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We make car donations fast, easy and free. Our commitment when you donate your car in Riverside is to maximize your value - so you get the best tax deduction, and whichever non-profit you pick gets the most dollars. With our 35 years' experience improving vehicles, we're different from other vehicle donation programs: we don't just send your vehicle to auction where it will be sold “as-is". We improve how your car, van, SUV or truck donation looks and runs: typically increasing values by an average of 25-50%. Check out what car donors are saying, with pictures and testimonials. adult boy child 325521

WHY donate a car in Riverside?

Donating a car in Riverside is one of the easiest ways to move an unwanted vehicle that may be lingering in your garage or in your yard, while supporting a charitable cause at the same time. Do you no longer need this particular set of wheels to get around? Charity car donation in Riverside is a wonderfully rewarding option. There are many reasons you may want to donate a car for a cause. Here are just a few of them: 

Selling Your Car is a Pain in the Chassis. For most people, selling is more of a hassle than it's worth. Imagine trying to improve how it looks and sells yourself: investing the money, and the time. Then writing the ad, posting it, taking calls from at all hours. Waiting around for people to show (or not), dealing with low-ballers, haggling, and maybe starting over again if they back out. When you donate your car in Riverside, you spare yourself all the headaches because we deal with all the painful details. If you have a car that needs repairs, if your car isn't worth trading in, if you can't find your title, your name changed, your registration papers have expired, or you have other complications, donating your car may make perfect sense! 

Car in drivewayYou Want Your Car OUT of Your Driveway — like NOW. Is someone you love bugging you to do something already? Are neighbors starting to talk about the boat or RV in your driveway? Are you getting flak from the city? When's the last time you used that camper? Give your vehicle to whichever charity you want, and get your garage or yard back. Feel the joy of crossing something off your to-do list. Experience the life-changing magic of tidying up. We pick it up, FREE.

 Your Car is Not Worth that Much to You, or CarMax. If you have a fixer-upper that's not worth fixing up, we'll take it off your hands and invest to do it for you. (The charity you pick reimburses Cars2Charities for towing, improvements and a handling free.) Fixing up cars in selective ways to add value, is our specialty. We figure out what is worth the cost. That's what makes our car donation program in Riverside unique. If you have a new car that you have inherited or perhaps even won and don't really need, we'll take that too! The charity you choose will be very thankful for your donation.

You're Outta Here. Maybe you're leaving Riverside for greener pastures in Texas, Colorado, Arizona or elsewhere. Car transportation can get very pricey - is it worth the $700-$1300 cost to bring it along? Many donors embrace their move as a fresh start. Or perhaps that RV, camper, trailer, boat or truck just won't make the trip across the mountains or thru the desert. They say you should leave a place better than you found it - so why not support some great charities in Riverside? If you're leaving, “Bon Voyage!" And thank you!

What are donors saying?

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What are some of the best car donation charities to donate my car to in Riverside?

The best charity is usually whichever one you already know best, or that you have a passion for. Does your heart beat for animal rescue? RV donation in Riverside is fantastic for that. Or could it be that you love public radio and you want to donate a car to NPR … or support the arts in some other way? Whatever your focus, we make it easy.

Some of our donors are more interested in finding a cure for arthritis, or lung cancer. Do you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's Foundation, or want to fund research to solve it, before it hits too close to home? Another option is the American Cancer Fund, whose “help us finish the fight" campaign reminds us we have so much to live for.

Alternatively, you might support women right here in Riverside with a car donation for breast cancer solutions - which brings hope and healing to survivors in recovery.help children. Even motorcycle donation in Riverside makes a big difference. Maybe you were a Scout, and a vehicle donation to Girl Scouts would bring back fond memories. Camper donation to Boy Scouts could create a lot of value too. We even accept horse trailer donations, and could find a grateful recipient such as Riverside Habitat for Humanity4k wallpaper adorable blur 1148998

Alternatively, lots of donors choose to make a vehicle donation to the Salvation Army in Riverside. Similarly, did you know that when you donate a vehicle to Goodwill in Riverside, you help provide men and women with vocational training and job opportunities right in your local neighborhood? Then again, you might prefer to give to Catholic Charities, or to your local church. We accommodate all kinds of requests.

You can select YOUR favorite charity when you chat with one of our expert coordinators at 855-520-2100. If you donate online, you can even send the charity a note. Or if you're too busy to choose, just say “Cars2Charities, you choose a great non-profit for me." 1 in every 4 donors makes that request, and we are happy to direct your donation to whichever charity needs it most, if you ask.

Can I donate an RV in Riverside? Motorcycle? Golf Cart?

We accept pretty much anything with wheels or a motor. We prefer those that work, but may be able to create value even from those that haven't run in a while. We can fix up commercial vehicle donations, including company vans and buses. We process boats, campers, horse trailers, golf carts, and every kind of motorcycle donation in Riverside -- and just about any recreational vehicle you can image through our uniquely equipped vehicle donation program. While most people donate a truck, or make an SUV donation, motorcycle or RV donation in Riverside, we can accommodate all sorts of requests. We've gotten calls to donate a forklift, an earth-mover, and even manufacturing equipment. We're at your service, when and where you wish.motorbike motorcycle roadtrip 9090

HOW to donate a car in Riverside?

1. Just call 855-520-2100 to schedule a pickup. It's so EASY. It takes more time to fill up your gas tank than to get the process when you give a car or donate an SUV in Riverside. In less than 5 minutes, one of our experts can get the key facts, jot down your donation wishes, and schedule that FREE pickup -- whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. You'll get a temporary receipt, and the driver will show you where to sign the title.

2. Decide on a Charity. From local charities in Riverside to worthwhile causes internationally, we give you lots of flexibility to feel great about helping others.

3. Get your nifty tax deduction within 30 days after sale, after we work our magic to get you the BEST Sales Price. While others like cars4causes say donating is easy because they donate cars at auction “as-is" - where they're bought by wholesalers looking to make a quick buck -- we operate differently. We pour love where it makes sense to, aiming to increase your sale price by 25%-50%. IRS guidelines allow you to deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle -- so the more we improve it and sell it for, the better off you are - and your charity, too. You and your charity will receive a carbon copy of the same IRS Form 1098-C, so there's 100% transparency about what your vehicle actually sold for.

So, if you have a vehicle you're not using, why not donate it? Car donation in Riverside is one of the most simple and rewarding ways to give to your favorite cause or charity. Can you share the love? Let's get started!

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