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Support your favorite charity -- or support a new cause when you donate a car in Redondo. Vehicle donation is one of the quickest, easiest and most rewarding ways to help a community in need. Learn how Cars2Charities, with over 35 years' experience in the automotive industry, can increase the value of your donated vehicle, make it easy for you to give to any charity of your choice, and set you up for a for a really sweet tax write-off!

 When is it Time to Donate My Car?beach car child 1134857

There are several seasons of life that are especially apt -- times when giving your car to charity makes special sense. For example, when you no longer need an extra car. Maybe you're down-sizing to fewer cars - or upgrading to a newer one and the trade-in doesn't make sense. Maybe you're helping a loved one who can no longer drive. Or maybe you've just decided to use UBER all the time. Here are some other reasons people donate vehicles to charity in Redondo Beach:

You Simply Don't Have the Time. Donating your car in Redondo is a great way to avoid the hassle of selling it. For one, it's a lot less paperwork. Of course, if you put the time and energy into it, you could get some cash back. But if your car's not worth much, your time may be more valuable. When you donate your car, you sit back and let us take care of all the annoying details. We've processed vehicles thousands of times. We know how to make it most beneficial, and we handle all the paperwork -- including the tax documents you'll need for the IRS in order to get your charity car tax deduction.

Your Car Needs Help. Fixing up cars is kind of what makes us special. So if the cost of repairing your car is starting to add up to more than it's worth, donating makes a lot of sense. Our in-house car technicians give donated vehicles the tender love and care they require to sell to retail buyers who for whatever reason want a vehicle like yours. Typically, we increase the value of donated cars by 25%-50%. A lucky buyer gets an affordable set of wheels and your charity gets more cash. Since you can deduct the full value of what your vehicle actually sells for on your tax return, you make out pretty well too!

Car in drivewayYour Garage or Yard has Become a Parking Lot. Space is so tight in Redondo. If your vehicle's been sitting for the last six months, it may be time to consider moving it. After all, it can become a liability: you may be fined, your neighbors may start complaining - and assuming your garage is full and the driveway space is at a premium, who wants to deal with the street cleaning schedule?! Whether it's an RV, camper, truck, car, golf cart, motorcycle, van or even a commercial bus, we come to you and pick it up for free.

The Trade-in Value is too Low. Sometimes it actually makes more financial sense to donate your car than trade it in. Retail car lots like CarMax typically offer a fraction of the as-is value. After all, they're just going to fix it up and resell it for a profit for themselves. Cars2Charities fixes your car up, too. The difference is you benefit from the enhanced value during tax time. So, when you donate a car to charity, you're contributing to a worthy cause that YOU pick, AND you're increasing the amount on your tax deduction.  

HOW is This Charity Car Donation Program Different?

Of all the several places to donate a car in Redondo Beach, it can be hard to find the one that truly adds value to the charity and to you. Happily, you've found the one charity car donation program serving Redondo Beach that does physically improve how your vehicle looks and runs. This increases the typical donor's charity car tax deduction by 25-50%. We've built our reputation on integrity, commitment, and excellent service. You and the charity receive the same copy of the IRS Form 1098-C, ensuring 100% transparency about the ultimate sale price.

 See what people are saying about Cars2Charities after they donate their car through us.  

We Have Experience with Cars -- Over 35 Years!

 We've acquired a keen level of expertise when it comes to evaluating, fixing cars and donating the proceeds to charity. Our car techs follow a comprehensive checklist to determine the best way to improve your car's performance and appearance to the extent it gets more value for you and the charity. On average, this results in getting a 25%-50% better sale-price of your donated vehicle. 

We Eliminate the Middleman

 While most vehicle donation programs send your car directly to auction as-is, Cars2Charities uses in-house technicians to fix your car up and sell it for its new, HIGHER worth. Our hands-on approach eliminates auctions, wholesalers and the middle-man. We work with retail buyers, because we know that when your car is improved by us, it will sell for more. The more it sells for, the more money your charity gets and the more you can deduct from your taxes. activity beach fun 1236683

It's Easy to Give a Car to the Best Charities 

We work with lots of great non-profits, and if your favorite is not yet among them, it's easy for us to reach out to them. As long as they meet IRS rules, we handle all the details. Just enter their name at Step 3 of our online Redondo Beach car donations form. Or simply call 855-520-2100 and tell us! 

Many donors choose to have the proceeds go to NPR, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army.

Or you may opt for a local church, such as Catholic Charities.

You can choose an animal rescue, or perhaps support cancer patients - such as Breast Cancer Solutions

But if deciding is too much for you right now, we make that easy too. Simply say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." 1 of every 4 donors does just that!

What are donors saying?

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Golf cart, motorcycle, camper, RV & boat donation too!

Most people donate a truck, car or SUV. Yet we've been surprised at the variety of vehicles we receive, almost all of which we're able to improve and resell through our charity car donation program. We welcome every kind of vehicle: commercial or private, in running condition … or not.

HOW to Donate a Vehicle in Redondo Beachmotorhome 820593 640

Donating your car is super easy. Call 855-520-2100 to speak with an expert, or complete the short online form in the top right corner. Our experts can get the key facts in less than five minutes. Here's what happens then.

1. We tow it for FREE to our processing center. After you contact us, we arrange for a skilled driver to bring it our processing center. You'll get documents that release you from all liability, which also serve as your temporary donation receipt until the final sale. (Towing is paid by the charity you choose, along with the cost of improving your vehicle and a standard sales fee.) 

2. We give your car a makeover - improving areas that make sense to invest in. Once we have the donatedvehicle in-house, our experienced car techs improve how your car looks and/or runs, to increase the value for buyers. We want to be sure that everyone is happy - in addition to you and the charity you choose!

 3. We Keep You Posted. We believe in 100% transparency. Within 30 days of the sale, you get an IRS Form 1098-C which will show the exact sale price: you and your charity receive the exact same document, so everyone is clear and has records of the charitable transaction.

The bottom line is this: When you donate a vehicle to charity in Redondo Beach it truly can be a mutually rewarding experience for everyone involved. We help you upgrade your car for someone who needs an affordable ride, help you support your favorite cause, and set you up for a nice car donation tax deduction.

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