle donations to charity are totally transparent. We follow the IRS guidelines, reporting the sale price of the vehicle to you and the charity you’ve chosen to receive the benefits. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

And remember—we’re maximizing your donation through our process. So, if you’re becoming more green or moving from your MINI to a Mustang, we sell it for you for top dollar.

Whatever the reason, if you decide it’s time for a change, give us a call at Cars2Charities, because a car donation in Upland gives you more than just a better bottom line. You get the good feeling that you’re sharing the love with someone who needs a little help. Your car gets a second life with someone of more modest means, while your charity gets money to spend on amazing programs!

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