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Want to know “How to donate a car in Walnut Creek?"

It's easy. Just call or click. We come to you, pick up the vehicle you no longer need, and benefit the nonprofit you choose. You also take home a nifty car donation tax deduction - one that's typically 25%-50% higher than the “as is" value of your vehicle today! Check out some of our donation testimonials, which underscore the advantages of our unique, value-adding approach. youth 570881 640

BART may get you around the Bay Area, but your car is your primary mode of transportation, and as much as you hate to see it go, it's time for an upgrade. Besides, you like the idea of helping a charity in the process. And we make it so easy! When you call 855-520-2100, you avoid the hassle of trying to fix it up to make it more “sellable." No waiting for Craigslist prospect to call you. No paperwork for you - even if you can't find the title, the registration has lapsed, you've had a name change or other complications. We take care of it all. When you donate your car in Walnut Creek, there are tremendous advantages, all saving you time and getting the maximum profit for charity and the best tax benefit to you.

Where can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Walnut Creek?

Right here, through Cars2Charities. We are not only fast, easy and free - we generate bigger tax deductions. This means vehicle donation in Walnut Creek can be as good as getting cash from a car dealership or CarMax - and maybe even better. (Plus, you have the joy of helping others - a feeling one rarely gets from dealerships.) Dealers usually give just 30-40% of the price they expect to resell your car at … so why not cut out the middleman?

When you donate your vehicle, you cut out wholesalers, dealers and auctions. This makes us very different from even the other vehicle donation programs serving Walnut Creek. Not just because of our unique process of making selective vehicle repairs and enhancements. But by marketing your improved vehicle to our network of interested retail buyers, we maximize the profit that goes to a cause you care about - plus your tax deduction, of course.ThinkstockPhotos 200299945 001

It's as simple as it gets: after you call 855-520-2100, we tow your vehicle, whenever it's convenient for you - and from whatever location you choose. We do a 16-point assessment to decide how we might improve how it looks and/or runs, which typically results in a sale price and tax deduction that's 25-50% higher than your vehicle's “as is" auction value. That's due to the fact that -- unlike other charity car programs -- we market donations to private buyers in almost all cases. So if the value of a typical vehicle is $2,000 “as is", when processed by other car donation charities, we are likely to do much better. We'd typically get $2,500 to $3,000 for the same vehicle, with our unique and tested methods. Check out some examples.

IRS guidelines allow you to deduct the FULL SALE VALUE of your charity car donation when you donate an RV, car, truck, boat, golf cart … or even for a motorcycle donation in Walnut Creek. So, the more we get, the better off you and your Cause are. (Non-profits reimburse Cars2Charities for the cost of towing, improvements and a handling fee - which tend to pay for themselves through the value we add.) We provide you and your nonprofit with IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of sale -- you and the charity both receive a carbon copy of the same document, so there's 100% transparency about the sale price.

What are donors saying?

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“What's the best charity to donate my car to in Walnut Creek?" 

You get to pick -- and the answer is, whichever non-profit cause you know best, or feel most passionate about. You enjoy the tremendous sense of community in the East Bay, including nice views of Mt. Diablo above -- but you're also aware there are needs in the area, which a car or truck donation in Walnut Creek can help to relieve. The only step left is to choose. There are numerous nonprofits that would benefit from a car, truck, motorcycle or RV donation in Walnut Creek. The same is true if you donate an SUV in Walnut Creek, or even for a golf cart donation in Walnut Creek.

doctor 899037 640Do you find that students in local schools are missing out on more and more programs that schools have to cut for budgetary reasons? Car donations to Walnut Creek Education Foundation can further its partnership with local school districts to augment the opportunities for students at five elementary schools plus Walnut Creek Intermediate School and Las Lomas High School. 

Another way to support children is to donate a car to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Diablo Valley. The nonprofit's tagline of “Be Great" underscores its confidence-boosting after school programs. If you were a boy scout or a girl scout, you may have fond memories of troop meetings and camping trips. Your car donations to Girl Scouts in Walnut Creek will offer young girls the same opportunities.  

If you love animals, there is a pet adoption charity in NorCal that we partner with at Cars2Charities. You can donate a car to Animal Friends Rescue Project, located in Pacific Grove, so they can continue placing pets of all kinds into foster and adoptive homes, like they have for 17 years. To benefit animals closer to home, donate your car to a charity like the Contra Costa County Humane Society contributes to educating the public and connecting pets with new owners.  

You may have a personal experience with a medical condition or disease, and want a car donation program in Walnut Creek that benefits medical research or treatment. If you donate a car to the John Muir Health Foundation in Walnut Creek, you support patient care directly for men, women and children. For a charity car donation that supports women recovering from breast cancer, we recommend Breast Cancer Solutions which provides financial assistance to meet housing needs, food and medical treatment for women who've lost their job while in treatment. 

Many donors would like their vehicles to benefit a church or a faith-based organization. A car donation to Catholic Charities in Walnut Creek is a way to support the clergy and the congregation - for example, St. Mary Church of the Immaculate Conception, with their many ministries for youth and young adults. If you'd prefer to donate your car to any other church, temple or house of worship in Walnut Creek instead, we can arrange that as well.  american 1239040 640

Perhaps you'd prefer to make a car donation to Salvation Army in Walnut Creek, which gives men and women a second chance, offering jobs and rehabilitation. Or you can give a car donation to Goodwill in Walnut Creek. While many people know the organization for its thrift shops, lots of local residents get help with vocational training and finding jobs, as well as other programs.  

Are you a National Public Radio listener? Donate a car to NPR in Walnut Creek, or to other arts programs, and expand the public conversation about scores of issues. For other local charity options, consult Great Nonprofits.  

Is picking a non-profit hard for you? Simply say “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." About 1 in 4 donors do simply that. 

Donating a car in Walnut Creek is easy.  Then you can hit the golf course ... or perhaps a showroom!

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