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car 1376248 640Sure, other auto donation programs in Oakland say that it's fast, free and easy to donate your car, but few can ALSO get you a higher tax deduction. When you make an SUV, car, or truck donation in Oakland through Cars2Charities, we typically add between 25-50% value to your car. Not only will your charity benefit from receiving more cash for a cause, but you'll get a GREAT tax deduction when you deduct the final sales price. Donate a motorcycle, RV, truck or car in Oakland and see how simple car donation in Oakland can be!

What Charity Should You Choose When you Donate a Car in Oakland?

Choosing a charity is easy if you already have a passion or cause close to your heart. Animal lovers, for example, love to support the Animal Friends Rescue Project.

But maybe you'd like to donate your golf car in Oakland to brighten the lives of terminally sick children at the Ronald McDonald House. Or if you have a loved one suffering from a life-threatening illness such as Arthritis Foundation or Alzheimer's Association, choosing to donate a boat or motorcycle in Oakland to fund research for these illnesses may seem like a very small sacrifice — especially if you hardly use your recreational vehicles anymore.

 Still can't decide? No problem! We are happy to choose a great charity for your auto donation in Oakland. Just say “Cars2Charities, you choose for me," and we will direct your donation to whichever charity needs it most.

How To Donate a Car in Oakland?

It's EASY! Call 855-520-2100 for free towing. Vehicle donations in Oakland couldn't be easier. Seriously, it takes LESS time to donate an auto in Oakland than it does to find a parking spot. Our car experts can get you started in under than 5 minutes. We ask some basic information about your car, learn about your charity wishes (if you have decided) and when it's convenient for YOU, we will schedule a FREE pick up of your vehicle donation in Oakland. You will receive a temporary receipt and we'll stay in touch once your car has sold!

Cars2Charities Tow TruckSit back while we work our magic... You can choose a charity (unless you'd rather have us choose for you) and let our technicians selectively add value to your car. Did you know that most car donation programs in Oakland like CarsforCauses and Kars4Kids send your vehicle donation straight to auction as-is? Not us! We have our own in-house car techs that put love into your vehicle whether you choose to make a truck, SUV or golf cart donation in Oakland. We eliminate the middleman and prepare your vehicle for resale. 

Get your IRS paperwork in the mail for a SWEET tax deduction! Our auto donation program in Oakland is fast, easy AND gets the BEST sales price for your donation. Because we spiff up your car for resale, we often add 25-50% value to your vehicle when you donate a vehicle in Oakland. What does this mean for you? In compliance with the IRS guidelines, you can deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle. We like to keep things transparent and on the up and up. So, both you and your charity receive a copy of the IRS Form 1098-C for your tax deduction which reflects the final sales price of the car. 

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Why Donate A Car in Oakland?

You don't want the hassle of selling your car. Who wants the extra job of selling a car when you're busy?

It's time to clean OUT — starting with your yard or garage. Time to clear the clutter? Are you making a change and discovering the joy of streamlining and simplifying your life? How about starting with that camper in your driveway? Do you really need that boat or jet ski in your garage? Make a motorcycle donation in Oakland and get your driveway back! When you're ready, we tow your vehicle off your property for FREE. It just takes one call: 855-520-2100!First, you have to assess what you need to repair. Then, you'll have to get your car detailed, get it listed, and finally, you'll need to fit test drives into your busy schedule for potential buyers. Spare yourself the headache! Donate your car in Oakland and imagine the time you'll save when you let us take care of all the details — including dealing with lost documents such as titles or registration. Car smoking hood open

CarMax in Oakland just insulted you with a trade-in quote. Perhaps your car needs a little work and the trade-in value may not be worth much. We can help! (Did we mention fixing up cars for resale is what makes us truly unique?) Whether your vehicle needs to run better, look better or BOTH, our in-house car technicians can decide what approach is best to add value to your car for FREE. Let us give your car a new life and you might benefit more with a handsome tax deduction after the final sale, rather than trying to use your car “as-is" for a trade-in. 

“With over 35 years in the automotive industry, we have an invested passion for giving new life to cars. We create a win/win proposition for the charity and the car donor. "

Want to see what others are saying about Cars2Charities? See what car donors have to say about their experience with our car donation program. 

Call us to donate a motorcycle, truck or trailer in Oakland today and experience one of the most rewarding and generous ways to give to charity today!


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