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When you donate a car in Manhattan Beach, California through Cars2Charities, you get to choose any charity and be sure you'll receive best tax deduction possible for your donated vehicle. Donating your car is a great way to experience the life-changing magic of tidying up -- and spread some charitable love. Find out how easy it is to get your car towed and fixed up for free, support your favorite cause, and receive a great tax deduction for your contribution. beach car child 1134857

Why Car Donation Instead of Selling?

Need to clear space in your garage or driveway in Manhattan Beach? Maybe you've considered donating a car but you're not sure if that makes sense for you. The short answer is: if you have a car that you don't need anymore, giving your car to charity can be one of the most rewarding and mutually beneficial ways to support your favorite cause.  

Avoid the Inconvenience of Selling. 

Selling, trading in or sometimes even giving a car away to a friend usually has some hidden costs -- even if that cost is your valuable time and effort. If your car needs work, how much time and money will you spend to fix it up? Don't forget about the advertising, potential buyer test drives and paperwork exchange involved in selling. Donating your car to charity may be a great choice if you can't be bothered with trips to the DMV, or title and registration issues. Not only does Cars2Charities take care of all the cumbersome details, we make sure you and your charity have the correct paperwork. Even if you can't find your records, or vehicle registration has lapsed.  

Save Yourself the Trouble of Fixing it Up.

Especially if your car doesn't work, or isn't worth much, donating a car to charity may be no-brainer. Cars2Charities gladly accepts cars that need some loving care - even if it doesn't run. In fact, giving used vehicles a value-enhancing makeover is what we are known for! We typically increase the value of donated vehicles by 25%-50%. We know that the more we can sell it for, the better off your charity is … and the higher your tax deduction will be. 

Car in drivewayGet Your Garage Back.

Is your garage becoming a permanent parking lot for your unused golf cart, jet ski, ATV, or other recreational vehicle? Has your old boat or golf cart become an outdoor play structure for kids to sit or play on? Ever been slapped on the hand with a city ordinance to remove your vehicle? (Ouch!) Tired of having to deal with Manhattan Beach parking? Paying storage costs? If you find your unused vehicle is just taking up space or perhaps even becoming a liability, car donation is the easiest and fastest way to take care of it. When you donate your car, we come to you and pick it up for free.  

Get a Better Deal ...by way of Car Donation Tax Deduction.

Believe it or not, in some cases it makes more financial sense to donate your vehicle to charity than to sell it or trade it in. Consider this: dealers and CarMax offer you much less cash than if you were to sell it directly -- especially when you trade it in “as-is." When you donate your car through Cars2Charities, we increase its value before we sell it. After the car sells, you can deduct the final sales price from your taxable income - perhaps actually saving you money on a net basis. So for example, if your car is worth $4,000 “as is", we can often improve it by 50% by investing to clean it up and fix its issues, then sell to a retail buyer. If we sell it for, let's say, $6,000 then THAT's the amount you get to deduct from your taxes.

Spread some Good “Car-muh"

Maybe you just have a heart for helping others. Giving back to society makes you happy and completes you as a person. We get it! After all, that's why we're in this. We enjoy working with a variety of charities, and if you're a giver, there's no easier way to give to the charity of your choice than donating a car through Cars2Charities. Check out our list of charities OR add your own charity at Step 3 of our donation form.

What are donors saying?

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Why donate a vehicle through Cars2Charities?

As in every area of life, you have a choice of service providers. But how do you know which one is best? At Cars2Charities, we have a unique operating model that's geared to create the maximum benefits for donors and charities. We take giving seriously, and make it easy for donors to pick or add new charities to our growing list.    

We Are Car Experts.

Cars2Charities' leaders have been in the business of improving vehicles for 35 years. When it comes to pouring love into your donated car, we have it down to a science. We quickly evaluate and take steps to improve how your car looks and runs, to get the best cash value for you and your charity. A donated car is typically worth 25%-50% more (vs. the typical process where a charity service partner just arranges for a car to be towed to an auction, where it's sold to a wholesale buyer). Our network of retail buyers is looking for vehicles just like yours, and trusts our reputation and results. They're willing to pay more than wholesalers, so everyone wins.  

We Eliminate the MiddlemanCars2Charities Tow Truck

Unlike most services, Cars2Charities almost never uses an auction. This is especially valuable for donors who have a personal attachment to a vehicle and want to be sure it goes to a collector, or to another family that will still find good value in its remaining life. For example, one family recently donated a fully-equipped van used by their physically-challenged son, when they upgraded. We made sure it went to a new family that needed something just like that, but at an affordable price. Everyone felt great about the outcome.   After we give cars a value-enhancing make-over, 90% of our vehicles are sold to retail customers. This way, for example, a car collector might add something to his collection, a pet adoption shelter gets more money to add new kennels, AND a donor's heart swells with humanitarian love as she writes off the vehicle's full sale-price as a charity car donation tax deduction.    

We Offer the Most Charity Options.

You can donate a car to your local school, Goodwill or a faith-based organization such as Catholic Charities. Charity car donations in Manhattan Beach can support PBS or NPR, or improve the environment. You can help patients recovering from breast cancer. You can add ANY charity.

Or, you can opt for the simplest way, as 1 in 4 donors do: just say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." Whatever the case, your cause gets 100% of the net proceeds from your donated vehicle, which is the full sale price minus the cost of towing, direct 3rd-party expenses to improve your car, and a standard fee for handling it all for them. In all cases, both the charity and you as the donor receive the exact same IRS Form 1098-C, showing the precise sale price - so you can be confident in the transparency of the process.

What Vehicles Can You Donate? A golf cart and more!

golf cart 756048 640We accept just about anything that moves (or once could). Yes, even if it hasn't run in years, we can find value in a donated SUV, RV, truck, van, or commercial vehicle. We can also unlock great value from golf cart donations and recreational vehicles, such as when you donate a motorcycle, boat, jet ski, ATV, camper or trailer. See what donors are saying about their vehicle donation experience.    

How to Donate a Car to Charity

  1. Get in Touch. Call us at 855-520-2100 or fill out our online form. It takes less than five minutes for one of our experts to quickly gather the key facts about your vehicle and your charity wishes.

2. Get Towing for Free. Our coordinators arrange for your vehicle to be brought in for improvement. You get documents on the spot, releasing you from any financial responsibility. This also serves as a temporary receipt until we send the final tax papers.

3. We Give Your Car Some Love -- then sell it to create value for everyone. After our car techs make skillful improvements to your vehicle, we ensure the car is buyer-worthy and your charity gets the net profit. We'll keep you updated on the sale of your donated car and send you the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days. Donating your car to a charity in Manhattan Beach can be a rewarding experience. Not only are you helping a great cause, you're giving new life to your old car -- giving someone else the opportunity to score an affordable set of wheels. We take great pride in our reputation among charities, donors and buyers.

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