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Best Car Donation in Los Gatos, California

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When you donate a car in Los Gatos you can increase the value of your car (and tax deduction) between 25%-50%! Our car donation program is easy and FREE. Plus, we spend time making improvements to your car to increase the donation for your charity and your tax deduction. Unlike many vehicle donation programs in Los Gatos like Wheelsforwishes or kars2kids, we use our very own car techs to spruce up your vehicle so we can sell it at a higher value. Your charity gets more cash support and YOU get a GREAT tax deduction when you donate any vehicle including: golf carts, boats, trucks and even old commercial vans!Cars2Charities Tow Truck

How Does Car Donation in Los Gatos Work?

Schedule FREE Towing by calling 855-520-2100. (The charity you choose reimburses Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling of your vehicle).

It has never been easier to donate a vehicle in Los Gatos. With just one call, one of our car donation experts will get the information they need about your car and schedule FREE towing when it is convenient for you. If you already know what charity you’d like to support with your car donation, GREAT! If not, that’s okay. You still have time to make your choice OR leave the choosing up to us —just like we gladly do for 1 out of 4 of our car donors.

Pick a charity in Los Gatos.

Choosing a charity for your car donation in Los Gatos has never been easier! If you do not already have a charity in mind, there are plenty of resources to give you inspiration. There are over forty thousand IRS approved charities so you have plenty of options for finding one that strikes a chord in your heart.

Donate your vehicle to help organizations like Habitat for Humanity build houses for people who need a home. If you have a soft spot for animals, the Animal Friends Rescue Project would greatly appreciate the proceeds from your golf cart donation to buy food, supplies and shelter for rescued animals. Donate your SUV or ATV in Los Gatos to support research for medical conditions. Charities like American Cancer Fund or Breast Cancer Solutions need help with funding to find cures for life-threatening illness.

blue charity cheerful 1208694Do you like to listen to programs on Public Radio International? Your boat or truck donation in Los Gatos can help support quality journalism and entertaining shows. Want to make a positive global impact with your car donation? Donate your RV, trailer, or camper to help solve some big problems relating to human rights, world hunger or the environment. You can make a difference for some great causes when you donate a vehicle in Los Gatos.

Fill out the IRS Form 1098-C for the BEST tax deduction in Los Gatos

Once you have the IRS form 1098-C (sent within 30 days of the sale of your car donation) you can deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle off your taxes. We give you and your charity the same copy of the sales document so everyone is on the same page. This is one way we keep our car charity program in Los Gatos organized, transparent and seamless!

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Why Donate a Car in Los Gatos?

Believe it or not, there are many ways donating your vehicle can benefit you. For some people, donating a car, truck or motorcycle is the easiest solution for cleaning out their garage. Others may decide to donate a vehicle to avoid costly repairs. More ways car donation can benefit you include:

Clear the clutter from your garage or drivewayCar in driveway

Are your vehicles in the garage are starting to multiply? Do you collect cars or motorcycles like Aunt Bertha’s knick knacks collect dust? It may be time to weed out the clutter and streamline your daily life a little. When was the last time you used that golf cart in your garage? If your motorcycle could talk, would it complain about being used as a coat hanger? Donate you car in Los Gatos and get your space back! Simply call 855-520-2100 and we’ll arrange to tow your vehicle for FREE as soon as you are ready.

Avoid costly repairs.

When Carl came to the realization that his “hobby” cars were becoming more of a headache than source of enjoyment, he decided to find a new hobby. They were costing him more in repairs and maintenance than he had time for, and he simply didn’t want to fix them up to sell them. He called the experts at Cars2Charities who were able to give his cars a new life. We sold his cars on behalf of a great cause to help veterans called Wounded Warrior.

Get the best tax deduction in Los Gatos.

While other vehicle donation programs send your car to auction “as-is,” we take the time to improve the value of your vehicle donation before we sell it for charity. By eliminating the middleman, we typically add 25%-50% value to our donated cars. This means your car sells at a higher value. When your donated car sells for more money, your charity makes more money AND you get to deduct the final sale price off the car. Adding value to your vehicle, whether they need to run better or look better, is part of what makes us special.american 1239040 640

What makes Cars2Charities the Best Car Donation Program in Los Gatos?

We have over 35 years experience in the automotive industry. We use our expertise to improve and add value to your auto donation — typically increasing the value of 25%-50%. Our car donation program in Los Gatos is truly unique this way.

Car donation in Los Gatos through our program is fast, free and easy! Whether it is a personal car or a commercial vehicle like a van or bus, we’ll gladly accept it. Donate your motorcycle, van, boat, golf cart or car in Los Gatos and make a difference for charities.

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