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It's so easy to “give back" to our local community, or to support YOUR favorite charity when you donate a car in Orange County. We add to the value of your donated vehicle, enable you to give to any charity of your choice, and produce a nice car tax deduction in exchange for your kindness! Car donation in Orange County is one of the most convenient and rewarding ways to contribute to a worthy cause. ocean front 896704 640

WHY Donate My Car to Charity?

There are many reasons people don't need or want their car anymore. You may choose vehicle donation as a way to get an old truck, camper, RV donation or other vehicle out of your garage, or off your driveway. Maybe the car has been running high on repairs, and this is the last straw. Maybe you're ready to upgrade, but the trade-in value you got from a dealer is laughably low. Perhaps you're helping a family member who can no longer drive. Or, maybe you have discovered the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and need help getting organized -- starting with that vehicle gathering dust and taking up space. 

When YOU Need Help. Giving through a car donation program in Orange County is a great way to avoid the hassle of selling it -- especially if it's not worth much. If your time's more valuable than the time and energy needed to sell it yourself, we have the perfect solution. And we make it so easy. Whether you can't locate the title, the registration has lapsed or is missing, or you just need it gone fast and can't be bothered with selling it, we handle the details and tow your car for free. When it's time, we provide the tax documents you'll need for the IRS in order to get your charity car tax deduction. 

When Your CAR Needs Help. Fixing up cars is kind of what makes us special. So, if the cost of repairing your car is starting to add up to more than it's worth, donating makes a lot of sense. Our in-house car specialists make smart, selective improvements that typically increase the value of your car, motorcycle donation or golf cart donation in Orange County by 25%-50%. Your charity gets more than they would have if you sold the car “as is" and gave them the cash. Since you can deduct the full value of what your vehicle actually sells for on your tax return, you make out pretty well too!

HOW is this charity car donation program different?

There are several places to donate a car to charity in Orange County, but only this vehicle donation program maximizes profits for the charity and your tax return. We're the one car donation charities program in Orange County that gives your car the attention it may need, selectively improving the look and maybe even performance before it goes to retail. Unlike other donation services, we don't just sell the donated vehicles via auction. Nor do we sell them “as-is." We actually prepare your vehicle to get you and everyone the best value. This typically increases your car donation tax deduction by 25-50%! 

See what car donors have to say about Cars2Charities. 

Cars2Charities Tow TruckWe've Loved Cars for Over 35 Years! Caring for cars is our core business and we're pretty good at it. In fact, when it comes to examining and fixing cars up for resale, we've become quite the experts. How many other charity car programs have their own technicians? How many others have a comprehensive guideline to determine the best way to improve your car's value? Just us, it seems! 

We Work with Retail Buyers —Not Auction Sites. Most programs send your car directly to auction, where it's typically purchased by a wholesaler looking to earn a profit. But not us. Not only do our technicians enhance your donation, but the fact that we market to retail buyers who appreciate the remaining life your gifted vehicle may still represent means your charity gets more support and you get a bigger vehicle donation tax deduction. We often match older vehicles with collectors, or a specially equipped van with a buyer who has special needs for example. So call and tell us your “wants". Especially if a vehicle holds sentimental value, we do our best to find a buyer who'll appreciate it as you do.

WHAT charity can I choose in Orange County?

Whichever one is closest to your heart! We've worked with a lot of great causes and have a growing list of non-profits to choose from. If you can't find your favorite charity, just let us know. As long as they meet IRS rules, we can easily reach out to them and handle all the details for you. Simply enter the name of the charity, at Step 3 when you donate online. Or just call 855-520-2100 and let us know what type of cause you'd like to support! 

For example, do you have a passion for animal rescue or pet adoption? RV donation in Orange County is put to great use. Want to help children, such as the Ronald McDonald House or Habitat for Humanity? Did you know even motorcycle donation in Orange County is very welcome? Maybe you were a Scout, and a car donation to Girl Scouts of Orange County would bring back fond memories. Camper donation to Girl Scouts could create a lot of value too. Or could it be that you love public radio and you want to donate a car to NPR … or support the arts in some other way? Whatever your focus, we make it easy. scouting 1555646 640

Perhaps you're more interested in finding a cure for arthritis. Do you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's Association, or want to fund research before it hits too close to home? Or maybe you'd rather donate a car to the American Cancer Fund, whose “help us finish the fight" campaign reminds us we have so much to live for. Alternatively, you might support women right here in Orange County with a car donation for breast cancer solutions - which brings hope and healing to families. Alternatively, lots of donors choose to give car donation to the Salvation Army. Did you know that when you donate a vehicle to Goodwill you help them provide vocational training and job opportunities right in your local neighborhood? Perhaps you'd like to donate a car to Catholic Charities, or to your local church. We can accommodate all of that.

Now, if deciding on just one charity is too hard, we can help. You can just say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." One of every 4 donors does exactly that! Car donations in Orange County have never been easier. Simply call 855-520-2100 and tell us. 

What are donors saying?

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Donate a motorcycle in OC . . . or donate an RV or camper!

Whether it's running or not, all kinds of vehicles can find a home - especially after we improve them. Don't know what to do with that golf cart whose batteries have died, or that has electrical problems? Are you tired of looking at that camper in your yard? Do you have a motorcycle gathering dust in the garage? We will not only take it off your hands with no cost or hassle, but we help you put it toward some greater cause. You can even donate a commercial vehicle - like a forklift, a bus, a step-van. 

vehicle 3307908 640HOW to donate a car in Orange County?

We've streamlined the process to make it easy for you to donate your car in Orange County. Simply complete click the “Donate Online" button, or call 855-520-2100 and our experts will get you started in less time than it takes to fill up your gas tank. Then what?

1. Your car will be towed for FREE. We arrange for an expert tow truck driver to bring it our processing center. You'll get documents that release you from all liability, which also serve as your temporary donation receipt until the final sale. (Towing is reimbursed by the charity you choose, along with the cost of improvements and a standard handling fee.) 

2. Relax and know that your donated car is in good hands as we process it. Our professional car technicians will tweak your car, to improve it. After all, the better shape your car is in, the more your charity gets and the more you can deduct from your tax return. 

3. We'll send your IRS tax deduction within 30 days of sale. We like everyone to be happy, and clear on the results. After your donated car sells, we'll send you and your charity an IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days. This will show the exact sale price so there's total transparency, and everyone knows the details.

Donating a car to charity in Orange County is one of the most convenient ways to give to charity - especially if you have a non-cash item you'd like to convert for the benefit of a cause you love. By giving new life to your unused vehicle, you help someone who needs an affordable vehicle while giving the net proceeds to a worthy cause. So when you're ready to give to your favorite charity, we are just a call away.

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