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Donating a car in Laguna Hills is one of the most generous and rewarding ways to give to charity. When you donate a vehicle in Laguna Hills, it costs you nothing - because you get free towing, and we invest to fix it up on behalf of your favorite cause! This adds an average of 25-50% value for you on your tax deduction, and more $$$ for whichever charity you choose. 

Our unique model improves the value of your car and eliminates the middleman. By using our in-house car techs and avoiding car auctions, our car donation program in Laguna Hills maximizes how much goes to your charity. Your tax return will love you too! 

malibu 2506309 640WHY donate my car in Laguna Hills?

Unless you have large chunks of money to give away, many people find donating a car to charity is the easiest way to offer considerable cash to a cause. It's also the most hassle-free way to move an unused car (and get a nifty deduction). So, if you find yourself with a car that you no longer need, no longer use or just don't like anymore, giving it to charity is a very kind option! Here are just a few reasons you may decide to donate your car to charity in Laguna Hills: 

You've inherited a vehicle you don't need. Maybe college-age child, spouse, friend or someone you're helping is upgrading, or down-sizing. Maybe they got a transfer, are moving, or transitioning to new place - and it's up to you to help figure out what to do with their car. Perhaps it's a “project": a boat, motorcycle, or a classic car they've been meaning to fix up. But now, it's time to do something else. What a great opportunity to give to a charity close to your heart, or theirs. Lots of trustees and executors find vehicle donation in Laguna Beach is a great way to honor a loved one by supporting a cause they love, while minimizing time, effort and cost. 

You wanna avoid the hassle of selling. Do you really want to invest to money and effort to improve your car yourself? Writing the ad, posting it, taking calls at all hours, and coordinating test drives with potential buyers can be very painful. You may find yourself haggling with low-ballers, who may then back - and then you start again. When you donate a vehicle, we pick your car up for free, and take care of all the details. We also handle all DMV paperwork, even if you can't find your title, your name has changed, or there are other complications. beach 2179183 640

You're ready for an upgrade. Maybe you've owned the car for a lot of years and it makes more sense to just buy a new car rather than keep paying for costly repairs. If you've tried to use your car as a trade-in and the dealer doesn't want it - or the quote from CarMax is laughable -- then maybe you'd be better off just donating. If a few dollars are not a make-or-break issue, why not take this opportunity to give back to a cause you love? 

You're simply KIND. You've done well, and now it's time to give back. Maybe you have a charity that's close to your heart and want to make a donation that will create impact. When you donate a car to charity, you're not only giving new life to your unused vehicle for someone else to enjoy, you're giving the proceeds to a great cause. Share the love.

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How to Donate a Car in Laguna Hills?

Donating your car couldn't be easier. We have this down to a science, with a simple three-step process:

Cars2Charities Tow Truck1. Call 855-520-2100 to Schedule a Pickup. Calling our car processing center or filling out the online form is the fastest way to get started with our vehicle donation program. Towing is absolutely FREE. It takes less than 5 minutes to get the key facts about your vehicle info, location and of course, your charity preferences. Our expert towing driver gives you a receipt before he leaves, which serves as your temporary receipt until we send your official IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days after the sale. You get to deduct the full sale value: so the more we get, the better off both you and your charity are!

2. Sit Back While We Add Value. The love we pour into our donated cars is what makes us unique. While most car donation programs in Laguna Hills sell your car at auction “as-is", we make make selective improvements to your car, and we eliminate the middleman. Cars2Charities has over 35 years in the automotive industry. We LOVE cars. So, we use our expertise to fix your car up, sell it to someone who could actually use it, and create value for the charity and YOU at tax time. When donated vehicles come to our processing center, we give typically increase the value by 25%-50%. Talk about upcycling! 

3. Choose a Charity. Choosing a charity has never been easier. If you listen to podcasts on NPR, maybe you'd like to contribute to public broadcasting. Charity Navigator's Top 10 lists are also great places to get inspiration for choosing a charity. Choose from our list of national and international charities or add your own local Laguna Hills charity! We make it super simple for you to add your favorite cause. Just type in the charity name in step 3 of the online form. Of course you can always call us at 855-520-2100 and tell us if there is a charity you'd like to see.   

Can I donate a boat or golf cart in Laguna Beach? Make an RV donation?

Yes, you can donate any kind of vehicle — even if it hasn't run in a while. (Did we mention that we have the skills to fix most vehicles?) Most people donate a truck, SUV or a car, but recreational vehicles have also become very popular. In particular, boat donation in Laguna Beach as well as jet ski, ATV, motorcycle donation can add a lot of value for car donation charities. You can also donate an RV in Laguna Beach, or a camper, trailer, motorhome or give a golf cart - especially if your family hasn't used it in a while.golf carts 1673157 640

If you're a business owner, you can donate a van, bus or any other commercial vehicle. It's common to get a forklift donation, a crane, or other construction equipment. We even accept manufacturing equipment.

What makes us better than other charity car donations in Laguna Hills?

We're unique because of the TLC we give to vehicles. Don't just take our word for it, see what donors are saying about their experience.

We take great pride in our ability to add value and get you the best price possible for a great cause. Our private network of buyers know how to appreciate the remaining life of donated vehicles, and that helps us create best value for everyone. So, why not support your favorite cause, while enjoying the best tax deduction available to you? It takes just 3-5 minutes to get rolling.    

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