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How to donate a car in Murrieta?

It's fast, easy and free! When you call or click, it takes just 3-5 minutes to get started with one of our efficient and friendly vehicle donation coordinators. Giving a car to charity is often the simplest thing you can do about a vehicle you no longer need. No effort, no paperwork, no selling, no waiting for people from Craigslist or eBay to show up. Instead, you get an expert tow-truck driver who meets you when and where it's convenient for you, and tows away your vehicle at no cost to you - releasing you of all liability. If you can't find your title or registration, we handle the DMV paperwork. Then our expert technicians evaluate what we can do to improve how your vehicle looks and runs, and we market the vehicle on behalf of the non-profit you pick - usually getting 25-50% more than your vehicle's “as is" value. Within 30 days of sale, we send a nice check to your charity, and provide you with the papers for a good tax deduction. That's the whole ball of wax!Car smoking hood open

Why should I donate my car in Murrieta?

Is your car getting old and tired? Repair bills growing? Mechanic's latest estimate giving you chest pain? It might be time to upgrade. If your car's becoming less reliable when you cruise through town or hop on and off the 15 and the 215 freeways, you can retire what you drive and use your tax deduction to finance something newer.

Is you're an old RV, camper, motorcycle or golf cart taking up space in your garage, or in the yard? Experience “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by finding a new home for a vehicle you no longer need. As best-selling author Marie Kondo explains, our excess “stuff" drags us down, and releasing items we aren't using brings freedom and joy. Would a boat, camper or golf cart donation to charity in Murrieta free you up? Or how about a motorcycle donation in Murrieta? Whatever vehicle is in your way, we help donors not just create space and joy in their own lives, but also to bless others with the proceeds. All it takes is a brief call to 855-520-2100.motorhome a

Can I donate an RV in Murrieta?

Yes - RV donation is the same process as donating a car or truck here in Murrieta. We do all the work for you, while you get the tax break. It's still just one call, and we get right to work on all recreational vehicle donations in Murrieta, including for smaller items such as when you donate a motorcycle or donate a golf cart in Murrieta.

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What are some best options for car donation charities in Murrieta?

What's the best charity to donate your car to? It's usually one you already know, or have a passion for. Do you love to help kids thrive? There's a thriving Boys & Girls Club at the Murrieta Clubhouse, a great nonprofit choice that stays right in the community. Perhaps you were a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout and want to help today's children learn the same skills for life-long success. You can donate a truck, camper or any other vehicle to your local Girl Scouts

scouting 1555646 640Many donors are passionate about supporting a local church or parish. We make that easy, even if your faith-based organization hasn't received car donations in Murrieta before. Catholic Charities in Murrieta offers resources that include a slew of support groups.

Murrieta's original hot springs are on property purchased by a church that developed a Bible College there. You can choose a tax deductible donation to National Arthritis Research Foundation. Alternatively, the proceeds from your car or truck donation in Murrieta can also help Breast Cancer Solutions to fund treatment and research.

Prefer something more like the Salvation Army, which supports such programs such as disaster relief along with their local neighborhood programs and stores? Or perhaps a donation to Goodwill Industries in Murrieta is most compelling for you. While many people know the organization for its thrift shops, lots of local residents get help with vocational training and finding jobs, or benefit from Goodwill's other programs.

Don't want to decide? Just do what 1 in 4 donors do. Simply say, “Cars2Charities, please choose for me." Either way, you'll get a great tax deduction in Murrieta, while your charity gets a nice check from your car, boat or motorcycle donation in Murrieta.

How to get the best car donation tax deduction in Murrieta?

The answer is, through Cars2Charities. When you call 855-520-2100, we kick off our 16-point checklist that helps us decide what value to add to your donated camper, RV, truck or other vehicle. The improvements we make to how your vehicle looks and/or runs typically results in a sale price and tax deduction that's 25-50% higher than your current “as is" value. In part that's because we almost never auction vehicles. We find private buyers who appreciate your vehicle's remaining life and its true potential value, which means better results for both you and your charity. So a vehicle that's worth let's say $2,000 “as is", if donated through any other charity vehicle donation program, is something we might be able to sell for $2,500 to $3,000.

We carefully follow IRS guidelines, which allow you to deduct the FULL SALE VALUE of your charity car donation in Murrieta. After your car, boat or golf cart donation is complete, we provide you and your non-profit with IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. You and the charity both receive the same document, so there is 100% transparency about the sale price. tax money growth plants

Non-profits reimburse Cars2Charities for the cost of towing, improving your vehicle, and a standard sales fee - all of which typically pay for themselves through the value we add. Check out some of our donor experiences, which underscore the advantages of our unique value-adding approach. 

 The bottom line on donating your car in Murrieta

 Donating is faster, easier and typically as good a financial outcome as selling it yourself, or trading it in at a dealer or CarMax, who usually give you just 35-40% of your car's actual retail value when they fix it up So why not cut out the middle man, and pass along some of your many blessings to a favorite non-profit? Not only will you free up both time and space - and enjoy the benefits of that tax deduction - you'll experience the joy and satisfaction of helping someone else along the way.

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