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WHERE can I donate my car in Torrance to charity?

Donating a car in Torrance is easy at Cars2Charities. When you live in a community once ranked among the “30 Most Fun U.S. Cities” by Cranium, Inc., you know you’re living the good life – and you want to share it with others when possible. That’s a really good reason to donate a car in Torrance to benefit a charity, once it’s time for you to upgrade your vehicle.afterglow atmospheric beach 414477

When you donate your truck, car SUV, motorcycle or RV through Cars2Charities, 100% of the net proceeds(*) from the sale of your vehicle goes to that non-profit. Even better: you get a great car donation tax deduction, and the feeling of satisfaction from helping others.

WHY donate? Perhaps you vehicle’s showing signs of age. Are you spending more and more time – and money – at the repair shop? Could you use a good tax deduction, while helping a favorite charity of yours get more money to do their great work? We make it easy for you to share the good life – at no cost, and with no hassle to you.

Perhaps you’re helping someone else: a friend or loved one who no longer needs a car, or camper, boat or RV – and it needs to go, fast! Maybe the idea of preparing a car for sale, showing it to lots of people, answering silly questions, dealing with the DMV and all that is overwhelming. Or maybe you can’t find the title, and the registration has lapsed. We help with all that. Simply call 855-520-2100. It takes just 3-5 minutes with one of our efficient coordinators, and we’ll start on a solution: pronto.

How does car donating a car in Torrance work?

Once you make the decision, an expert tow-truck driver will pick up your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, golf cart, camper or RV donation – or any other vehicle you don’t want. Even if it’s not running, we can probably find or create value in it, for you.

We improve your vehicle, then find a great buyer who’ll appreciate its remaining life – and our reputation for quality. We cut out the middle-man, and work directly with retail buyers willing to pay full retail value – unlike car dealers, or CarMax, which will typically give you just 60% of the wholesale value of your car. End users are willing to give your car its full due – which means a better deduction for you, and more money for non-profits to do good work! (*) Non-profits typically reimburse Cars2Charities for the cost of towing, out-of-pocket expenses to improve your donation, and a sales fee for handling all aspects of a donation.

What are the best car donation charities in Torrance?4k wallpaper adorable blur 1148998

Living in Torrance, you have a lot of reasons to be grateful. The South Bay sun and surf, the 1.5 miles of beaches – all contribute to your attitude of gratitude. And when you generously donate an RV, truck, motorcycle, golf cart, SUV or other vehicle in Torrance, you want the proceeds to go to a special cause. The good news is, you can choose any IRS-recognized non-profit organization to benefit.

WHICH charity is best? Usually, it’s a cause you already know and have a passion for. Maybe you have a heart for animal rescue, or for helping children. Perhaps you want to support veterans, or search for a cure – such as for breast cancer or Alzheimers. Do you have children or grandchildren who need funds for school, sports, or band? Support the Torrance Education Foundation, or their school’s booster club. Vehicle donation in Torrance is one way to meet your fund-raising commitments.

Have you been helped by a particular healthcare organization or program? Perhaps Goodwill, The Salvation Army, NPR, or your local house of worship have great programs you’d like to support. You can be as specific as you want to be. Are you in a non-profit club or organization, such the Kiwanis, Elks, or a sorority alum group? Feel free to suggest any charity to benefit from your donation. 

What are donors saying?

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Donating a car to charity: finding some of the best in Torrance

beach clouds dawn 635279You get to wake every day to the coastal wind and waves, and you’d like to share your blessings with others. There are plenty of opportunities and needs that the sale of your donated vehicle can meet in Torrance. See if any of the following local examples resonates with you.

One of the most widely known non-profits in the United States was actually “born” in Torrance: AYSO, the American Youth Soccer League. Our community has good reason to be proud, as headquarters of the largest soccer club in the world! There are currently more than 500,000 players in over 850 community programs – enriching the lives of children nationwide.

Great Torrance Non-Profits is located in Torrance also, and it’s the largest international, nonprofit membership organization devoted to the welfare and interests of single parents and their children. The non-profit group has scholarship programs and serves its members by enhancing personal growth and self-confidence, offering support, friendship and an exchange of parenting ideas.

For more ideas for charity car donation abound at Great Torrance Non-Profits. Or if you prefer, simply do as 1 in 4 donors do: you can say “Cars2Charities, please choose for me.” We make it that easy.

What kind of car donation tax deduction in Torrance can I expect?

american 1239040 640You live in a community with hard-working residents and strong real estate, and you embrace the advantages of a good value. And good value is exactly what to expect when you donate a car for a tax deductioncar donation torrance charity in Torrance. When you give through Cars2Charities, you’re likely to get the BEST tax deduction. Why? Because unlike any other car donation program in Torrance, we do things differently.

The fact that we improve how vehicles look and run, and we almost never send vehicles to any auction, is optimizes results for everyone. Our experts make appropriate repairs and upgrades, and we market the improved vehicle to a network of buyers who understand the potential value. All this tends to earn a higher price your vehicle donation in Torrance: usually 25-50% better, and sometimes more.

What’s even nicer is that you can deduct from your income the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle. We send you an official IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of sale, showing the exact sale date and $ amount. Your charity gets the same Form, so there’s full transparency. 

What are car donors saying?

They love it, because it solves real problems with no hassle. So if you’re like Mark G., or Stan B., you might be surprised at how well car donations in Torrance can turn out. For example: Mark’s mom was going into a nursing home, and her 2001 Mazda 626 hadn’t run in years. He didn’t know why: “some kind of transmission issue”. If he had called another vehicle donation program, the car would have been sent to auction “as is”, and gotten a price of $800 from a wholesaler. Instead, we fixed it, sold it to a still-happy buyer for $4,200. The Red Cross got 5x more than they would have otherwise.

Stan B. had a camper that he and his wife no longer used, now that the kids had grown. We improved it, and Guide Dogs of America got 43% more than they would have otherwise. We could go on and on.

Lots of people reach out to us with an RV donation or golf cart donation in Torrance – such as when the batteries have died, or other issues make it more attractive to buy a newer model than to invest in the old. So when you’re ready to donate a vehicle in Torrance, we’re ready. It’s so easy!

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