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agriculture crop cropland 953166Are you going to donate a car in Morgan Hill? Go with a car charity program that offers the most cash for your charity and gets you the best tax deduction! Our car donation program typically adds between 25%-50% value to your car. How? Unlike most car donation programs, we use our own in-house car techs to improve your car before selling directly to a buyer. This is good for YOU because when we improve your car, we can sell it for more. So whether you donate a boat, motorcycle, Jet Ski or old work van, you get to deduct the final sales price off your vehicle donation.

What’s in it for YOU when you donate a car in Morgan Hill?

Other than the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping a charity in need, there are many great benefits of vehicle donation in Morgan Hill. Here are just a few:

You want the BEST tax deduction.

The great thing about giving is that doesn’t cost you anything (you don’t already have) AND it can actually pay off come tax time. Because we take the time to improve the value of your vehicle before selling it for charity, you are getting a DEAL. It’s simple! Just let us enhance the value of your car and send you the paperwork you need for tax deduction.

You want help clearing out your garage or driveway.

Go ahead, get yourself organized. Did you know, according to many professional organizers, there is a direct correlation between the physical clutter around you and your personal well-being? Take a look at your garage. Are you ready to find your happy place again? How about finding that motorcycle that his hiding under all those coats? Donate a motorcycle in Morgan Hill and not only will you help a worthy cause, but you can help yourself too. Call 855-520-2100 and we’ll arrange to tow your car, van, jet-ski or golf cart for FREE as soon as you are ready to make a change.

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You don’t want to spend money to maintain your vehicle(s).

Jim had quite a car collection. On sunny days, he enjoyed taking his 1992 Lebaron convertible for a ride. Rainy days, he rode his 2003 Jeep Cherokee and every other day he would take his new environmentally-friendly Leaf for a spin to save on gas. As his older cars needed maintenance, he decided to finally downsize to his one new love, the electric Leaf. Jim called Cars2Charities to take his older vehicles and now, he spends more time focused on where he is going instead of how to get there.

The moment you realize you’re happier with less, that’s a good time to call our car donation program in Morgan Hill.

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How Do I Donate My Car in Morgan Hill, CA?

Cars2Charities Tow Truck

Call 855-520-2100 for FREE Towing. 

All you need to donate a car in Morgan Hill is a phone. With just a few quick questions from one of our car donation experts, you’ll be on your way to FREE towing, tax deduction paperwork and, of course, the flattering glow of altruism! (Kindness looks good on you!) Our car donation experts may ask about your car, your charity preferences then schedule a time when FREE TOWING is most convenient for YOU.

Choose a Charity for Car Donation.

Choosing a charity is super simple when you donate your auto in Morgan Hill. There are hundreds of great charity options to choose from in Morgan Hill when you donate your vehicle. Of course, if you’d rather not make a charity choice, we are happy to choose for you!

Right here in Morgan Hill, there are people without homes. Why not pass the proceeds of your donated truck or boat to help organizations like Habitat for Humanity build homes for people who need one.

If you love animals, you may consider donating your RV or commercial vehicle on behalf of an animal rescue. Maybe you’d prefer to donate your motorcycle or SUV to organizations like Breast Cancer Solutions. Or help fund other worthy medical research like Arthritis National Research Foundation or the American Cancer Fund in Morgan Hill with a motorhome or boat donation.

With the IRS Form 1098-C, deduct your car donation off your taxes!

You’ll have the IRS form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your car donation. When tax time comes, you can deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle off your taxes! One way we keep our charity program organized, transparent and seamless is by making sure that you and your charity have a copy of the same document specifying the final sales price.

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Why is Cars2Charities the Best Car Donation Program in Morgan Hill?

Cars2Charities has over 35 years in the automotive industry. While most car donation programs sell your car “as-is” to auction, we actually improve your car before selling it to an individual buyer. By cutting out the middleman, you can be sure that your charity gets the best possible donation and you get the highest tax deduction!

Our vehicle donation program in Morgan Hill is truly different from the rest. Not just any car donation program in Morgan Hill can claim to be “fast and easy,” and get you the BEST sales price for your donation!

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