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Best Car Donation in Newport Beach, California

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WHERE is the best place to donate a car in Newport Beach?

Simply put, it's Cars2Charities - located right here in Orange County.  Our car donation program stands head and shoulders above the rest:  not just in the speed of picking up a vehicle, especially if timing is important to you - but also in terms of convenience and the quality of what you can expect from us.  We usually add an additional 25%-50% value to your vehicle - and sometimes more, which means both you and your charity are much better off.   See a sample of what donors saying about their experience. beach clouds dawn 635279

HOW can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Newport Beach?

A car donation from Newport Beach to your favorite charity can be one of the best ways to get a great tax deduction for the current year.  But not all vehicle donation programs are the same.  We at Cars2Charities have developed a unique operating model that maximizes your tax deduction.

How?  By carefully evaluating each donated vehicle, and making some quick determinations about we can do to improve how your vehicle looks and runs.  We then strategically invest on behalf of whichever charity you choose -- to get the best return for you as well as for them.  

For example:  Do you have a bad transmission?  We might replace it.  Do you have engine lights or noises that need attention?  We might fix them -- and for a lot less than your mechanic is able to do at your local dealership or repair shop.  Can't get it to pass smog tests?  We've worked miracles.   We often also replace batteries or other parts, we may paint, touch up, buff out and take other steps to make your donated car look and sound its best.

This is important because the value of your tax deduction is equal to your sale price.  Would you rather get a modest deduction from some other organization that sends your car donation to its nearest auction-house ... or work with a charity car donation program that works on your behalf to ensure you get the best price, from a retail customer who will value and appreciate what life and opportunities remain in the vehicle you donate?  Which is likely to be longer, thanks to the work we put in.android wallpaper beach dawn 189349

How can I donate a car in Newport Beach?

It's quite EASY!  Simply call us at 855-520-2100 and one of our expert Vehicle Donation Coordinators can take down some key facts in just 3-5 minutes.   Cars2Charities will arrange for free towing to our processing center (which is actually covered by the charity you choose, along with the cost of any improvements we make to your donated vehicle).

Our experts work hard to make appropriate improvements, and then we market it to ensure that every vehicle brings in the maximum amount possible.  How?  In addition to what we described above, we work with interested buyers over the course of several days - those who have good reason to buy a vehicle just like yours.  This means you're more likely to get the highest price.  (We rarely send a vehicle to auction, because those are populated by wholesalers who want to earn a profit on the vehicle themselves before re-sale.  At Cars2Charities, we cut out that middle-man, thus creating a win-win:  for both you and the charity you choose.)

Within 30 days of sale, you'll receive your IRS Form 1098-C.  Your non-profit organization gets the same form, which ensures 100% transparency on the vehicle sale price.  Our reputation in both the non-profit world and the buyer-arena is something we take great pride in.

What are donors saying?

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WHY donate your car in Newport Beach, instead of selling it?

That depends on your unique case -- and we'd be glad to hear the specifics and tell you what we think we can do for you.  So feel free to call one of our experts at 855-520-2100. What are some typical themes that drive car donations and recreational vehicle donation in Newport Beach? See if you can relate to any of these:   

•    You bought that great boat, RV, golf cart, motorcycle, classic car or other joy-toy some high-point …  but now life has changed.  You just don't use it anymore.  It's just taking up space - and maybe it's not even running.     

•    Maintenance costs or storage fees for that RV, camper, motorhome or boat are mounting, and the cost/benefit no longer makes sense for you.  Still … the idea of just selling it seems so cold! 

•   Car smoking hood open Maybe there are issues or memories associated with it that you'd rather not deal with right now.    Donating your vehicle would feel a lot better or simpler.

•    You're ready to upgrade, but the amount you can get from your dealer or CarMax is an insult.  Given your high tax bracket, you're better off donating it and getting a great tax deduction.

•    Your significant-other has been bugging you to do something about it, but you just couldn't.  So now it's an emergency.  They can't stand it another minute, or you need it gone - yesterday, if possible.  OK, tomorrow at the latest.

•    Your life is in transition right now.   Maybe you got a promotion or job transfer, and it's not worth transporting the vehicle across the county.  Perhaps a loved one is moving into a senior living facility, and no longer needs a car:  so a trade-in is of little value. Perhaps you're disposing of assets on behalf of a trust. 


Whatever the specifics of your case, the last thing you need is another item on your ‘to do' list.   Car donation makes sense if you find yourself wishing it would all just go away:  “Can someone just take care of the details for me, please?!"  You want to avoid appointments with prospective buyers or dealers, the headache of looking for papers, processing them, calls or a visit to the DMV and other hassles.  Not to mention the effort to prep the car:  especially if you do want to extract the best financial value you can.

So, if that's where you're at, car donation may be your best option.   And we can help - especially if you can't find the car's title or registration.  Call us at 855-520-2100, and we take care of it ALL on your behalf.  Plus, you get to feel good about supporting the wonderful work of whichever non-profit you choose to benefit from your car donation, or recreational vehicle.

What's the best charity for car donations in Newport Beach?blue charity cheerful 1208694

That depends partly on you:  where your unique interests and passions lie.   If you're the type of person who likes to do their own research, a good place to start is Charity Navigator's "Top 10" list of charities.   They specialize in evaluating large national or international charities, and we'll be glad to send your car donation to your favorite. Or, if you prefer to keep dollars closer to home, you might check out Great Nonprofits in Newport Beach, CA.     Some donors ask us to help them choose, and others who don't have a preference ask us to simply decide for them.  It's up to you, how involved you wish to be!   In any case, you can bask in the knowledge that the charity is making the world a better place, while you enjoy the privilege of being able to further their good work.

Here's the bottom line:  You get so many benefits when you decide to donate an RV, golf cart, boat, car or such:  you get a solid tax deduction, you create space, reduce costs, eliminate headaches.  You get rid of an unwanted vehicle that's no longer benefiting you, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you've made a substantial contribution to your favorite charity or non-profit.

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