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Why should I donate my car in Glendale instead of selling it?

Is the commute taking its toll on your car? Or is it time to retire your “mom car” for something smaller and more gas efficient?

Whatever the reason, you need a new car! Now you’re stuck with the job of finding a new home for the vehicle you don’t need anymore. Have you thought about a car donation in Glendale?car 1149997 640

It’s a great idea. Think of it as a win-win-win. Someone who needs a vehicle gets some wheels (your old car), a charity gets free money (proceeds from the sale of your car), and you get a tax write-off (plus the chance to go car shopping!)

If you are getting to know your auto mechanic a little too well, it’s probably time to move on. Or do you want to “go green” with a hybrid or electric model? Perhaps you just want a more comfortable commute with better hook-ups for your music.

You may be used to doing a dealer trade-in or visiting CarMax, but did you know that money is lost in these transactions? You typically only get 30-40% of your vehicle’s value. If you decide, instead, to donate your car in Glendale, California, your tax deduction is for 100% of the sale price of your vehicle.

When you donate a car to charity in Glendale, you can feel good about supporting your favorite charity. Pick any 501(c)(3) and they’ll get a check, compliments of your car! Are you active in a non-profit organization? How would you feel being able to give a little extra to your church, other house of worship, or you kids’ school? We support numerous charities, so let us know if you’d like us to suggest one.

How can I donate a car in Glendale, California?

Place one phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or donate on our website

You’re almost done!

Believe it or not, that’s how fast you can donate an automobile. Once you contact us, here at Riteway Charity Services, we take care of everything, handling all the details. After you hang up the phone you can get back to work, pick up the kids, or better yet, start shopping for a new car!

Cars2Charities Tow TruckNext day pick up is available – we come to where your vehicle is, business or residential areas. Then our experts get to work. Have you heard about the government rebate and car charity programs where you’re required to bring the car to them? Not with us! We come to you and after we pick up your vehicle, we assess your auto donation to make any necessary upgrades or repairs, which maximizes the vehicle’s value. The donation to your charity is higher that way.

Are you dreading the process of selling your car? We take care of the DMV paperwork, find buyer for your car, and complete the donate to charity process. That means no hassles with meeting Craigslist buyers. And it doesn’t even have to run!

Be assured a charity car donation in Glendale, California is completely transparent with us. You and the non-profit receive a confirmation letter outlining each step of our procedure. You get a temporary donation receipt at pick up, and it saves you the headache of car sales – we handle the title transfer and everything.

What are donors saying?

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Glendale, California? 

You want to know your tax benefit is maximized when donating a car in Glendale. Your CPA will applaud you when he or she sees the bottom line in your paperwork. We told you how we make necessary changes to the vehicle, and we’ve seen that a donation car’s value usually goes up about 25-50% as a result of the alterations. The charity reimburses us for the towing and a standard service fee, and then they get a donation check.american 1239040 640

Of course, even if you do your own taxes online, it’ll make you smile to input those figures on Turbo Tax

Have you read about various non-profits on Charity Navigator? Their website offers a lot of advice about different organizations and talks about why donating cars to charity is a relied upon measure to save on your taxes.

“The glory of charitable donations is that you give and receive at the same time,” it says. “You should clearly contribute, rather than throw out, old clothes, furniture and equipment that you no longer use.”

A report by the United States General Accounting Office to the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Finance estimated that tax deductions for donated vehicles were claimed on about 733,000 tax returns, which lowered taxpayers’ income tax liability by approximately $654 million. 

You can be sure we follow all the guidelines required by the IRS when you donate a vehicle for a tax deduction in California. After the sale, we report the sale price to you and the charity. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Do car donations in Glendale include RVs? What about a golf cart donation? A boat donation? 

Yes, you can make an RV donation in Glendale, plus we pick up all kinds of other vehicles. If you have a camper or trailer you rarely use or you want to donate a motorcycle in Glendale, we handle all of those. If you want more room on your property or you’re cleaning out your storage unit, let us know if you want to donate an auto that’s been sitting there taking up space. Or maybe you have quads/ATVS, which also fit our vehicle donation program.

motorcycle 933022 640Do you find you just never get to the lake anymore, and your watercraft is just sitting around? You can make a boat donation in Glendale – no problem. We pick up Sea-Doos and jet skis, too. Haven’t been out to Scholl Canyon or Oakmont Country Club much lately? If you’ve got an old cart you aren’t using, you can donate your golf cart in Glendale, California, even with dead batteries! With 6-8 of them at $160 each to replace, it can cost you well over $1,000!

For over three decades we’ve been handling the donations of Glendale residents and others throughout Southern California. If you’re ready to climb into a newer car, remember it’s free and fast to make a vehicle donation in Glendale. And you can benefit charity at the same time!

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