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Donating a car might seem like an extreme way to benefit your favorite charity, but if you have a used car, truck, or van or even a boat or RV sitting around your garage or drive, it makes sense to donate it to a non-profit organization.  For one thing, making a car donation in Tustin through Cars2Charities means that you are benefiting your favorite causes with a substantial donation with no out-of-pocket expense.  Additionally, you receive a valuable tax deduction when you make a vehicle donation.  Finally, you also have control over where you money goes so that you can designate your gift to do exactly what you intend.

Our process is simple.  You get in touch by calling our toll-free number, 1-855-520-2100, or by visiting  our website at www.cars2charities.org.  Once you contact us, we make arrangements to pick up your used vehicle.  It does not matter if the vehicle is old, not working or stored; we will arrange for towing and vehicle removal at no cost to you.  When we pick up your vehicle, we will issue you a receipt that complies with the IRS rules about donated items so that you will have the advantage of declaring your gift on your income tax.  Some people find that the income tax deduction they gain from their donation is more valuable than the money they would have gotten from its sale, especially if the car is old and you have been paying to store it.

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 Although the monetary benefits of donating a vehicle are great, the best part of all is the feeling of satisfaction you get when you designate the funds from your donation to go to your favorite charity.  Imagine being able to benefit your local battered spouse's shelter, your preferred children's educational group, or the fight against a disease that has affected your family.  You and your loved ones will enjoy knowing that your old “clunker" has been recycled and repurposed to the benefit of so many people and for a worthy cause. 

Cars2Charities will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vehicle donation goes smoothly. You will find that the benefits of a vehicle donation are so great that you wonder why you never did this before! There is no cost to you to make a vehicle donation, so contact us today to find out how we can help you turn that old car or vehicle into cash for your favorite cause.



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