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Best Car Donation in Anaheim, CA

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What's the best place to donate a car to charity in Anaheim?

 If you live in Orange County and are looking for the BEST place to donate your car in Anaheim, you've just found it!  We're located in nearby Fullerton -- and we're unique because we improve your vehicle, to get the most for you and the charity you choose.  A quick call to 855-520-2100 makes it happen in a jiffy. acura body kit car 88630

Home of the Happiest Place on Earth, Anaheim has been putting smiles on faces for generations -- and you love the idea of making someone who needs some affordable transportation a little happier by offering the car you no longer need to be picked up, FIXED UP at no cost to you, and GIVEN to whichever non-profit YOU choose.  Meanwhile, you get a TAX BENEFIT that's higher than it would be otherwise - see why and how, below. Everybody's happy!

Though none of us can spend every day at an amusement park (unless we work there), we can still at least be happy about our drive to work. Just like others in your community, you'd like to give someone else the chance to be pleased with some new transportation - which is what a vehicle donation in Anaheim can do!

WHAT's the best charity to donate my car to in Anaheim?


 Simply put, whichever one you have your heart set on, especially if you are already involved! Do you love the Arts?  Have a passion for animal rescue?  Want to help senior citizens?  Invest in children? You get to choose who benefits from your generous gift. So if you already have a non-profit in mind, great! Just tell us, and we'll make it happen, even if they've not accepted Anaheim car donations in the past. 

Do you love the idea of offering a helping hand by donating a car to an Anaheim charity, but aren't sure which one to choose? You're not alone. More than half of those who call us ask for some suggestions. Whether you donate an RV, a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, golf cart or other recreational toy, we can help you find the best home for it. 

For example: If you want to support women recovering from breast cancer, consider a charity car donation to Breast Cancer Solutions. If your heart is for medical research, you might choose the Arthritis National Research Foundation.action adult affection 339620

Habitat for Humanity is another local charity option that'd welcome a truck donation, RV donation, or even a golf cart donation. The national organization was founded in 1976, creating partnerships in every major city. Habitat for Humanity of Orange County has built 177 new homes and served nearly 900 people. The group's based in nearby Santa Ana, and a Habitat for Humanity ReStore is on West Katella in Anaheim, selling new and gently used merchandise that includes everything from lighting and lumber to wallpaper and windows. 

Alternatively, lots of donors choose to have the proceeds go to Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. Some may prefer a church, such as Catholic Charities.

But if deciding is too much for you right now, we make that easy too. Simply say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." 1 of every 4 donors does just that! Simply call 855-520-2100 and tell us.

HOW do I donate a car in Anaheim to a non-profit?

If you want to donate a vehicle in Anaheim to any IRS-registered charity, we make it SIMPLE and reliable. Your car doesn't even need to be in working condition - we always send an expert tow truck driver.

• We pick up your donated vehicle
• We make appropriate repairs/upgrades to increase its value
• We market your vehicle to motivated buyers
• We work hard to get the best most for you and your charity
• Your charity gets free money
• You get an enhanced tax deduction, compared to the “as is" value of your vehicle

After our skilled technicians improve your car, we can sell it for a maximum value -- allowing your charity to receive more money than it would have if sold without these enhancements. This is a very different approach from any other car donation program in Anaheim: others simply have a donated car towed to the nearest auction, where it's sold “as is" to wholesale buyers looking to improve it themselves, and re-sell at a profit. Cars2Charities cuts out that middle step: this results in bigger benefits both to YOU, and the non-profit organization you select. It's a win-win!

What are donors saying?

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Can I donate an RV, camper, motorcycle or boat in Anaheim?

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Yes, all types of recreational vehicle donations are very welcome - running, or not. In fact we specialize in creating value from vehicles that a donor may think has little value. We often surprise donors with the upside -- though of course we cannot guarantee results. See what some donors are saying about their experience.

Take the example of Greg and Cindy B, on a road-trip with the kids to SoCal when their 2005 Chevy Equinox broke down. Local mechanics quoted $4,000 to fix, and the couple decided it wasn't worth it: since the “as is" book value of their car was $2,600 (what a dealer or auction would have paid). “Time for an upgrade, when we get home" they said when they called us to pick it up at the repair shop. We fixed it at no cost to them, and the car sold for $5,000 to a happy Utah buyer who is grateful for such a solid, rust-free California car. Meanwhile, Greg and Cindy got a $5,000 tax deduction, and their charity got a great check. Non-profits receive 100% of net proceeds, after reimbursing the cost of towing, direct out-of-pocket expenses, and a standard sales fee for Cars2Charities.

So maybe you have a camper the family made great memories with, but the kids have grown. Or you have a Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki or other bike you're not using anymore. Motorcycle donation in Anaheim is a great option. You can also make a golf cart donation, and a boat donation or trailer to charity is always a help. We can turn almost anything with wheels or a motor into dollars for your favorite non-profit -- and a tax benefit for you.

What car donation tax deduction will I get in Anaheim?

Charity car donation in Anaheim can be a great idea for your bottom line, -- and sometimes it's much better than trying to sell it yourself . . . or the deal you might get from a CarMax or other dealers. Unless you're trading in for a brand-new vehicle, car dealerships typically give you just 35-40% of actual retail value (keeping the profit for themselves). american 1239040 640

A better alternative for many donors? IRS guidelines enable you to deduct the FULL PRICE of your donated vehicle. Our process of improving donations is likely to get you the greatest value on your tax return: because, with the repairs and upgrades we make to your car, we typically sell your vehicle for 25-50% more than its current “as is" value when it arrives at our shop. Sometimes we're able to do even better! The added value to your car means your tax benefit is higher and your favorite non-profit gets the highest possible net proceeds. 

Donating a car, truck, SUV or RV in Anaheim enables us to connect a vehicle you no longer want with interested buyers who want an upgraded version of your vehicle. We at Cars2Charities have a record of making buyers happy - our online satisfaction score speaks for itself, hovering in the range of 96%-98%. You might even say that your vehicle donation through Cars2Charities might make someone in Anaheim the happiest driver on earth!

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