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Maximize your car donation tax deductionDonating a car in Hermosa is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to give to a cause. Not only are you helping a charity in need, you can also get a generous tax deduction. Unlike most car donation programs, when you donate your car through Cars2Charities we fix up your old car and improve the value for retail. Some grateful college kid or needful adult gets an affordable pair of wheels, the charity of your choice gets more money and we handle to all the details so you get the paperwork you need for a nice tax write-off! Everyone's happy!

WHY Donate Your Car?

Many people with a car that they don't want or need may see only 3 options: Give it away, resell it or trade it in as a down payment for another car. What they may not know is there's a 4th option: donating a car to charity, which has many benefits. Here are some great reasons for you to consider car donation in Hermosa Beach.

 You Don't Want the Hassle.

Getting your car detailed, letting others test drive it, making annoying trips to the DMV and managing the paperwork can be a pain. Donating a car is a lot less hassle than selling it or even giving it away. Sure, selling it may get you more cash, but is it really worth putting in the time or energy? If you want to avoid legal exchanges or if you can't find the car's title or registration, donating your car is a great option. We take care of all the details, and see that everyone gets the right documents -- including the IRS Form 1098-C.

You Don't Want to Fix Your Car

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If you have an old car that needs some work, you may be better off letting us fix it up for you. Donating old vehicles that aren't worth much is a no-brainer because in most cases, Cars2Charities can actually increase the value of used car donations in Hermosa by 25%-50%. With over 35 years in the automotive industry, we have a passion for cars and give your vehicle the attention it needs to sell at retail. By increasing its value, we're able to give more to your charity AND more to you as a tax deduction -- since you can deduct the full value of the final sale price after we fix it up.   

Experience the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up!

Space in Hermosa is so tight to begin with. Maybe your garage or small yard aren't the best use of space for your unused golf cart, motorcycle, or camper. If it's been sitting for more than six months and you haven't fixed it or used it, it may be time to call us - we come to your property in Hermosa Beach and pick it up for free. When you call 855-520-2100, it only takes about 3-5 minutes for our one of our experts to get the key facts to help you on your way. YOU pick a time and location that's convenient for you, to have us come take it off your hands. Get your driveway back! And experience the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Your Car Isn't Worth Enough to Trouble Yourself Over

Did the car dealer just insult you with the trade-in value? Sometimes it makes more financial sense to donate a car than getting a fraction of the value when you trade it in. Car lots usually take a 25%-45% cut of your trade-in car. The alternative of having a 3rd party fix it - so you get you a higher tax deduction - could potentially get you the same financial outcome, with a lot less hassle. Not to mention how much good work the charity you choose could do with the proceeds.

You Want to Help a Worthy Cause

You're a nice person and you wanna help a charity that is special to you. Awesome! We happen to be in the business of giving money to charities, and we love people like you. We are so passionate about helping charities, that we make it easy for you to add a charity that you're involved with.

WHAT / WHO can I donate a car to?

YOU pick the best charity for car donationDo you want to raise money for a specific cause or individual? As long as they meet IRS rules, we make it quick and easy for your cause to receive your donation. Just enter their name at Step 3 of our online car donation form. Or simply call and tell us.

Many donors choose to have the proceeds go to NPR, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. Perhaps you'd like to give to a local church, such as Catholic Charities. You can also choose an animal rescue organization, or perhaps support cancer patients - such as Breast Cancer Solutions.

But if deciding is too much for you right now, we make that easy too. Simply say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." 1 of every 4 donors does just that

WHY Donate a Vehicle through here?

Because of our extensive experience in the automotive industry and our unique business model, Cars2Charities is truly different. There are other charity car donation partners that serve Hermosa Beach, California but you won't find one that improves how your vehicle looks and runs. That's something only we do, and we're able to do it in ~95% of cases.

Cars2Charities Knows Cars

Our leadership team has processed over 9,000 vehicles over the years, and we've got evaluating and improving cars down to a science. We're confident that we can get the best cash value for your donated vehicle: frequently adding 25%-50% value to the sale-price on your behalf, and sometimes much more.

Cars2Charities Gets You the Best Car Donation Tax Deduction in Hermosa Beach

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For example, we got a call from Mark G. whose mom was going into a nursing home. Her 2001 Mazda 626 car hadn't run in years; all Mark knew is that it had a transmission problem.

If Mark had called anyone else, they'd have towed it to the nearest auction house where this non-running vehicle would have sold “as was" for $800.

We were able to fix its issues and it sold for $4,200.

He chose the Red Cross, which got a nice check for about $2,600 (since the charity reimburses towing, out-of-pocket expenses to fix the car, and a standard sales fee).

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Of course, not every donation is a home-run like these examples. In rare cases (about 5-7% of the time) a car is not appropriate to sell to a retail customer: its value lies solely in its parts. In some cases, we are able to double the “as is" value. But most typically, donors find that we deliver about 25-50% additional value.

What are donors saying?

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You can donate a golf cart, camper & more

What kinds of vehicles do we accept? All kinds: running, or not. So you can donate an SUV, car, truck, van and the like. And you'd be amazed at how many recreational vehicle-type “toys" we see. Let's face it: many of us in the South Bay bought a golf cart, motorcycle, ATV, boat or jet ski for fun … but now rarely use it. Maybe it broke, and it's just not worth fixing. Those golf cart batteries can cost $700-1,000 to replace - upgrading may be more appealing. Or maybe life changed, and now you're more likely to be pushing a baby carriage than cruising on a Harley. In some cases, the kids grew, and the camper's just sitting in storage. Whatever your case, we can give it new life - and create meaning for you and others in the process.

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HOW to Donate My Car in Hermosa Beach

It's simple. Fill out our online form or call us at 855-520-2100. With a few quick questions, one of our vehicle experts can help you get the process started in less than five minutes.

We Tow Your Car for FREE. That's right, FREE. Once the towing driver arrives, you'll receive papers that release you of all responsibility. This also serves as your temporary donation receipt until we send you the final documents.

We Give Your Car Some Love. We really are a hands-on car donation charity service. We have our own in-house car technicians to evaluate your car and make value-enhancing improvements for potential buyers.

We Sell Your Car. Cars2Charities sells donated cars to retail clients who appreciate the value we create for them - as well as you and the charity. We eliminate the wholesale middleman, and everyone wins.

We Keep You in the Loop. We ensure everyone has the proper documentation, and there is 100% transparency: because both you and the charity you pick gets the same copy of the IRS Form 1098-C showing the actual sale price, within 30 days after your donated car is sold.

When you donate a vehicle to charity in Hermosa Beach, it's a great way to give back to the community and to support a charity close to your heart. With our great reputation among charities, donors and buyers alike, parting with an unwanted car or such has never been easier.

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