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Car donation in San Diego, California

Did that degree from UCSD get you a raise and now you need more tax write-offs? Have you been thinking about making other changes too, like updating your car? Did you know you can do both with no cost or effort to you? Just make a car donation in San Diego!beach 2179183 640

Why should I donate my car in San Diego instead of selling it?

You’ve had so many good memories in your car – trips across the border to Rosarito Beach, hauling the kids to sports events ... it’s tough to let go, but maybe it’s a good time to upgrade.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or you’ve got a tough commute, the mileage you put on your car adds up, but there’s still value in it. When you donate your car in San Diego, another lucky driver can take it from there, plus you’re able to give some support to your favorite charity.


You’re so grateful to live in an amazing place like San Diego, but you also know there are needs out there. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the lights on at Children’s Hospital or the Humane Society? That’s what happens when you donate a car to charity in San Diego.

If you decide that you and your auto mechanic have to stop your constant meetups, or for whatever reason you’ve decided to go car shopping, what was your plan for your old car? Is it CarMax? Or do you often trade it in at the dealer?

Those are popular options, but did you know you only get about 30-40% of the car’s value?!

By contrast, you can let 100% of the value go toward a tax benefit – seriously! Not only do proceeds go to a non-profit, you get a write-off for the whole sale price. And one more advantage, when you donate a vehicle in San Diego through us – its value usually increases by 25-40% because of the upgrades we make!

How can I donate a car to charity in San Diego, California?

waterFrom La Jolla to Imperial Beach, a simple 3-5 minute phone call or a visit to our website and your job is pretty much done. We take over from there – making the improvements, finding a buyer, and sending a nice check to your favorite charity!

Here’s your chance to share some love – there are about 10,000 non-profits in San Diego and you get to choose which one you want the proceeds to benefit. Need help finding one? You can choose any 501(c)(3), from your kids’ school to your house of worship.

Are you just dreading the DMV paperwork you get when you donate an automobile? We’ve got that part too!! We send you, the charity and the IRS Form 1098. You receive a confirmation letter and a temporary donation receipt, while we take care of the title transfer. A charity car donation in San Diego is that easy!

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in San Diego?

Looking for a new tactic to save on your taxes?

This can be one of your big changes this year. Instead of scrounging for every cent to go in the write-off column, with things like dropping off bags at the Salvation Army or maxing out your 401K, try donating a car in San Diego!

american 1239040 640The changes we make to auto donations that come in tend to bump up the sale price, thus increasing your donation and your write-off.

According to the “Donor’s Guide to Car Donations” published by the IRS, the maximum amount you can deduct on your income tax for your car is the fair market value. Translation: “the price someone would pay for it,” which is why increasing the value of car donations in San Diego through necessary repairs bring greater benefits to everyone involved.

Is there a non-profit you’re really grateful for? Now you have an opportunity to show them your gratitude. A vehicle donation in San Diego is a great way to do that.

Charity Navigator’s website says, “The glory of charitable donations is that you give and receive at the same time. You should clearly contribute, rather than throw out, old clothes, furniture and equipment that you no longer use.”

Can I donate an RV in San Diego? A golf cart or boat?

Do you have recreational vehicles that are just taking up space at this point? Parlay them into support for your favorite non-profit group, from your kids’ school to a medical foundation! Keep in mind, not all car charity programs in San Diego accept watercraft – but we do! That includes jet skis, sea-doos, or a boat donation in San Diego.

motorcycle 2197863 640Have you got quads or other ATVs sitting around? What about the Harley from your younger days? Donate a motorcycle in San Diego to provide for local needs. Maybe you can even stop paying on a storage unit too!

Do you enjoy golf course living? Maybe you enjoy La Jolla Country Club, but you find you don’t use your golf cart at all. Maybe it has a dead battery, which is big money to replace. If you donate your golf cart in San Diego you not only save cash, some of the money comes back into your wallet through your tax break.

Donating cars to charity means you can be responsible for helping a needy animal, comforting a cancer patient, or contributing to kids. When you donate a car in San Diego, be sure it’s being handled by a team with the skills and experience we have at Cars 2 Charities.

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