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Best Car Donation in Huntington Beach, California

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Why should I donate my car in Huntington Beach? 

huntington beach 697572 640Your car might be big enough to get your board to the water, but it's been acting up lately, so you're looking around for a new set of wheels. Or maybe it's falling apart and spending too much time at the shop.

Of course, you have to find a new home for the car that's wearing out, so now's a good time for you to donate a car to charity in Huntington Beach. If you're ready for an upgrade, you may be just thinking of trading it in with the dealer. We can show you why you get a better deal by donating your car to charity in Huntington Beach.

It's super easy - just make one short phone call to Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 and we take care of the whole enchilada! We come to you and tow away the car you don't need, we fix it up, market it, and hand money to your favorite charity, while you get a 25-50% better tax deduction. That's it!

This way you cut out the middle man and gain the maximum value from your car. We improve your donated vehicle, so you get the benefit of the full sale price as a tax deduction - plus, you get to do the greatest good for the non-profit of your choice.

 It's so fast and easy, the sun will be shining on you in your new car before you can say, “Hand me the keys." With just that 3-5 minute phone call you can schedule a free pick up within 24-28 hours wherever is convenient for you. It's that simple.

Can I make an RV donation in Huntington Beach? A motorcycle?

Yes - you reap the same benefits if you donate an RV in Huntington Beach as you do with a car donation. In Surf City USA ® you're bound to have water toys you don't use. You can donate a boat in Huntington Beach or jet skis, motorcycles - we can even take care of a camper donation in Huntington Beach. If you have any of these that no longer work - no problem! We'll tow those away for you too for free (Your charity reimburses Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling).

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You can donate a golf cart in Huntington Beach, even quads or ATVS. In fact, we'll take care of a recreational vehicle donation in Huntington Beach of any kind. It's the same easy process!

Your car can be any make or model - sports car, truck, sedan, or if you want to donate an SUV in Huntington Beach, it's all good! You have 10 miles of uninterrupted beaches in your town, and you need to drive something that's as consistent as the Huntington Beach waves. We can help you get that by removing the hassle of selling your old car.

Do you have a car or recreational vehicle type toys just sitting in your garage or storage unit? Think how nice it would be to walk around in there, park a new car, or better yet - find all kinds of new water toys to fill it with!

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What's the best charity to donate a car to in Huntington Beach?

You love where you live and you know that not everyone has the luxury of jumping in when the surf conditions are just right. If there's a charity you'd like to benefit, we'll reach out to them, and the proceeds from your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle donation in Huntington Beach can go to them.

Would you like to benefit a charity that puts men and women to work? You can donate your car to Goodwill in Huntington Beach and further the career training they offer to locals who are down on their luck. Or you can donate a vehicle to Salvation Army in Huntington Beach, supporting a charity that's worked for years helping men, women and children in need.

You may want to choose a house of worship, or make a trailer donation to Catholic Charities in Huntington Beach.

If you're a National Public Radio listener, you can donate an auto to NPR in Huntington Beach and bring your community more of its brilliant, newsworthy conversation about relevant issues. 

Do you have a medical cause you care about? You can donate a motorcycle, boat, or even an RV to the Arthritis Foundation in Huntington Beach to help those with heart disease. Or if you prefer to battle cases involving dementia, you can donate a car to the Alzheimer's Association in Huntington Beach. Perhaps you have a loved one battling cancer, or you may be a survivor yourself. You can be part of the solution with a vehicle donation to the American Cancer Fund in Huntington Beach. The organization has been involved in battling the disease for more than a century. 

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Would you like to get more specific and donate to breast cancer in Huntington Beach? A camper or golf cart donation to Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation supports women recovering from the disease who often experience the loss of income while in treatment.

Sometimes in medicine, miracles happen. Your car donation to Ronald McDonald House in Huntington Beach can change lives of those who are terminally ill and others involved in the program.

If you would rather not make the decision, just let us know, and we can choose a nonprofit to benefit from your charity auto donation in Huntington Beach. Every 1 on 4 donors do just that!  

What's the best car donation tax deduction in Huntington Beach?

The tax deduction you get from a vehicle donation program in Huntington Beach is similar to a sale through CarMax or a trade-in from a dealer. The advantage of donating a car, SUV, or if you donate a truck in Huntington Beach through Cars2Charities, is the support you can offer your favorite cause. Also, it's an advantage when you do your taxes.

surfer 2170 640Our unique process offers you the highest benefit possible. We don't just come and tow away your vehicle. Our repair staff makes selective necessary repairs, which increases its likely sale price. We sell car donations in Huntington Beach privately, rather than through auction, when possible. Cars are generally sold for the value of “as is" condition at auction, because those who purchase them usually plan to resell them. With a bigger sale price, you get a bigger tax deduction, of course.

Our process typically adds 25-50% more value to each car, truck, RV or SUV donation in Huntington Beach. Where the value on your car through another auto donation program may total $4,000 “as is," it is likely to sell for $5,000 to $6,000 through our program. You receive the papers for tax purposes and your charity receives a check within 30 days of the sale.

You can read some of our donors' stories to see how satisfied they've been with Cars2Charities. 

 You can also be confident that we follow the IRS guidelines for your tax deduction. Both you and your non-profit will receive IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, showing the sale value to ensure 100% transparency, so both you and the charity of your choice know what your vehicle is sold for.

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