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Best Car Donation in Dublin, CA

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When looking for the right place to donate a car in Dublin, ask yourself; “which car donation program gets my charity the MOST CASH and offers ME the best tax deduction?" That's right! We typically add between 25-50% value to your car before selling it on behalf of your favorite charity! What does this mean for you? When we improve your car, we can sell it for more. The charity of your choice gets a bigger donation and YOU get a GREAT tax deduction when you donate a vehicle such as a car, truck, golf cart, mini-van, boat or even a recreational vehicle like a jet ski.

How Do I Donate My Car in Dublin, CA?

Call 855-520-2100 for FREE Towing Cars2Charities Tow Truck

It has never been easier to donate a car in Dublin on behalf of your favorite charity. All you have to do to get the process started is call us! In LESS time than it takes to find parking at the Bart Station Parking garage, you'll be on the road to FREE towing, tax deduction paperwork and, of course, gratifying benevolence! Our car donation experts ask a few quick questions regarding your vehicle, your charity preferences and schedule a time when free towing is most convenient for YOU. (The charity you choose reimburses Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling).

Choose a Charity or Cause 

Cars2Charities makes it easy to choose a charity when you donate a car in Dublin! We offer the largest and most flexible charity options. If you already have a cause that is personally meaningful to you, that's fantastic. Just let us know about it! You can also do your own charity research or, if you'd like, we are more than happy to choose a charity for you at your request. 

Receive Your IRS Form 1098-C and Deduct it Off your Taxes! 

Once you get your car towed and you have a charity picked out, it's up to us to work our magic! Our highly-trained car techs fix up your donated car so we can sell it at a higher value. (We don't sell your donated car “as-is" to auction like many other car donation programs.) You'll have the IRS Form 1098 form within 30 days of the sale of your car donation. When tax time comes, you can deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle off your taxes! You and your charity have a copy of the same document specifying the final sales price. This is how we keep our car charity program organized, transparent and seamless!

How Do I Choose a Charity for Car Donation? 

We make sure choosing a charity is super simple when you donate your RV, ATV, or SUV in Dublin. Perhaps you already have a cause close to your heart. 

Right here in Dublin, there are people living on the street. Why not pass the proceeds of your donated vehicle to a local women's shelter. Or, maybe you'd like to help organizations like Habitat for Humanity build homes for people who need one.

If you have a soft spot for animals, you may consider donating your car on behalf of an animal rescue charity. Help fund some cutting edge medical research by giving your vehicle to charity in Dublin. Charities like the American Cancer Fund or the Alzheimer's Association would really appreciate your gift so they can continue to find treatments and hopefully, cures. doctor 899037 640

Public Radio International relies on charitable donations from supporting listeners. If you enjoy podcasts like TED Talk or How Stuff Works, PRI would certainly appreciate your golf cart donation in Dublin to help make those shows possible. There are hundreds of great charity options to choose from in Dublin when you donate your car. Of course, if you'd rather not make a charity choice, we are happy to choose for you. 

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Why Should Donate a Car in Dublin?

Other than the selfless desire to pass along some good car-mah, there are many great reasons to donate a vehicle in Dublin. For practical purposes, donating a vehicle can actually benefit YOU. Donating a car may be the quickest solution for cleaning out your garage or avoiding costly repairs. Other reasons you may consider vehicle donation include:

You want it off your property as soon as possible. 

Get yourself organized. According to many professional organizers, there is a direct correlation between physical clutter, health and mental clutter. Streamline your daily life, make room for more efficiency and find your happy place again (is it hiding under that coat hanger you used to call a motorcycle?) Donate an auto in Dublin and begin your clutter-clearing therapy. Seriously, when is the last time you even used that old golf cart or boat? Simply call 855-520-2100 and we'll arrange to tow your car, van, jet-ski or golf cart for FREE as soon as you are ready to make a change. 

Car smoking hood openYou don't have time to fix it up or sell it.

Paula had just become an empty nester. She was ready to shed her gas-guzzling minivan and get herself a brand new, energy efficient and eco-friendly Leaf. But she knew her minivan needed some work if she wanted to trade it in or sell it. Her busy retirement bucket list left her no room for the time needed to get the repairs done, entertain test drivers, find the registration papers, etc. The car was paid for and she didn't really didn't need the money from selling it. So, after a little consideration she decided to pass on the soccer-mom mobile to help the single moms in her community.

The moment you realize you were lucky to successfully and gracefully outgrow your middle-class mom car. That's a good time to call our car donation program in Dublin. 

You want the best tax deduction for your charitable donation.

Tax time is coming and you need the best tax deduction possible this year. Giving something away doesn't exactly cost you anything but it can be just what you need to keep you in the black come tax time. We take the time to improve the value of your vehicle donation before we sell it for charity — typically adding 25-50% value to our donated cars. When your donated car sells for more money, your charity makes more money AND you get to deduct the final sale price off the car. Way to go financially-savvy you! 

What Makes Cars2Charities the Best Car Donation Program in Dublin, California? 

We have over 35 years in the automotive industry. With our car enhancement know-how, we improve your car before selling it to an individual buyer. This way, you can be sure that your charity gets the best possible donation and you get the highest tax deduction! Our vehicle donation program in Dublin is truly different from the rest. Not just any auto donation program in Dublin can claim to be “fast and easy," AND get you the BEST sales price for your donation! car 1149997 640

Find out why so many car donors love working with Cars2Charities

Donating your car in Dublin can be one of the most rewarding ways to give to your favorite cause. Whether it is a personal car or a commercial vehicle like a van or bus, we'll gladly accept it on behalf of a great cause. Donate a car, van, boat or motorcycle in Dublin and make a difference in your community.

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