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If you're looking for a way to support a great charity in your community, donate a car in Los Angeles. Donating a vehicle is one of the most generous ways to give and it doesn't cost you anything — except maybe an old vehicle that you don't use anyway. When looking for how to donate a car in Los Angeles, you may want to ask yourself the following three questions:la 924879 640

1. Can I donate a car in Los Angeles to any charity I want? 

YES. In fact, when you donate a car in Los Angeles through us, not only can you choose from a large list of approved charities and national charities, you can also add your own! That's right, if you can't find your favorite charity or would like to add a new one, we make it easy for you. Just enter the charity name in step 3 of the form or call 855-520-2100 and let us know what charity you'd like to support.

For example, do you have a passion for animal rescue or pet adoption? Donate a car or RV donation in Los Angeles to help rescue lots of friends. Want to help children? Did you know you can donate any mortor vehicle? Donate a car motorcycle in Los Angeles is very welcomeed! Maybe you were a Scout, and a car donation to Girl Scouts would bring back fond memories. Camper donation or a car donation in Los Angeles to Boy Scouts or to the Boys and Girls Club could create a lot of value too. Or could it be that you love public radio and you want to donate a car to NPR … or support the arts in some other way? Whatever your focus, we make it easy.

Perhaps you're more interested in finding a cure for arthritis. Do you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's, or want to fund research before it hits too close to home? As another option, you can donate a car to the American Cancer Fund.

Alternatively, you might support women in recovery with a car donation for breast cancer solutions - which brings hope and healing to families. Lots of donors choose to give car donations to the Salvation Army. Did you know that when you donate a vehicle to Goodwill you help them provide vocational training and job opportunities right in your local neighborhood? Then again, perhaps you'd like to donate a car to Catholic Charities, or to your local church. We can accommodate all of that. 

Now, if deciding on just one charity is too hard, we can help. You can just say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." One of every 4 donors does exactly that! Simply call 855-520-2100 and tell us.

2. How to get the best car donation tax deduction in Los Angeles?

When you call Cars2Charities, we work to maximize the value of your donation in unique ways that no other car donation programs in Los Angeles currently do. How?beverly hills 1630448 640

We IMPROVE the value of your vehicle. Then, we market your vehicle to motivated retail buyers who will appreciate the value we create. While most charity car donation programs send your car directly to auction, “as is", we use our in-house technicians to selectively fix elements of your car to get the BEST price on behalf of your charity. Our vehicle donation program is very unique this way. We carefully assess each car donation in Los Angeles, along as our other locations. Our car care and expertise results in 25%-50% higher value for your donated vehicle.

Charities are not the only who benefit. Your reward for being kind is a SWEET tax deduction. We offer a win/win proposition when you donate a car in Los Angeles. Our value-enhancing service doesn't cost you a thing and allows you to deduct the full sale price off your taxes as a charity donation. We operate with full transparency between donor and charity by making sure everyone has a copy of the paperwork — including your IRS Form 1098-C which you will receive within 30 days after the sale of your car.

3. Can I Donate ANY Vehicle type?

Yes, we accept all kinds of vehicles, even if they don't work! We arrange for FREE towing to our processing center for just about any vehicle you want to donate. (The charity you choose reimburses Cars2Charities for the cost of towing, out-of-pocket expenses to improve your vehicle, and a standard service fee.) So whether you want to donate your RV, give a camper, donate a trailer or to make a truck donation, golf cart donation or even a motorcycle donation in Los Angeles, we are on hand to make it quick and easy. We even accept calls to donate commercial vehicles, if you want to give a van or donate a forklift or bus. Our specialties are truck, RV, and car donations in the Los Angeles area.

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WHEN Should I Donate My Car to Charity?

The simple reason people donate cars is they don't need them anymore. Choosing to donate a vehicle to charity can be as personal as finding an easy way to support a cause close to your heart. Or, maybe your car is not worth much and you just want it off your driveway. There are countless great reasons for giving your car to charity in Los Angeles. Here are just a few we hear most often:

car 2617392 640You Can't be Bothered Selling Your Car. Or the trade-in offer you got from CarMax or another dealer is laughably low. Donate a car in Los Angeles to avoid the hassle of selling it. Your time may be more valuable than the energy needed to fix it up and sell it yourself — and just imagine the nightmare of finding the vehicle registration documents or title if it's an old car, or something that's in the family. When you donate your vehicle, we handle the details and tow your car for free, whenever and from wherever it's convenient.

You Want the Vehicle off Your Property. If your vehicle has been sitting in your driveway for more than 6 months without being driven, it may be time to give it away. Maybe you're on a mission to clear out the clutter. Maybe your neighbors don't appreciate the motorcycle or camper parked in your driveway. If you don't use it, we will happily tow your eyesore and give it a new life for charity. 

Your repair bills are too high. Maybe it's time to upgrade, and you've just had the last straw. No problem; we often pick up vehicles from mechanic shops. Or you've decided that public Transportation rocks. Maybe you've evolved into a highly conscientious commuter and have decided that driving a car every day is not for you (or perhaps the environment). You ride-share. Or you scored an apartment in town and can take full advantage of the LA Metro, trolley or even ride your bike! Great! So, if you're looking for a way to give back and upcycle your old car to those who still need a vehicle, why not donate your truck or other vehicle for a good cause of your own choosing? 

What makes us Different from Cars4Causes or any other programs in Los Angeles?

Fixing up cars is kind of what makes us special. After 35 years, we've gotten pretty good at it. We have our own in-house car specialists. Other car donation programs in Los Angeles typically sell vehicles “as is". Our car experts follow a time-tested guideline to determine the best way to improve your car's value. The increase in value helps both your charity, and maximizes your vehicle donation tax deduction. We almost never use auction houses for vehicle donations in Los Angeles. We don't just “re-gift" your car. We improve your car. See what car donors are saying about their car donations in Los Angeles.los angeles 805393 640

We make it so simple and satisfying to donate your car to charity in Los Angeles, to whichever cause you pick. It makes us smile when we get calls to donate a car to Make-a-Wish Foundation - one of the many great non-profits in Los Angeles.  Just call or click the “Donate Now" button below. It takes as little as 3-5 minutes to get started. Our efficient vehicle donation experts can help you select just the right charity for you, and arrange for FREE towing. We supply the documents that release you from all liability related to your donated vehicle, which also serve as your temporary donation receipt. See how easy it is to get started today. We are ready when you are.

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