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Where do I start with my car donation in Temecula?

When you’re commuting to work, do you ever get worried your car might break down on the 15 freeway? Or is your odometer into 6 digits from carpooling as far north as Lake Elsinore and south to Vista?

You may be thinking about spending the weekend at car dealerships or spending your free time on AutoTrader. If so, consider the benefit to making a car donation in Temecula.alcohol barrel basement 434311

Why should I donate a car in Temecula?

If you’re a young parent with kids in the car, or even a solo commuter, you want to be safe on the road. Or maybe you’ve concluded that some new features in your mobile office would increase productivity and, consequently, your income.

There are a lot of great reasons to kick your car to the curb, but if you make one simple decision, you’ll do more than upgrade; you’ll make a difference in the life of someone who needs it. Do you have a favorite charity? If there’s a cause you believe in, this is a great chance to boost the non-profit by donating a car in Temecula.

Do you work in the wine industry? If so, you may be a big supporter of the Temecula Valley Wine Society. Did you know a vehicle donation in Temecula enables you to direct proceeds from the sale of your car to promote the wine industry in the area?

Are you spending all your time driving rental cars because you’ve got one in the shop? Or worse – stranded without a car while yours is getting fixed?! Sometimes it’s not even worth making all these repairs to an older car!

So, how can we parlay your vehicle into a big boost for a cause you care about? We maximize the dollars generated by your generous gift when we look your car over to make necessary upgrades to it.

Were you a girl scout? A member of the PTA? Or perhaps you’re a big supporter of a medical cause, such as cancer research or ALZ of Greater Los Angeles. It’s so much more than writing a check – putting money in the hands of the needy or the sick is within your grasp.agriculture antique barrel 258078

And don’t forget – you get a tax break!

How do I donate my car in Temecula?
When we said it’s easy to benefit your favorite charity, we meant it! Seriously, you simply go on our website or give us a call ... and you’re done! Contact us either way (Cars2Charities.com or 855-520-2100) and we come to you, wherever your car is at the time, and we pick up your car, truck or SUV donation in Temecula at no charge, usually within 1-2 days.

Our experts do an in-depth inspection and assess your car for necessary repairs or upgrades, all for the purpose of maximizing your car donation tax deduction in Temecula (your CPA is going to applaud you, by the way.)

Next, we find someone looking for a car like yours, so it can continue to serve its purpose on the road. And meanwhile, you’re serving a lofty purpose as well, pumping resources into a humanitarian cause. Our process is a good reason to contact us at Cars2Charities. We handle everything involved in vehicle donations in Temecula, from pick up to handing your charity a check: the repairs, the listing, the selling, and the donation.



What are donors saying?

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Do car donations in Temecula include RVs? What about a boat donation? A motorcycle donation?

Yes to all! A recreational vehicle donation in Temecula is exactly what we do. Do you have a motor home, but you don’t go into the woods much anymore? We pick up trailers, campers, fifth wheels – your RV donation in Temecula is perfectly within our scope.

Do you live at Toscano at Terracina or another community near Redhawk Golf Course? If your Club Car is on its last legs, we can handle a golf cart donation in Temecula for you. http://www.cars2charities.org/golf-cart-donationgolf clubs

Did you know you can make a boat donation in Temecula? We also pick up jet skis and Sea Doos!

Are you a part of 801MC? And are you looking for a new hog? We can give your old bike a new life when you donate a motorcycle in Temecula.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Temecula?
With Cars2Charities you’re not just doing it for the good feeling that comes when you donate a car to charity in Temecula. You’re also getting a vehicle donation program that’s totally transparent. After selling your car, we report the sale price of the vehicle to you and to whichever nonprofit you’re benefiting. Following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS, we submit the paperwork to you and to the charity you’ve chosen. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/pub4303.pdf

What’s also ideal about us is that we typically get a 25-50% higher sale price for auto donations than if we didn’t make improvements to our clients’ cars.

Did you know that if you do a dealer trade-in or sell your car through CarMax you’re only reaping 30%-40% of your vehicle’s value? But when you donate a vehicle in Temecula, youcan deduct 100% of the sale value on your taxes.american 1239040 640

Simply let us know who you want to receive the proceeds! Yes, we get the check to them as soon as we find a buyer and complete the paperwork for you.

Do you attend a church or temple? Or are you a non-profit club member, maybe active in the Assistance League? If you don’t have a favorite and you’d like suggestions, just visit our website and click on the “Causes” tab.

Southwestern Riverside County is an affluent, attractive community. But it’s also true that needs are out there. You can play a part in meeting those needs when you donate a car in Temecula. When you contact us at Cars2Charities, you can be sure that when you downsize, upgrade or replace your car for any reason, you’re helping others in the process.

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