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Car Donation in Los Angeles

If you're looking for a way to support a great charity in your community, donate a car in Los Angeles. Donating a vehicle is one of the most generous ways to give and it doesn't cost you anything — except maybe an old vehicle that you don't use anyway. 

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Can I donate my car in Los Angeles to any charity I want? 

YES. In fact, when you donate your car in Los Angeles through us at Cars2Charities, not only can you choose from a large list of approved charities and national charities, you can also add your own! That's right, if you can't find your favorite charity or would like to add a new one, we make it easy for you. Just let us know which nonprofit you'd like to support.

For example, do you have a passion for animal rescue or pet adoption? A vehicle donation in Los Angeles can rescue lots of furry friends. Want to help children? Maybe you were a Scout, and a car donation to Girl Scouts would bring back fond memories. A car charity donation in Los Angeles to Boy Scouts or to the Boys and Girls Club could create a lot of value too. If you love public radio you may want to donate a car to NPR … or support the arts in some other way.

Whatever your focus, we make it easy.

Perhaps you're more interested in finding a cure for arthritis. Do you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's, or want to fund research before it hits too close to home? One option is to donate a car to the Children’s Cancer Fund

You can also support women recovering from breast cancer or heart cancer patients. You may have a health-related nonprofit you’d like to support – we can arrange that for you too.la 924879 640

A number of our donors choose to give car donations to the Salvation Army. Did you know that when you donate a vehicle to Goodwill you help them provide vocational training and job opportunities right in your local neighborhood? Then again, perhaps you'd like to donate a car to Catholic Charities, or to your local church. We can accommodate all of that.

Now, if deciding on just one charity is too hard, we can help. You can just say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." Simply let us know.

How do I get the best car donation tax deduction in Los Angeles?

When you call Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or donate online, we work to maximize the value of your donation in unique ways that most car donation programs in Los Angeles currently do.

We make necessary improvements to donation vehicles after picking them up. Our technicians assess your donation car to be sure it sells for as much as possible. Your tax write-off is based on the selling price, so it benefits you to make your car or truck donation in Los Angeles through us at Cars2Charities. Our car care and expertise typically results in a 25%-50% higher value for your donated vehicle when changes are made.

Charities are not the only ones who benefit. Your reward for being kind is a sweet tax deduction. By donating a car in Los Angeles, you’re part of a win/win proposition. Our value-enhancing service doesn't cost you a thing and allows you to deduct the full sale price off your taxes as a charity donation. We operate with full transparency between donor and charity by making sure everyone has a copy of the IRS regulated paperwork — including the IRS Form 1098-C which you will receive within 30 days after the sale of your car.

Can I donate a motorcycle in Los Angeles? Or a boat or RV?

Yes, we accept all kinds of vehicles. We arrange for free towing to our processing center for just about any vehicle you want to donate. If your bike club is putting too many miles on your Yamaha – you can make a difference with a motorcycle donation in Los Angeles through Cars2Charities.
Is it time for your Pace Arrow to give way to a nice, new Newmar? You can donate an RV in Los Angeles to turn it into charity support.

Los Angeles car donationPerhaps you bring your boat to Big Bear all summer for some skiing, but your trips have slowed down. Or maybe you have a yacht sitting in a slip in the Marina most of the year. If it’s time to find your watercraft a new home, consider a boat donation in Los Angeles through Cars2Charities.

If you’re living the resort life in an active adult community, chances are you love it. If you and your neighbors drive electric vehicles, keep in mind you can donate a golf cart in Los Angeles and contribute to the nonprofit of your choice.

Why should I donate my car to charity?

The simple reason people donate cars is they don't need them anymore. Choosing to donate a vehicle to charity can be as personal as finding an easy way to support a cause close to your heart. Or maybe your car is not worth much and you just want it off your driveway.

There are countless great reasons for giving your car to charity in Los Angeles. Some of the reasons we hear most often are:

-It’s a huge hassle to sell it yourself or the trade-in offer you got from CarMax or a dealer is laughably low. Your time may be more valuable than the energy needed to fix it up and sell it yourself — and just imagine the nightmare of finding the vehicle registration documents or title if it's an old car, or something that's in the family. When you donate your vehicle in Los Angeles through Cars2Charities, we handle the details and tow your car – whenever and from wherever it's convenient.

-You need your vehicle off your property. Your neighborhood CC&Rs aren’t going to like an extra vehicle parked on the street or sitting in your driveway through multiple seasons. The easiest way to avoid that scenario is through a car, truck or SUV donation in Los Angeles.

los angeles 805393 640-Your repair bills are too high. You may be handing yourself free money when you donate a vehicle in Los Angeles to benefit charity. You might as well have that repair money go toward a car loan and drive something newer and nicer.

-You want to benefit the environment. It’s more than just trending – everyone’s thinking about their EV options. There are charging stations everywhere and you save money on gas. From Chevy to Tesla, every manufacturer has a car you’ve probably looked into.

When you pull the trigger, reach out to us at Cars2Charities to make a car donation in Los Angeles. We’re ready when you are.

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