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Donate your car in Hayward and add between 25%-50% value to your car for a GREAT tax deduction! Sure, it’s free, fast and easy to use our car donation program, but did you know that we actually improve your car’s value using our experienced car techs? Many car donation programs in Hayward send your car directly to auction as-is. We to add some love to your vehicle donation before finding a buyer. The result? Your car sells for more money, your charity keeps more money and YOU get a BIGGER tax deduction!


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Donating Your Car in Hayward 

car2charites children charityNo matter what the cause, donating a car to charity has obvious cash benefits to help charities. But have you ever considered how you can benefit from vehicle donation as well? (other than basking in the feel-good warmth you get when you do something kind?)

Get FREE TOWING and free up your space.

Maybe you need some help de-cluttering the garage. Maybe your driveway is looking more like a parking lot. It may be time to get your space back and streamline your life a little. Call us at 855-520-2100 to set up FREE TOWING to start getting yourself organized (The charity you decide to donate your vehicle to reimburses Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling). When is the last time you took the boat out? How long has the golf cart been used as a utility shelf with wheels? Donate a car, scooter or motorcycle in Hayward and clear the clutter from your property.

Save yourself the hassle of selling your car.

One of the things that makes us truly unique is our ability to add value to your vehicle. Whether it needs a cosmetic makeover, or it needs some tweaks in functionality, we take the time to improve the value of your car before we sell it directly to a buyer. By giving your car that extra love, our vehicle donation program typically adds 25%-50% more value to your donated vehicle. Of course this is great news for the charity of your choice because they get more money, but it also works out great for you because you can deduct the final sale price off your taxes. Yay! Nothing beats a win-win deal for a good cause!

Get the BEST tax deduction for your car donation in Hayward.

Selling your car —especially when it needs fixing up, can be an overwhelming task. From diagnosing your car’s performance to getting it repaired, then finally scheduling test drives, selling a car can take up a lot of your valuable time. Tracking down missing legal documents like the car’s title, registration or tag may seem like impossible when you are doing it yourself. When you call our car donation program in Hayward, we take care of all of those pesky little details for you. If you value your time more than the car you are selling, it may be time to spread some “car-ma” and donate your car to charity.

The Steps

1. Call 855-520-2100 to Schedule Free Towing

With one simple phone call, our car donation experts can quickly grab the info they need in LESS than five minutes. Already know which charity you’d like to represent? You can just let us know over the phone. (If you haven’t chosen a charity yet, don’t worry. You have plenty of time.) After a few quick questions about your vehicle, we schedule a time to pick up your car, van or golf cart for FREE.

2. Choose Any Charity You Wish

You can find several great IRS approved charities when you donate a car in Hayward. It’s EASY to find a great cause in your local community or internationally. We want to hear about any cause that is personally meaningful to you. If you’d rather have us choose for you, that’s fine too! In fact, we choose for 1 out of 4 of our car donors.

We work with local and national based animal rescues, children/families charities, environmental causes, homeless shelters, human services, and veterans

3. Get the BEST Tax Deduction in Haywardcar keys

We make sure you get all the paperwork you need to claim your car donation as a tax deduction. Your IRS form 1098-C is sent within 30 days of the sale of your car. At Cars2Charities, we like to make it easy for everyone to operate on the up-and-up. To ensure 100% transparency between you and your non-profit, we make sure that each of you have a copy of the same paperwork which specifies the final sales price of your donated car. Happy tax filing as you deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle off your taxes!

Why is Cars2Charities the Best Car Donation Program in Hayward?

We are the only car donation program in Hayward that is fast, easy AND adds value to your car providing you the BEST possible tax return for your donation! Cars2Charities has over 35 years in the automotive industry. With our seasoned experience and know-how, we are the best car donation program if you want to maximize your car’s value and give the most you can to a good cause.

Whether you’d like to donate a car, ATV, SUV, golf cart or heavy equipment, we’ll gladly accept your vehicle donation in Hayward on behalf of the charity of your choice.

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