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WHEN does car donation make sense for someone in Irvine?

Does your odometer have more miles than you expected to see?  Has your mechanic given you yet more bad news about what it will cost to bring it back to life again?  Are you looking to dispose of a car, truck, RV, golf cart or motorcycle quickly, and with none of the hassle of selling? Could you benefit from a great tax deduction?  These are just some of the triggers that suggest donating a car in Irvine might be a great option for you.

rv 2788677 640Donating an RV, boat, golf cart or other vehicle also makes sense during times of life transition: when you have so much on your plate that you are grateful to have someone you trust take part of the burden off your shoulders -- and just run the process of finding a great solution, without you having to think about it. 

For example, when you or a loved one is moving out of a home, and have an old car or recreational vehicle that you need to dispose of.  Whether that's the result of a relocation, a downsizing, a decision to move into a senior living facility, or even doing something with a vehicle that holds a lot of sentimental value and you can't bring yourself to just sell it, car donation simply make sense.

WHERE can I donate a car in Irvine for a tax deduction?

Cars2Charities makes it so much easier to donate your car than trying to sell your unwanted vehicle yourself.  Our vehicle donation program is centrally located in Orange County, making pickup fast and conveniently available whenever and wherever you are. Whether that's at your home, work-place, mechanic shop or storage facility, we can work out all the details even if you're not present. We've even picked up a car donation in Irvine when the owner asked us to solve a mystery: their unhappy son had angrily left the car in an unspecified parking lot on the UC Irvine campus at the end of the semester, and mailed the keys back to his parents before leaving town for good. Locating that car among thousands of others on the huge campus was like looking for a needle in a hay-stack: it's good that our drivers have a sense of humor. 

HOW to donate a car in IrvineCar smoking hood open

Donating a car, truck, RV, trailer or anything else is so EASY, with our streamlined process. Simply call us at 855-520-2100 and one of our expert Vehicle Donation Coordinators will gather the key facts in just 3-5 minutes. Or, you can click here to Get Started online. Once you've told us what your time-frame is, we take care of all the details from there. Towing is free (*) in that there's never any out-of-pocket cost to donors for anything - even if the vehicle doesn't run. That's because whichever charity you choose will gladly cover these expenses as a way of thanking you for your gift to them. Especially given the value-adding process described below!

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WHAT happens when I donate a car in Irvine?

At the time of pickup, you'll get a temporary receipt for your donation from the tow-truck-driver, who then brings your car to our vehicle donation center for evaluation. (Later, when your car is sold, you'll get an official IRS tax receipt, Form 1098-C which your tax preparer will use to document your deduction.) After we take possession of your charity car donation in Irvine, or anywhere in OC, we improve how your car looks and runs. We invest on behalf of your charity, to make your donated car, golf cart, RV, motorcycle or boat appeal to lots of qualified buyers. This has the benefit of getting the best sale price for you, and higher net proceeds for whichever non-profit you choose.   

At the same time, we handle all the paperwork with the DMV, work on the transfer of title, and provide tax papers both to you and your charity. calculator

How can I get the BEST tax deduction for my car donation in Irvine?

Our operating model is quite unique at Cars2Charities:  most other programs simply auction your vehicle “as is", without ever touching it -- from the time it's picked up from you, to the time it's dropped off at some auction-house.  Others just process papers as a middleman, and typically don't have a team with the ability to increase your tax deduction.  OUR experts have know-how to determine the best course of action to maximize your value - specifically depending on the condition, age and worth of each vehicle.  The more we can get when we market your vehicle to a network of interested buyers, the bigger your tax deduction will be.

One of the other key ways we get you the best value is that we avoid auctions:  More than 80% of vehicles donated through Cars2Charities are sold to retail buyers who have good reason to value what we sell on behalf of charities -- especially given our reputation for reliability and transparency.  All this enables us to generate a tax deduction that's typically 25-50% higher than you'd likely get by donating through another program.     

WHAT happens when I donate a car in Irvine?

After your donated vehicle is sold, the money from the sale goes to benefit the charity of your choice (less the cost of towing, out-of-pocket expenses that improved your vehicle, and a standard fee for our services). 

Your decision to give a car to your favorite charity allows you to help others without the hassle of going through a private sale.  Whether you have a car, truck, RV, boat, van, or motorcycle, we can take that old vehicle off your hands with no fuss and providing you with a very useful tax deduction that can offset your income tax for the coming year.

What's the best CHARITY for me to donate to in Irvine?doctor 899037 640

The best charity to donate a vehicle to is whatever cause you have a great passion for, or one that you have first-hand experience with. Especially if you've seen or experienced the good work that they do in some personal way. Cars2Charities makes it easy for you to donate to any IRS-registered charity in Irvine, or around the world. 

The bottom line is this:  No matter what your giving goals are, vehicle donation can be a great way to help meet them. See what others are saying. So, if you have a car or recreational vehicle that you're ready to part with, call Cars2Charities to find out how your favorite charity can benefit.

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