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Where can I donate a car in Whittier?

ThinkstockPhotos 200299945 001Cleaning out your garage? Wish you had more space?

If you want to break free from unnecessary clutter, we can help you with your biggest item: your car! If you have a vehicle taking up too much space in your garage, let us help you right now! With a quick call to 855-520-2100, you can schedule a free pick up! We'll handle your car or truck donation in Whittier at the time and place that's convenient for you.

Ready for some spring cleaning? Author Marie Kondo will applaud you. Her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," has made her a superstar in the world of de-cluttering people's homes and cleaning up their lives. 

A vehicle you don't need is probably the most obvious item you need to remove - it's also the easiest! With one call to Cars2Charities, our skilled professionals come and tow it away for you.

Do you have an RV to donate to charity in Whittier? Or a boat? Are you wondering if we take a golf cart donation in Whittier?

Yes, yes, and yes!

We are happy to pick up any of those vehicles from you. We then make appropriate repairs and upgrades to your car to donate to charity in Whittier and sell it for maximum profit. You get to choose a favorite charity to receive the donation, while you get a tax deduction. You can donate your car to charity in Whittier and also get the tax deduction!

Is there a Car Donation Tax Deduction in Whittier?

Yes, there is! Your vehicle donation to charity in Whittier gets you a tax deduction, and because we supply your car with necessary improvements, your deduction has a big payoff.

You want to do what's best for your bottom line, and rightly so. You live in the neighborhood of one of L.A. County's oldest institutions of learning, Whittier College, and you value knowledge and research. Esteemed CPA firm White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP strongly supports vehicle donation as a smart move.

The best part is, we at Cars2Charities handle all the paperwork and red tape. It's zero work on your part. Simply call us at 855-520-2100 and we will pick up your vehicle - whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Your car or truck donation in Whittier will receive necessary upgrades by our ace repair staff, and it will be sold for maximum benefit to your favorite charity.

And you get extra space in your garage!car 2381510 640

How to donate my car in Whittier?

There are definite advantages to letting Cars2Charities handle your car donation in Whittier.

If you've sold a vehicle before, you know what it's like to attract a buyer, hope that they show up, then deal with all the paperwork to finish the transaction. We'll do all of that - and more! Whether you're donating an SUV or have a truck, boat or RV donation in Whittier, we at Cars2Charities take the whole process off your back. We will:

• Tow your vehicle
• Fix it up for sale
• Find a buyer
• Donate to your favorite charity
• Give you the tax deduction

Want more facts? The IRS has a Donor's Guide to Car Donation that gives you some good reasons to donate your car in Whittier.

You may be unaware that selling your car could actually be more expensive than donating a vehicle in Whittier. The state will charge you fees to transfer the car's title and for other expenses associated with the sale - especially if your registration is not current. Those taxes and fees can add up to hundreds of dollars that will not go to the charity of your choice. We provide you and your non-profit with IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. You and the charity of your choice will be informed of the total that the donated car, truck, recreational vehicle (RV), golf cart, boat, or motorcycle sold for.

What are donors saying?

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What are the best car donation charities in Whittier?

Do you have a favorite nonprofit cause? Do you want to make a vehicle donation to a Whittier church? For music programs? Support children? Have you always wanted to donate your SUV to an animal shelter in Whittier? Your car, camper, or golf cart donation in Whittier to a medical foundation might help find a cure!

It's your choice - Cars2Charities will give the proceeds to whichever group you prefer.golf carts 1673157 640

If you don't want to decide, that's fine too. We can donate the money to a nonprofit organization for you. In fact, many of our clients do just that.

Need some ideas? Check out a list of Great Nonprofits that could benefit from your car, truck or boat donation in Whittier.

Who has a car donation program in Whittier?

We partner with a number of nonprofit groups - near and far - and can suggest a few with great track records. A vehicle donation in Whittier to Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation offers greater resources to individuals battling cancer.

If you like listening to National Public Radio (NPR), we can award the proceeds from your car donation in Whittier to NPR for you.

If you'd like your vehicle donation in Whittier to support Girl Scouts, then Cars2Charities will be sure that your car, truck or motorcycle donation in Whittier benefits Girl Scouts in greater Los Angeles, creating tomorrow's leaders and bolstering confidence in Southland girls and young women.

You're probably aware of the tremendous impact of the Boys & Girls Clubs, hearing stories about Denzel Washington and Jenifer Lopez, who are grateful that the program offered them so much as kids. Your auto donation in Whittier to the Boys & Girls Club will offer the same life-changing hope to kids today.

If you want to see other nonprofits that stars support, head to Charity Navigator, where you can read “top ten lists," such as the 10 most celebrity-related charities.

Does it warm your heart to see charities that put men and women to work? Your truck, car or SUV in Whittier can benefit Goodwill, where individuals needing rehabilitation or a second chance get just that. A similar option is to designate the donation of your car or truck in Whittier to Salvation Army, which has a long history and an impeccable reputation for everything from helping the homeless to employing those who are recovering from addiction.scouting 1555646 640

Want your vehicle donation to go to a Whittier church? A car, truck or trailer donation to Family Church in Whittier will be a bonus to this relationship-focused congregation. A donation of your vehicle to Calvary Baptist Church in Whittier will also support Whittier Christian Schools. Another active area congregation that can benefit from your truck or SUV donation is the Whittier Area Community Church, which has ongoing camps, grief groups and Mothers of Preschoolers programs.

St. Bruno Catholic Church serves a large Catholic community in the area. You can donate a golf cart, camper, or RV to benefit St. Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier also supports K-8 education for children of the congregation.

Is there a down side to making a car or truck donation in Whittier?

No! For your truck, car, recreational vehicle, boat or golf cart donation in Whittier, just call 855-520-2100.

If we haven't convinced you by now, you can read some testimonials from our donors to make you confident about our process.

And, as for sales, Cars2Charities feedback shows that our customers are happy!

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