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Donating your car in Calabasas is quick, easy, and free. Give us a call at (855) 520-2100 to schedule your pick-up!

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Calabasas Car Donations

There are several points in life when car donation in Calabasas makes sense. Are repair bills getting too high? Are you upgrading? Down-sizing? Moving to a new location, and transporting the vehicle is not worth it? Are you helping someone else transition, or perhaps serving as a trustee or executor?

dashPerhaps you've talked with CarMax or a dealership, and the trade-in value is practically an insult. Have you considered donating your car in Calabasas to a nonprofit organization?

We know you're busy. The thought of trying to sell a vehicle on your own probably makes you cringe. Writing a great ad, posting it, hoping for great responses from craigslist or eBay, fielding calls at all hours, and hoping they show up on time can be exhausting just to think about. Let's not even mention the effort of improving the vehicle yourself to try to get the best price, then haggling with low-ballers trying to get a steal-of-a-bargain … and the fact that they may back out at the last minute. And let's not forget dealing with the DMV about title transfer. 

If cash in hand is key, these efforts may be worth it. But if a few hundred dollars one way or the other is not your most important criteria, why not donate your car to a favorite cause and enjoy the satisfaction of supporting a cause you may be passionate about? We improve your Calabasas vehicle donation, typically adding 25-50% value to its “as is" condition, vs. trade-in or auction value. Check out other donors' experiences and testimonials, with pictures. 

HOW to donate a car in Calabasas?

It's really easy! Simply click “Donate Now", or call 855-520-2100. Just 3-5 minutes with one of our expert coordinators is all it takes to get started. We do all the heavy lifting. We schedule a free pick up, tow your vehicle, and handle all the DMV and other paperwork. It's a smart move, because our expert repair staff also makes appropriate improvements before marketing your vehicle to a qualified network of retail buyers. THIS is what adds the 25-50% extra value! (The charity you choose reimburses us for towing, improvements to your vehicle, and a handling fee.) Then, within 30 days of sale you can expect to receive your vehicle donation tax deduction.

Take advantage of it - enjoy the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, and perhaps start shopping for your next car. Or just enjoy the freedom of new space, a tidier garage - and the joy of giving to whichever cause you have a passion for!

Can I donate an RV in Calabasas? Motorcycle donation? Golf cart donation?

Yes, we apply the same effective process togolf car donation in Calabasas, boat donation, SUV donation and more. Do you own a recreational vehicle you haven't used in 2 years or more, taking up space in a garage or costing you storage and maintenance fees?RV donation in Calabasasmakes great sense, along with donating a camper, trailer or motorhome. Many donors give an ATV, jet ski ordonate a motorcycle in Calabasasonce they realize that times have changed, and they're just not into it as they once were. motorcycle donation

You can even give commercial vehicles like a bus or a van, construction equipment or manufacturing equipment including a forklift, crane or anything else.

How do I get the best car donation tax deduction in Calabasas?

Donating is faster, easier and in most cases as good a financial outcome as selling it yourself, or trading it in at a dealer where they typically offer you about 30-40% of the resale value they 

expect to get after they improve your vehicle. With our unique value-adding process, you can cut out the middle man -- and get the benefit of the higher sale price yourself, while supporting a cause you love.

signatureWe make selective improvements to car donations in Calabasas. Our technicians evaluate how we can enhance how your vehicle looks and/or runs, and after we do what will get a good return for you and your charity, we take great photos and inform our network of buyers. We almost never auction vehicles. Private buyers appreciate your vehicle's remaining life and its true potential value, which means better results for both you and your charity. So, a vehicle that's worth, for instance, $4,000 “as is," if donated through any other charity car donation program in Calabasas, is something that might bring in $5,000 to $6,000.

Within 30 days of sale, we send a nice check to your charity, and provide you with the papers for a tax deduction that should please you and your accountant. IRS guidelines enable you to deduct the FULL SALE VALUE of charity car donations. After your car, boat or golf cart donation is complete, you and the non-profit you chose both receive carbon copies of IRS Form 1098-C, so there's 100% transparency about the actual sale price and date. 

What are some of the best car donation charities in Calabasas?

Calabasas is synonymous with a familiar symbol of abundance - the pumpkin. You know there are needs in the community, and perhaps you'd like to add to the abundant lives of others. So, when your car turns into a pumpkin (pardon the pun), it's a chance to make a difference for a cause you're passionate about. 

Are you an animal lover? Donate your van, suv, or truck in Calabasas foranimal rescue. If you have a heart for medical issues, there's lots to choose from. Want to help women recovering from breast cancer?Breast Cancer Solutionsprovides financial assistance and compassionate support, including housing needs and funds for medical treatment. Do you have a loved one who's been affected by cancer? Car donation toAmerican Cancer Society will help finish the race, and encourage patients in the meantime. Or perhaps you'd like to help find a cure forAlzheimer'sbefore it hits too close to home: predictions are that 20 million of us might someday be affected. 

Do you love to help kids? Support theRonald McDonald House! If you remember the life-changing skills you picked up in boy scouts or girl scouts, it's your chance to give back. You can donate a vehicle to your localGirl Scouts.  

Many donors are passionate about supporting a local church or parish.Catholic Charitiesprovides services ranging from adoption to senior care in your local community, and helps respond to disasters. Even if your faith-based organization hasn't received car donations before, we can help. Or perhaps you'd prefer to donate a car to theSalvation Armyin Calabasas, which supports such programs as disaster relief, along with their local neighborhood programs and stores.  While many people know the organization for its thrift shops, lots of local residents get help with vocational training and finding jobs, or benefit from Goodwill's other programs.  girlscouts

Are you a National Public Radio listener? You can donate vehicles to KPCC National and Southern California Public Radioin Calabasas, or support other arts programs. 

Or if deciding's too much right now, simply say “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." 1 in 4 donors do that. No matter what, you get the best car donation tax deduction available, while your charity gets a nice check from your car, boat, camper, RV orSUV donation in Calabasas.

If you have additional questions about how Cars2Charities’ vehicle donation program works, our friendly operators are here to guide you through the entire process! Please give us a call at (855) 520-2100.
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